Swatch & Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills See and Be Seen

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review of Anastasia of Beverly Hills upcoming See and Be Seen set and I jumped at the chance! As you probably know if you follow my blog, Anastasia Hydrafull lip glosses (this set includes 2) are my absolute favorite glosses at the moment and the colors that come in this set are to die for.

Anastasia See and Be Seen PR Kit - This is the PR kit I received which includes the See And Be Seen set, Lash Genius, and a vintage-style VIEWMASTER! The VIEWMASTER is not included in the retail set, but I'm a child of the 80's so I wanted to share this bit of nostalgia with you ;)

This is the box that the VIEWMASTER came in. Cute, right?

Childhood!!! My kids had never seen one before and were totally enthralled by it lol. I remember having a few of these over the course of my childhood in different colors. I think the majority of mine were from Disney. This VIEWMASTER came with 2 fun Anastasia-themed wheels.

I wanted to give you a peek into the VIEWMASTER lol. This was one of the slides! Of course they were 3D when you looked through, but obviously I can only photo one side at a time. Still fun though!

Here's a second view for fun!

Anastasia See and Be Seen Set

This set included a box of a few goodies (shadow duo compact, 2 lip glosses, and tinted brow gel) as well as a full-size tube of Lash Genius waterproof mascara top coat, which I recently reviewed. Since I've already reviewed Lash Genius, I'm not going to include a second review here. You can see my original thoughts HERE. In short, I was very impressed with it!

See And Be Seen - This is the box that held everything except the full-size tube of Lash Genius! Remember, the VIEWMASTER is not included with the retail set ;)

This is the contents of the box above! It includes the "On Set" shadow duo compact, (top to bottom) "Heiress" Hydrafull lip gloss, "Plastic" Hydrafull lip gloss, and "Caramel" tinted brow gel. As you can see, all of the tubes are full-size and the compact holds a decent amount of shadow in each shade.

On Set Shadow Compact

"On Set" shadow compact.

The color on the left has a little bit of an apricot glow that didn't translate into my picture and the color on the right is a baked bronzey color! Anastasia shadows are insanely silky and smooth when you apply them.

I did a quick look using these 2 shadows. It definitely gave me a very sunny glow :)

Heiress Hydrafull Lip Gloss, Plastic Hydrafull Lip Gloss & Caramel Tinted Brow Gel

Heiress Hydrafull Lip Gloss - A hot strawberry pink! These go on so fabulously and give your lips the smoothest look to them. Ugh, love! This did stain my lips a tad, which is fine since mine lack pigment otherwise ;)

Plastic Hydrafull Lip Gloss - Bright Barbie Pink with a subtle blue undertone that makes it a bit on the fuchsia side. Again, amazing application! I've never had a gloss give me such a perfect finish.

Caramel Tinted Brow Gel - This is a shimmery, caramel bronze tinted brow gel. If you have black brows like me, this may or may not work for you. Unfortunately, it made my black brows look odd because it was so much lighter than them. I found that if I applied it then used my finger to smooth it into the skin behind my brow it left my brows back, but left a subtle bronze behind them which was kind of neat. This is probably better suited for someone with light to medium brows.

Left to Right - Heiress Hydrafull gloss, Plastic Hydrafull gloss, Caramel Tinted Brow Gel. I usually only swatch lip products on my lips, but I was sick when I swatches these so I didn't want to contaminate them and my lips were a tad dry. I hate being sick!

Lash Genius

Lash Genius is an un-tinted mascara top coat that waterproofs any mascara without making them crunchy or hard. I tried this over a number of mascara products and it worked well over all of them! I even had to flush my eyes one day because of my allergies while wearing it and it didn't budge lol. Not the way I intended to review it, but effective, right? ;)
Lash Genius is included in the kit. You can see my original review HERE.

This will retail for $44 when it launches in May!

Where to Buy
The See and Be Seen Set will be available at Sephora and at Anastasia's website in May!    

Final Thoughts 
I am super impressed with this set, largely because it has 2 shades of my all-time favorite gloss in it ;) I love, love pink on lips and these are hot! The shadows are great late-Spring/Summer shades and definitely ones that can complement a number of different complexions. I'd say they're perfect for a day where you want a pretty glow. The brow gel was the one product I personally couldn't use. I have truly black brows and if you follow my blog you know how difficult it can be to fill them. Using a brow gel that's lighter than my natural brows didn't work for me. I think this will look really pretty on someone with light to medium brows though ... or even someone with dark brows that doesn't mind them looking lighter!

