Supporting Local Talent

Though the suburbs where I grew up drive me crazy, I have a lot of hometown pride when it comes to those that grew up in the same area I did. Christopher Fleming was years younger than I was (I want to say he was a freshman my senior year or the year after I graduated?), but I remember going to some of our school talent shows and performances and thinking--this kid is AMAZING! His moon walk was PHENOMENAL haha. I don't know why that stuck out to me, but for some reason I remember it well! He actually dated my sister in-laws best friend for a while back in the day so I heard tid bits here and there about him in their girly gossip, though we didn't run in the same circles being so far apart in age.

Anyway, he's now a performer/comedian and his material is hilarious. My favorite by far is the series he just launched earlier this year of short episodes clearly modeled after the odd quirkiness one would only recognize if they too had grown up in the suburbs near where we grew up! It's unfortunate and hilarious how similar his portrayal of a suburban mom is to the women in the area we grew up in. I actually grew up in the neighboring town (which is just as ridiculous/snobby/nutty/suburban), but our high school included our two towns plus 1 more.

Anyway, I've been watching his series since it launched and dying over each episode. I really feel as though he's hit on something so incredibly fabulous in this character/series. I decided to contribute to his kickstart for season 2, which I believe will air in the fall. I wanted to share this with you because it is just too fabulous not to watch! And if you feel so compelled as to support local talent from my hometown area, feel free ;) Either way, enjoy!

Keep in mind, the subject matter could be seen as somewhat offensive or adult in nature, so please do not watch this clip if you tend to prefer completely clean, light humor.