Monday, February 11, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit Swatches & Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit
Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit - As you can see it looks almost like a mini book set. I love it!
I was given the opportunity to review and swatch one of Anastasia Beverly Hill's newest kits--Bold & Beautiful Kit. This is a combo eyes and brows kit that is beautifully packaged. I absolutely love, love Anastasia Beverly Hill's attention to detail when it comes to their packaging. Generally I prefer nice sleek palettes and packaging, but I find myself really impressed with whatever Anastasia Beverly Hills comes up with for their palettes/kits.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Vol 1: Bold Brows

Vol 1: Bold Brows includes - dark brown pomade, taupe-y gray brow powder, mini tweezers, dual-ended brow brush/spoolie
I liked that even though the pomade comes off a tad lighter in this picture, it's actually a fairly deep brown that I was able to use in my black brows without it looking odd. I find red-browns and lighter brows do NOT work in my brows at all, but this blended in nicely. The brow powder just didn't work for my brows, but I'd imagine someone with brown or lighter hair would find it really useful. I love the mini tweezers (can you ever have enough tweezers?) and the dual-ended brush was really convenient as well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit Vol 2: Beautiful Eyes

Inside Vol 2: Beautiful Eyes - This includes 4 shadows and a dual-ended brush. The shadows were a bit hard to capture color-wise because it's so overcast here today and with all the snow it's really throwing off the lighting, but in person they're matte light beige, shimmery golden apricot, matte light brown with gold flecks, matte black with multicolor flecks.

I swatched these in the same order you see them above in the palette. The first color is so close to my skin color on my inner arm that I had to use a decent amount to make it show for you! As you can see, the mattes are a tad less creamy texture-wise and a bit softer.

The second I opened up the palette I was drawn to the apricot color. I love colors like that. One thing Anastasia Beverly Hills always does well in my opinion is formulate buttery-smooth shadows. Oddly, I found the mattes in this kit a bit more "dry" than usual. They were fairly pigmented, but application and pay-off wasn't quite what I usually get from their kits. That being said, for someone that wants a more subtle look these would actually be a perfect fit. One of my younger sisters comes to mind. She likes a softer look and loves Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes like mad so I think she'd really like this.

I did a Valentine's Day look using the shadows and brow pomade in this kit, but I"m only revealing the eye part for now. Sorry the color is a bit off. Again, it's so dark here and the snow is throwing everything off so unfortunately this is as good as it gets!

This is priced at $36 retail.

Where to Buy
This can be purchased on Anastasia Beverly Hills site HERE.

Final Thoughts
I really love the packaging for this kit and I like the brow portion. I don't dislike the shadows, but I did find them a bit "drier" and softer looking than usual. That being said, you can easily create a pretty look with them. I would highly recommend this for anyone that prefers a softer, more subtle eye look and who wants a gorgeous little kit that covers both eyes and brows all in one!

Products in this review were provided by PR. All opinions are my own and 100% honest based on my personal experience.

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