Bottom line, for $44 you get some of Anastasia's most fabulous products this Spring/Summer!

What do you think? Will you be trying out this set? *Psssst look at those glosses!!!!*


Culinary Craziness: Angry Birds Cake & Piggy Cupcakes

I've had quite a few people tell me they love the Angry Birds cake and green piggy cupcakes I posted earlier so I thought ... well first I though, "Darn! I should have taken step-by-step pics of the process!", but then I thought, "Okay, I'll try to do a post on it anyway since people like it so much."

I didn't take pictures during the process because whenever I do any of my cakes it's for family, not for "show" so between being a crazy perfectionist and doing it for personal reasons, it never occurs to me to stop and take a pic. This same thing happened when I did "Bob-omb" for my older son back in March lol.

Anyway, here's a grainy DROID pic of my red Angry Bird cake with green piggy cupcakes around him. Sorry, I'm charging my regular camera's battery! If I have energy later I'll try to remember to re-post a cleaner pic. My mom took cake decorating when I was very young and always did extravagant cakes (she's also a perfectionist ... wonder where I get it from?!) so I picked it up along the way and have always done crazy cakes for my kids ;)

I chose not to do fondant this time because ... well I hate it first of all, though I love how clean and finished it looks in the end ... but also because it's been so cold up here lately I didn't have to worry about my buttercream melting off the cake the day of his birthday!

I used a chocolate cake recipe for this bird because that's what my son, the chocoholic, requested. I wouldn't recommend this recipe AT ALL because it's a very light, fluffy recipe which is delicious, but not easy to work with for 3D cakes, especially if you're not use to working with them.

Here's the chocolate cake recipe I used if you MUST try it out! Again, it's delicious, but not a great density for a 3D cake.

Here's one of the cake recipes I would recommend if you don't mind an absolute delicious light yellow cake. While I'm more partial to golden cakes, this yellow cake has a lovely texture and yummy, subtle flavor perfect for complementing with buttercream frosting!

Here's the closest thing to the buttercream frosting recipe I use. I eyeball and taste-test more than measure, but for anyone that doesn't have a great buttercream recipe this is a good one.

What you'll need aside from the ingredients in the recipes above:
1. A 3D globe-shaped cake pan. Wilton makes a pan that I own HERE that works well. If you need to feed a lot of people you'll definitely want to make a couple of these as they're only 6 inches in diameter or you can find larger ones. I have one that I used but I have no idea where I purchased it years ago.

2. Cake decorating bags (to hold the frosting when decorating) like THESE.

3. Round cake decorating tips (for decorating with the frosting) like THESE

4. Cake knife/spatula like THIS.  

5. Cupcake wrappers (for the piggy cupcakes). 

6. Regular disposable drinking straws (you'll see why below) 

7. Cupcake tins

Angry Bird Instructions: 

Step 1 
Make the cake batter you've chosen to go with and pour it into your globe-shaped cake pans (setting aside about 1/2 cup of batter). Make sure you've thoroughly buttered and floured your cake mold. I know some people hate butter, but from my experience coating your pan with olive oil or butter then flouring it after (put flour in the pan and shift it in every direction so that the flour gently coats the entire inside of your pan - lightly bang out the excess once the interior is coated) works best. I tend to fill my rounded pan within 1/2inch of the top edge for most cake recipes I use as I prefer it to overflow so that I can then cut it flat on top, than have it not quite meet the edge and get rounded (which makes it hard to stack).

Take the 1/2 cup of batter you set aside and make 2 cupcakes with it. They don't have to be huge, so filling up the cupcake tin only 1/2 way is fine.

Step 2
Bake your cake based on the instructions that come with your pan. Depending on the size of the pan they will recommend different temperatures and times. Ignore the instructions on your cake's recipe, stick with the ones for the pan! I find that it can vary a bit depending on the density of the batter, so a quick check with a super thin, sharp knife (a toothpick won't get down far enough and with the rounded pans like this it's usually the bottom that cooks last - you'll cover it with frosting anyway).

Bake your 2 cupcakes at 350 for 18-20 minutes (more if you make large cupcakes)

Step 3
Allow your cake to cool completely. Using a sharp knife, slide the rounded top past the edge of the pan off so that you now have a perfectly flat top. Get a plat and put it over the top of the side you've trimmed. Turn the plate with the cake over and shake it up and down with some force, pressed the cake mold to the plate. It should pop out. 

