Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My hair - Time for change?

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.
When I was younger I constantly changed my hair. At one point I loved curling my hair every morning into a cute faux bob (pre-kids of course), then at another point I wore it straight and added violet to my black hair which reflected in the light, but wasn't overtly purple.

I've been growing my hair out for the last year and it grows fast so it is insanely long. I think I like it long and may keep it that way, but want to switch it up a bit. I've contemplated putting purple back in it, perhaps true deep violet strips this time? I've contemplated getting a digital perm (yay for difficult Asian hair), though I don't really want to do that to my hair. It's also difficult to find a good Asian hairdresser up here and despite trying a billion stylists, I typically find that high-end Asian salons and/or stylists tend to deal with my hair best--it is not normal hair! I've been eye-ing a few in Boston and maybe if I get really desperate I'll do the drive and pay out the big bucks on Newbury St. But I'm not quite at that point yet.

I've pretty much considered a billion different things. I'm thinking perhaps I need to finally land on adding something to it, keeping it long and perhaps finding the time to style it more creatively when possible. My hair is not naturally super straight; it's actually very textured and extremely thick. In the picture above I had just tried out a new straightener for a review. It also tends to resist curl. I remember back in the day my mom had these expensive curlers that worked using steam on this electric base and those seemed to actually work for me, but I hate rollers and wouldn't use them now. I've been shopping around for a new curling wand since before Christmas and every time I think I've found something that might work (super large barrel, high quality material, etc.) I find reviews that are iffy or the price is outrageous. So the question is, do I take the plunge I've contemplated for literally over a decade and add curl permanently to my hair or not?  I feel as though I'd hate it if I had it daily if I got a digital perm (I tend to get bored easily) and I've literally booked a handful of consultations that I've later chickened out of and canceled. I think my fear of it being awful is just too great. Why am I so fickle?

Have you recently changed your hair? What did you do? I need some hair inspiration!

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