Pahlish Exclusive Collaboration Polish for BeautyPopShop!

For those of you that follow BeautyPopShop on Facebook you may have seen my posts regarding an upcoming collaboration polish I worked on with the lovely indie polish company - Pahlish! After plenty of hard work and back and forth "Aloha 'Oe" was born! "Aloha 'Oe" is a Hawaiian song that has a lot of meaning to me personally. The polish itself is meant to represent the beautiful colors of a Hawaiian lei and I think Pahlish has done a lovely job of doing just that in this polish ;)

I wanted to do a top coat because I felt it was so versatile it would be fun to work with, with all of the fun colors coming out right now!

Here are some shots of "Aloha 'Oe"...

I love that you can see the sprinkling of golden-copper shimmer when you put it over black!
This reminds me of candy lol. I love how different it looks over different colors!

This is priced at $8.50 for a full-size bottle.

Where to Buy
"Aloha 'Oe" is currently available at only.   

What do you think? Didn't Pahlish do a fabulous job?!


Swatch & Review: Anastasia She Wears It Well Palette

I was recently given the opportunity to swatch and review Anastasia's upcoming She Wears It Well palette and I jumped at the chance. I love the consistency of Anastasia's shadows (they're so insanely soft and silky) and after hearing it was a modern take on 20's beauty I was sold!

This is the package I received. So cute!

Here's the front of the palette. It definitely has a crocodile retro feel to it. It reminds me of a cross between a vintage purse and an old book ;)

For those that are a ingredient-conscious, the ingredients are listed on the back of the sleeve for the palette.

My package came with these large, lovely eye look diagrams/how-to's. I'm guessing these were just a part of the PR package and do not come with the palette, which is too bad if that's the case because I can see a lot of people really liking these if they're a bit unsure of how to do a fabulous neutral or neutral-smoky eye!

As you can see, She Wears It Well focuses on an array of neutrals from smoky black to light frosted pink!

I wanted to show you all of the colors at once so you can see how many neutral shades come in this palette. This actually reminds me of Urban Decay's Naked palette, though perhaps a bit better in my opinion as Almond is almost a perfect matte match for my skin tone, which can be hard to find ;) I know it's a bit hard to see some of the colors on my skin, I always find olive neutrals match my skin too much to really show.

Here's a close-up of the first half of the palette with the addition of Sunset, which is the large middle shadow. These are all shimmery, though Foxy was more satin than shimmery to me.

Here's a close-up of the second half of the palette with the addition of Sunset. All of the shades on the right of the palette are matte, with the exception of Frosting, which is a very light, frosty wash of super light pink. Sunset isn't on the far right (it's the large shadow in the middle), but it is definitely a shimmer.

These are all very smooth and silky, even the mattes. I would say that like most dark mattes, Onyx and Toffee take a little more work to get perfectly even coverage, but they are great to blend with. 

Color Selection
While I'm not the type to wear neutral shadows every day of the week, I absolutely love a good neutral eye. "Bedroom Eyes" done with neutral shadows are some of my absolute favorite looks to create and this palette is perfect for that! I think there's a decent amount of variation between the shadows. No two were so similar I thought you could necessarily do without one, but of all the shadows I'd say Trophy and Sunset are the closest to each other, but even then Sunset has more of a slight copper hue to it than Trophy does. I love that the mattes chosen for this palette are exactly what I like to use for neutral mattes. And again, I love that Almond is a perfect match for my skin tone!

This palette is priced at $34.

Where to Buy
This palette is available on and I was told it wouldn't release for a couple weeks, but it looks as though it's available online now!!!

Would I recommend this?
Yes, I think this is a perfect palette for anyone looking for a good neutral palette, especially one that includes some key matte shades! 

* With all of the changes lately with companies going from cruelty-free to not, I'm waiting to hear back from my Anastasia rep as to whether or not Anastasia is 100% cruelty-free. I'll update once I know more! 



Cosmetic Glitter Not Approved by FDA for Cosmetics?!

I stumbled across THIS earlier, which essentially states that the FDA has determined that cosmetic glitter is a color additive, but unfortunately it's not been approved for us in cosmetics by the FDA, therefore the FDA is giving the cosmetic industry a grace period during which they will move forward on a "discretionary" basis until the grace period is over. There is not explanation as to why or when this period will end. The EU has approved cosmetic microfine glitter for cosmetic use in all cosmetics.