If it doesn't pop out right away gently go around the edges of the mold and with your thumbs pull the edges in opposite directions to gradually break the cake inside away from the mold. Put the plate back over the top, turn everything over and repeat the step above until the cake pops out. As long as you properly prepare your mold it should come out pretty easily when it's a simple mold like this.

Do the same thing to the other half of the mold (3D globe-shaped molds come in 2 halves that you later put together to form a globe). 

*Once your cupcakes have cooled you can pop them out of your tin (I like paper cupcake wrappers because they're so easy to work with) and put them in the fridge.*

Step 4
The cake halves should be room temperature if you've removed them from the mold (don't rush and try to remove them any sooner than that), so you now want to put both halves in the fridge.

Step 5
While your cake continues to chill, make your filling and your buttercream for the outside. I would make the equivalent of 2 sticks of butter's worth of buttercream (see the recipe above).

You can do the filling of your choice. I like to make buttercream then blend in fresh berries, but you can do just about anything. Whipped cream doesn't make a good filling for a dense cake like the one you'll likely make for this. Pudding is another iffy filler for dense cake.

These are the buttercream colors you will need (I purchase my food dyes from a supply store near me. The ones you get in the grocery store are not very concentrated and can break down the frosting because you have to use so much for a rich color):

1.5 to 2 cups red
1/2 cup black
1/2 cup white
1/4 cup yellow

These measurements are really guesses. I estimate how much I need and I'm usually right on, so guessing about how much you'll need is a tad new to me ;)
Step 6
Once your cake halves are cold to the touch, take them out of the fridge. You'll want to decide which is your top and which is your bottom. If one didn't quite come out of the mold right and the rounded top is a bit of a mess, make that the bottom as you'll trim that off.

To make the bottom a flat-bottom half, simply get a sharp knife and slice a piece evenly across from about 1/2 inch from the top of the mound. Set aside the top that you cut off for later!

Flip it over and make it the base. I usually decorate on one surface and then move the finished pieced to the serving platter or whatever I'm using, but you may want to decorate on the platter you intend to serve on if you're not used to having to move a finicky cake ;)

Step 7
Once you've got your base situated, spread your filling over its top starting from the middle and working your way out. Keep in mind that the weight of the top half will likely push out some of the filling so I generally thin out the filling a tad near the edges.

Step 8
Place the top half on top so that the edges match up and you now have a 3D ball!

Step 9
Take 3 drinking straws and push 1 through the center of the top all the way down until it hits the surface your cake is sitting on. Make sure you do this straight, otherwise it could take a turn and poke through the side.

Take the 2 other drinking straws and do the exact same thing about 1 inch to the left and right of the middle straw.

Get some kitchen scissors and snip the straws on the left and right so that they're flush with the top of the cake. DO NOT TRIM THE MIDDLE ONE!

The reason I prefer drinking straws over cake supports (dowels, etc.) is that they're hollow so they don't crack your cake when you put them in and they do the job well. Plus, they're meant for drinking so they're perfectly find for food!

Step 10
Spread on your crumb coat using red buttercream with your cake spatula! Your crumb coat is the first layer of buttercream you do directly on the cake. It's generally less neat and has crumbs in it because it's going directly on the cake, though because we chilled the cake it should be a bit firmer. This coat doesn't have to be thick, but you definitely want to cover the entire thing. This coat should conceal the tops of the drinking straws with the exception of the one in the middle.

Step 11
Put your cake back in the fridge to chill. Buttercream is primarily made of butter (I'm not a fan of crisco personally so I don't use it in my buttercream), so it gets very firm when chilled.

Step 12
Once the crumb coat is firm to the tough remove it from the fridge and spread a nice even final layer of red buttercream over the entire ball.

Do the small half-moon on the bottom portion of the front in white buttercream. Here's a picture for reference to what I'm talking about. 

Place it back in the fridge

Step 12
Take the 2 cupcakes you put in the fridge and cut off the "muffin top" portion. These will be the eyes! Spread them with white buttercream using your spatula, then do the black pupil using a large-sized round decorating tip.

Step 13
Take your cake out of the  fridge. Determine where you want to put the eyes. Here's a picture of an angry bird for reference.

Once you've decided where you want to put them, place one of the eyes in its spot, then take a drinking straw and push it a few inches into the eye and into the bird. Snip the straw off at the edge of the frosting on the eye. Cover up the straw/hole with a little buttercream. Do the same with the other eye.

