Friday, January 18, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes ... Wicked Funny & Exciting That Is!

For those that don't know, I'm a former Mass (born and raised) resident, but I still think our usage of the word "wicked' is entirely appropriate. And obviously I'm a huge fan of literature, hence the title of this post for those left scratching their heads!

Do you have a friend with whom you're just ... hilariously on-point 24/7? For years now one of my oldest friends and I have spent the better part of our conversations discussing none other than ... cosmetics! We compare, contrast, review, research, laugh our heads off, etc. It's fabulous! At the same time, while we agree on some things, we definitely vary on others. Not only do we have very different coloring (I'm olive with neutral undertones and she's fair with golden undertones; I'm black-haired and she's ... well she varies but I personally think she looks best blonde), but we have varied taste. Quality is a huge thing for both of us, however.

For a little while now we've been discussing the possibility of collaborating here and there on posts and it's finally going to happen! We may occasionally be collaborating on random posts, but our intent as of right now is to do a monthly post together on a theme we'll share in our first post at the end of January/beginning of Feb!

I can tell you this, when we're together we're hilarious! We also have totally varied points of view, which readers may find very helpful. I think this will be great and hope you all feel the same!

Without further ado ... "meet" Beelex of Spanglelime Connection:

As a veteran of the internet window shopping wars I am excited to share my hopes, dreams, and let's face it, blatant consumerism and makeup addiction with my personal partner-in-not a crime, Doria of BeautyPopShop/MakeupChicLiteraryGeek. Our wishlists grow with every discovery and I can't wait to share that with the world. - Beelex of Spanglelime Connection

Stay tuned for the first installment soon ;)

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