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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Swatch and Review

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 200 Warm Beige
Revlon Nearly naked foundation in 200 Warm Beige
I recently received a Klout Perk from Revlon that included a full-size bottle of Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. It seems like everything is "naked" these days in the cosmetic world! While I'm not a huge drugstore makeup fan, I do like some of Revlon's products and I love that they're still cruelty free to the best of my knowledge (they make my holy grail mascara and I love their kissable balm stain pencils), so I thought I'd give this a try for those of you interested in finding a lower-budget drugstore foundation.

Complexion Match: I always find it hard to figure out my foundation shade online, partially because I have a slightly odd complexion and partially because descriptions and online swatches can be confusing. Revlon offers a Nearly Naked Shade Finder online which I found semi-helpful. One of the issues I had was that it assumed all olive or yellow-complected people are warm. That's not always the case. You can actually be a neutral or cool olive or yellow as well. For those of you with cool or neutral olive complexions or yellow-hues to your skin I found this blog post by Musicalhouses to affirm what I knew to be true and it's very detailed! Despite only being half-Japanese, my mom is Italian so I have a mix of the yellow skintone from my dad mixed with the neutral olive complexion from my mom. I am odd! I've found that many of the skin tone finders or foundation finders are often geared towards those with Caucasian skin tones. Just because my actual skin is yellow/olive on the surface does not mean I'm warm. I'm actually fairly neutral, but I do find that foundations with orange-hues to them can look slightly off on my skin sometimes--not all the time. According to Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation Finder I should have been shade 200 Warm Beige. While I can get away with wearing it, it's not a perfect match. I'm not sure the shade below (Medium Beige) would have been any different as it's more so the color than the depth that didn't quite fit. But I'm fortunate that my coloring allows me to get away with a lot so this foundation didn't look extremely out of place on me.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 200 Warm Beige over Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Primer and Skin Illiminator which I reviewed HERE.

Application: I always apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush. I found this foundation to  be a tad on the thick sad, but workable if you're used to applying foundation with a brush. It blended well into my skin, but took a tiny bit of extra effort as it's very pigmented so anything that wasn't blended completely in showed.

Coverage/Wear: This had pretty opaque coverage on me. My skin is fairly even to begin with and I am fortunate not to suffer from acne or anything like that so there isn't too much to cover. I do get some red blotchiness on my lower cheeks at times if I'm warm or not feeling well and this would definitely cover that. I also have a little bit of hyper-pigmentation that has developed in the last couple year around my mouth. It's not awful, but it's there and this covered that as well. Unfortunately, I was only able to wear this for about 2 hours before I had to remove it. I have incredibly sensitive skin and I find that foundations are one of the biggest offenders for me personally. Formulas have to be incredibly light and breathable in order for me to be able to wear them. They also have to be void of things like fragrance and other harsh chemicals. I also don't wear thing with chemical SPF in them and unfortunately this foundation does include Octinoxate (a chemical sun protectant).

Price: This retails for $9.99.

Where to Buy: This may be available at any store that carries Revlon products. I find that my local Walgreens and CVS tend to carry the most Revlon products.

Final Thoughts
Overall I can see this being a great solution for someone looking for a more budget-friendly foundation that provides fairly decent coverage and who doesn't have super sensitive skin. I think one of the biggest difficulties for those of you like me will be finding the right shade.

Will you be getting "naked" with Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation?

Note: This product was provided by Klout for review. All opinions mentioned above are my own based on my personal experience and they have not been influenced by Klout or the brand.

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