I was curious as to whether or not this was true so I looked up the FDA list of approved color additives and sure enough, glitter is not on the list (nor the components used to make cosmetic glitter). See the list HERE.

HERE is a list of the FDA's regulations regarding cosmetic color additives. 

So what does this mean?! Will the FDA get over themselves and approve cosmetic glitter for cosmetic use or will they decided this, like neon shadows, will be something we have to smuggle into the country from outside sources?

Ay yi yi...

Hot Button Topic: Cruelty-Free Natural Fur Products? Give me a Break!

Before you read this I want to let you know that this is definitely a "hot button" topic and it may be something you disagree with. If you're sensitive or easily offended by someone else's choice, it's probably best not to read on. Please refrain from leaving negative comments. Disagreeing with me is absolutely fine, but being rude about it is not. I'd like to discuss something that has always really bothered me and that I come across constantly. This is my opinion and my opinion only, so please don't feel as though I'm telling you what you need to do or not do ;)

I'd like to go on record saying that I find the term "cruelty-free animal fur" any oxymoron. If you're like me and struggling with your preference for natural fur brushes despite your convictions about fur then own it, why cover it up by saying, "They don't kill the animal for its fur so it's cruelty-free"? To me, living in a cage is cruelty :/

I'm working hard to move over to all vegan brushes, but it's taking time because I find some of my natural fur brushes simply out-perform the synthetics I've tried (and I've tried A LOT). I am proud to say that I have not bought a natural fur brush in over a year, but I haven't switched out all of my natural fur brushes for synthetic ones yet, unfortunately. When I see things like natural fur brushes and mink lashes with the term "cruelty-free" smattered all over them it makes me nuts. Let's not pretend, it is what it is. I feel like saying, "Either own it or switch, but let's not cover it up by easing our consciences with a silly term that doesn't truly apply."

Let's be serious, I don't think they have a giant wildlife refuge for mink or badgers across hundreds of acres native to where you'd find mink/badgers where the caretakers lovingly call to the wild mink or badgers who come bounding into their arms where they allow them to gently brush them for their hair. Odds are, these poor little guys are at fur farms where they're in small cages going nuts and where people come in, rip them from their cages, brush them fast, then throw them back in to rot. And what happens when these little guys get older and their fur is not longer young and lovely? Are they put in a mink or badger retirement home where they spend the rest of their lives in the lap of luxury as payment for their services? Doubt it. In trying to uncover more about where these cruelty-free fur farms are I seem to be hitting virtual wall after wall. If a company came forward and showed where their "cruelty-free" fur came from and it truly was cruelty-free I'd be elated! Absolutely over-the-moon elated! But it seems as though the term "cruelty-free" and some slick marketing as to why their fur is cruelty-free is where the buck stops. 

When it comes to animal testing I absolutely go out of my way to avoid companies that are known for testing on animals. Even drugstore brands like L'Oreal and Maybelline, despite some really fabulous product releases in the last year, are not things you'll find in my collection. My heart breaks over companies like UD choosing to sell in China and therefore complying with their animal testing laws for cosmetics. When will we stop selling our convictions for a dollar?

Again, this is my opinion. I truly believe everyone should make their own educated decisions and feel confident and good about them, so whatever you choose it's your life and your choice. I simply wanted to speak out about something I personally get frustrated with, particularly in the beauty industry.

You can read more about fur farms here (disturbing content).

This is an interested read, though graphic, for anyone wondering why people get so up-in-arms about fur.


To Copious, or not to Copious?

Here's a screenshot of what the welcome page looks like when you first sign in (thought obviously the listings change continually).

First Impression

When I first heard about Copious (affil) I immediately thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, not another shopping community..." and passed it up. Of course, within a week I saw quite a few fellow bloggers hopping on the Copious train and it peeked my interest as to why? I signed up and received $10 for joining, which is a nice touch since you can find products for under $10. After joining I realized that Copious is actually a social-media driven, fashion-focused marketplace that allows individuals to buy and sell to one another. I originally thought it was another sample site or virtual-stylist type site. I've seen everything from NWT Coach bags to nail polish. It reminds me of Etsy in a way, but it's not craft-focused. I started to peruse through some of the items on there, but found myself a bit overwhelmed so I left the site and decided to come back later. That was back in April! Life, BeautyPopShop and general busy-ness distracted me quite a bit, though I occasionally popped on when others posted about what they'd bought and how amazing the deal was.

