Friday, January 18, 2013

More Stamping with butter LONDON's Spring Collection

I received a few of butter LONDON's most recent collection today and since I had to switch my mani anyway, figured it was a good time to give them a whirl!

butter LONDON Jasper as the base with Fiver for stamping
Can you tell I'm loving my newest set of stamping plates? I liked this. It's subtle, but very spring-y.

Decided to play around a bit and filled in a couple spots with Kerfuffle (a pastel coral). Excuse the dry cuticles. I don't like to take pics after putting on my hand lotion (looks so shiny under macro) and my skin is insanely sensitive so even non-acetone remover really irritates and dries it out like mad!

Sadly, these were a tad hard to work with. I'm actually usually really good with finicky creams and with 3 very careful layers the second time I did get a nice finish, but it took some craftiness. The issues were mainly a mixture of the fact that the formula is kind of tacky, but thin at the same time. It isn't extremely self-leveling like other butter LONDON creams I have. Still, you may not find it quite as quirky, but this was my experience with them.

On the plus side, I found Fiver extremely great to stamp with. I'm looking forward to trying it over complementary colors and contrasting colors alike!

Where to Buy
These can be purchased on butter LONDON's site HERE.

These are priced at $15 retail.

Final Thoughts
Of all of the pastels I've seen so far for spring these are some of my favorites! I think this is the perfect shade of yellow (which is hard to find in my opinion because of my olive complexion), a nice minty free, and a dainty coral. The application is a bit disappointing. I know creams and especially light colors and pastels can be tough, but perhaps others will have better luck than I did.

*Product in this post were provided for review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.


  1. Love the subtle stamping! And agree...the formulas were a bit difficult on these butter LONDONs!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, workable, but not the norm compared with other butter LONDON's I have ... and I have quite a few of varying ages haha


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