Friday, May 10, 2013

Talika Cream Booster - Mixing Beauty & Science!

I was given the opportunity to test out Talika's Cream Booster and jumped at the chance! I love skincare, but given how sensitive my skin is it's often hard to find products I can use. The Cream Booster is actually a device that uses both "...LED phototherapy with micro-vibration technology and ionotherapy to stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange." (according to their site).

Given how much information is involved in this device and the fact that Talika states a number of facts and claims I thought it best to share the press release before moving on to my review:

Talika Cream Booster - that metal strip that says "Talika" is where your finger has to make contact on the device at all times to keep it going as you use it.

This is the part of the device you press to your face. When your finger is on the metal strip (show above) and this is pressed to your face you'll feel a vibration.


This is a very simple device to use and since it only uses 1 battery and doesn't require being plugged in or charged, it's easy to travel with as well. When using this, the instructions stated that you are to begin towards the center of your face and move in outward strokes. This is not for use on your lids by the way, but can be used near where you would develop crow's feet. The first time I used it my face felt a tad funny from the vibrations (which aren't unpleasant or super strong to me), but nothing uncomfortable. The more I've used it over the course of the last few weeks the more I've noticed myself barely taking notice of it anymore.

My Experience

I'm sure the question on everyone's mind is - did it work? It is so hard for me to judge things like this and while I didn't have much for wrinkles at all to start with (just some teeny hairlines on my forehead that I like to fixate on), I can say that when used in addition to my daily skincare routine I did think that my skin seemed a bit more hydrated and healthy looking than usual. I have very dry skin naturally and use products to help with that, but I did feel I got a bit more out of my routine than usual while using it. Granted my skin is actually pretty healthy on its own, it does get dull and dry if I'm not careful. I'm actually still using the Talika Cream Booster as part of my routine because I did feel it helped a bit!


This retails for $149 on Talika's site, though the press release stated $145 above. 

Where to Buy

You can purchase Talika's Cream Booster on their site HERE. You can also purchase it through Nordstrom's website HERE.

Final Thoughts

All in all I'd say this might be a good addition to anyone's daily skincare routine if it fits their budget. I think it would really depend on your personal experience based on your skin type, products you use in addition to it, etc. I would recommend contacting Talika directly if you have any questions regarding its performance or whether or not it will work on your skin type. For me, I did feel it was a good addition to my skincare routine and plan to continue using it.

Note: This product was provided by PR for review. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience. They have not been influenced by the brand/PR.


  1. Are you still using your Talika?

    1. I use it now and again actually! I don't use it daily though.


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