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butter LONDON Lippies Swatch & Review

I was recently sent 4 butter LONDON lippies for review by PR. I repeat, PR sent these to me for review! Just kidding ... well sort of. If you've seen the recent buzz about the new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and items for review you're probably chuckling. If not, check out this list of questions regarding the new regulations HERE. Moving on...

butter LONDON Lippy Review
Left to Right: Teddy Girl, Queen Vic, Dahling, Yummy Mummy
I'm not a newbie when it comes to butter LONDON lippies and I've had the opportunity to swatch them in the past. When they first came out I was beyond thrilled that one of my favorite polish companies would be doing complementary lippies as well. I've kept tabs on the colors they've released and am happy to share these 4 that were sent to me for review by PR.

butter LONDON Teddy Girl Lippy

butter LONDON Teddy Girl Swatch
Two coats of Teddy Girl Lippy
Color: This is a very light, whitened-pink cream.

Application/Formula: I find that butter LONDON's lippies can be categorized in two formulas--thick gloss and smooth, liquid lipstick. This is definitely more of a thick, pigmented gloss. It is tacky for those of you that dislike tacky lippies (I honestly don't mind). As with any color this light it is important in my opinion to have hydrated, exfoliated lips as a color like this will emphasize any imperfections. That being said, this applied well and I was able to get even coverage with two coats.

Scent/Flavor: Oh, butter LONDON when will you stop putting perfume-y scents in your lippies? Yes, for those of you that disliked the original lippies' scents (myself included) that were released way back this also has a non-food, perfume-like scent. The scent itself isn't really unpleasant, but I personally dislike non-food scents in my lippies with the exception of a very few smells. If that type of thing doesn't bother you, then you'll probably like this scent. I recommend checking this out at a store if possible prior to buying if you're on the fence.

butter LONDON Queen Vic Lippy

butter LONDON Queen Vic Swatch
Two coats of Queen Vic Lippy
Color: In the tube this is a nice bold fuchsia. On the lips it is a slightly more subdued, but pretty fuchsia glaze.

Application/Formula: This is more of what I would qualify as a "liquid lipstick" than super thick gloss. It is not quite as tacky as some of the other shades such as Teddy Girl (above). Application was fairly simple and getting an even coat was very doable with slightly buildable coverage.

Scent/Flavor: I have no idea what scent this is actually called, but to me it's almost a caramel-like sweet scent. This is definitely my preferred scent compared to the perfume-like one used in Teddy Girl.

butter LONDON Dahling Lippy *New Spring Color*

butter LONDON Dahling Swatch
Two coats of Dahling

Color: Antique Rose

Application/Performance: Of all 4 I'm reviewing in this post this applied the most evenly and smoothly--not that Queen Vic was difficult, but this just flowed evenly right only my lips without much fuss. This also has a liquid-lipstick type formula to me.

This has the same sweet, caramel-like scent that Queen Vic has.

Yummy Mummy

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy Swatch
Two coats of Yummy Mummy

Color: In the tube this is a cafe au lait brown--it is a tad lighter once applied.

Application/Performance: This applied about as nicely as Dahling did with the same liquid-lipstick style formula. I was surprised how evenly it went on given its color.

Scent/Flavor: This has the same sweet, caramel-like scent that Queen Vic and Dahling have.

Final Thoughts

As I'm not new to butter LONDON lippies I knew what to expect to some degree. I think that if you're looking for a nice, tinted glaze on your lips that Queen Vic is great. If you're looking for more opaque coverage, Dahling is definitely the best of the four. While I'm not a fan of brown on my lips, I can see those that like neutrals being drawn to Yummy Mummy and its smooth formula. Teddy Girl is the one that I personally like the look of, but could see some people having difficulty getting a more even final look with because of its color and consistency. The scent/flavor on Teddy Girl is also something to consider. While I wouldn't say that these are expressly spring colors as I feel they're a tad more versatile (though one could argue Teddy Girl and Dahling are good Spring shades), I think depending on your personal style and lip color preference that these could be great spring lip options. I'm actually a bit surprised by how much I liked Dahling on my lips as I'm not typically the type to wear this shade (I prefer brighter and more vibrant). That may be one that goes into my lippy rotation at some point this spring.


These are priced at $18 retail.

Where to Buy

These can be found on butter LONDON's website HERE.

What do you think? Did any catch your eye?

Be advised: The products in this review were sent by PR for the express purpose of being reviewed. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience. For more information on these products please contact butter LONDON directly.

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