Changing My Approach

Finally I saw a fellow blogger post about a rare polish she'd been able to find on Copious and I realized I'd been going about shopping through this site all wrong. Rather than going through and browsing as I would a typical e-commerce site, I went with a purpose. I fell in love with the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse collection the second I heard about it and began searching for it. Since it's a recent collection a decent selection of listings popped up. The neat thing about Copious is that because it's so social-network-driven, you can actually see the ways in which sellers connected to Copious as well as how many followers they have. Obviously the more followers and networks you participate in the more likely it is that your listings will be seen. Obviously Copious encourages you to network with one another and connect your social networks to the site. The one thing I can't figure out is how to view or whether you can view someone's ratings as a seller. Does anyone know?

Safe Purchasing

One factor that really makes this a safe site for buyers is the fact that money goes into escrow until a sale has been completed, rather than going directly to the seller. I think this is definitely more motivation for sellers to be honest and timely when shipping their products.


I can see myself popping onto Copious when I'm looking for something specific. It's easy to purchase (yes, I've purchased a couple times on Copious now) and they've been very generous with credits. I received $10 for joining and then another $10 randomly this past week. Keep in mind the credits do expire so keep an eye on those. The initial one I earned lasted a couple weeks and this last one only lasted a couple days. You can also earn credits by inviting friends (of course haha). If you invite a friend and they sign up they instantly get $10 credit. Once they purchase you $5 credit after they make a purchase. It doesn't look as though there's a limit as to how much they have to purchase in order for you to receive a credit like with It's important to note that you cannot use your credit to cover 100% of your purchase. You MUST pay $.01 minimum (that's right, 1 penny haha) on every purchase you make. Not a huge deal, but simply something to note if you have $20 in credit and go to purchase something that's $16 total with shipping. You can apply up to $15.99 worth of credit towards the product and shipping, but you will have to pay $.01. Also, if you buy multiple items from different sellers, like Etsy, you will have to check out multiple times and pay shipping for each seller.

I haven't sold anything on there and I'm unsure of whether or not I ever will. When I go through my closet or makeup collection things typically go to 1 of my 3 sisters ;) However, I can see the appeal!
All in all, I'm looking forward to finding out what deals I can find on Copious for things I've been searching for. It's important that you not get swept up with the fun aspect of shopping on there because I've seen some items priced well above what they should be, but I've also seen some truly fabulous steals. My advice is to remain a savvy shopper and I think you can do well on Copious! 

How to Join

You can join Copious through this link HERE (affil) or by visiting Sign-up is simple and you can choose whether or not you link all of your social networks to the site or just the one you use to sign up with.

Have you joined Copious? What do you think?

Tuesday Trivia! June 12th

This week's Tuesday Trivia has a fun prize from a company I find fewer people are aware of, though it does seem to have its niche. This is Nailtini's Velvet Fizz! This is a full-size bottle. This giveaway is not sponsored by Nailtini. Good luck!

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Tuesday Trivia June 5th

It's Tuesday Trivia Time! Good luck ;)

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How to Wing Liner - 4 Steps with Diagrams!

I wear winged liner on a fairly frequent basis and have for years. Sometimes I create small wings, sometimes I create larger wings--it really depends on my mood! I know lots of people seem to struggle with creating wings so I've created diagrams to show you how I do it. It's only 4 steps and it's pretty simple! I use gel or liquid liner and a nice sharp-edged, stiff angled liner brush, but I've also used a rounded, flat liner brush and straight-edged liner brush with the same success. I've used cheap brushes and expensive brushes. I find it really is a personal choice. Find what works for you! This same process could also be used with a pencil, I just personally prefer pencils for tight-lining and gel/liquid for lining in general.

Here we go...


Did you give it a try? How'd it work for you? 

I know some people gently pull the outer corner area of their eye with their ring finger (which is the weakest finger so generally the best to use around your eyes) to flatten/straighten the skin out a bit when lining, just make sure you're gentle!

It may take some practice, but once you do it enough times you'll be able to do it in your sleep ;)


Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend! 10% off BeautyPopShop

Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend to all of you UK'ers! Long live the Queen!

To celebrate we are offering 10% off our entire website (with promo code) to all of our fabulous customers this weekend!

Promo Code: JUBILEE

Enjoy ;)