Step 14
Take the bottom of one of the cupcakes and cut it in half so that you now have 2 half-moons. Cut the top section of each half moon off so they have a similar shape to the Angry Bird's eyebrows (refer to picture in link above).

Use some red buttercream to glue the eyebrows over the eyes. I coated my eyebrows in black buttercream first, but if you make a chocolate cake you don't necessarily have to do this. I just liked the way it looked.

Step 15
Get the top piece that you sliced off of the base earlier and cut out a triangular beak. Cover it in yellow buttercream

Fit it under the eyes and glue it down with yellow buttercream

Step 16
Take the other bottom half of the cupcake and cut it in half into 2 half-moons. Now take one of those half-moons and cut it half again so you now have 2 wedges - you want 1 to be larger than the other. Coat both wedges in red buttercream

Trim down the middle drinking straw that you left untouched earlier so that it's only 1 inch or 3/4 inch taller than the frosting on the cake. Push the bigger cupcake wedge down onto this  (coat it in black first if you didn't do a chocolate cake). It should conceal the straw (trim as necessary). Then use a little red buttercream to glue the small wedge behind it and onto the top of the head. The second wedge should peek out behind the larger one.

Step 17
Take the other half-moon you have left and cut it into 2 wedges. Coat these in black buttercream and glue them near the base in the back to make the black tail using black buttercream.

Your Angry Bird is now complete!!!

Piggy Cupcakes
Quick Tip: Do the same detail on every single cupcake at once rather than doing each cupcake individually. Also, I use 1 frosting bag and tip for each color and set them all up before I start decorating to save time, keep the buttercream from melting on a warm day, and keep things a bit more organized. If you mess up, no sweat! It's frosting, wipe it off ;)

Step 1
Make cupcakes as you normally would with whatever recipe you like. I made 2 dozen cupcakes because that's how many I need.

Once your cupcakes have cooled, and you've taken them out of the tins move on to step 2.

Step 2
Make 2 sticks of butter's worth of buttercream frosting.

You need the following colors:
1.5 cupes or more deep green  
.5 cups lighter green
.5 cups black
.5 cups white

Step 3
Spread the deep green onto the tops of the cupcakes

Step 4
Pipe the piggy's rounded, dome-shaped noses on using the lighter green buttercream and a medium-size rounded cake decorating tip. Here's a picture for reference.

Step 5 (Since the next few steps all use black, I did all of the black buttercream details on each cupcake at once)
Pipe big round circles on either side of the nose for the white portion of the eyes. Use a medium-size round decorating tip with the white buttercream.

Step 6
Pipe a smaller circled into the center of each eye using black buttercream and a small rounded decorating tip.

Step 7
Pipe the nose holes onto the nose. If you look at the pigs, one nose hole is ALWAYS larger than the other. I did this on mine to make them look exact ;)

Step 8
Pipe on tiny eyebrows and round ears. I also piped on tiny mouths that either smiled or looked goofy. They look cute without mouths, too.

Step 9 (optional)
My son is in love with the piggy with the crown so he asked me to put crowns on them. To do this I used the yellow buttercream and small decorating tip. I didn't do the teeny blue dots (though he asked for this as well) because I was so burnt out at this point lol. Here's a picture for reference of the pig with the crown.

You're now done with the piggies!!!

How'd it go? If you do the Angry Bird and/or piggies I'd love to see pics so feel free to post links below  or post pictures to my Facebook page!

Good luck!!!!

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Let us know your favorite designs, we plan to stock these this Spring/Summer. 

I've been searching high and low for fabulous, eco-friendly beauty products for you guys and when I came across these bags I though--I know these aren't beauty, but these are FABULOUS! After all, what makeup lover doesn't need a reusable tote for those many beauty hauls?! ;)

Made of either all post-consumer water bottle plastic polyester or a mixture of post-consumer water bottle plastic polyester and 100% natural upholster cotton, these reusable tote bags are versatile, conscientious, and have come in super cute designs!

I purchased a sample so that I could experience one first-hand before offering them to you and it came today! I ordered the design labeled - Midnight Topiary.  The following pictures were taken by me for BeautyPopShop as I wanted to show you the bag in all its versatility!

Here it is!

Midnight Topiary - this is the tote completely open. As you can see in the top center, there is a snap to help keep the things you put inside where you put them ;) The bag is 14" x 12.5" x 8" with a 11.5" drop over the shoulder.

Midnight Topiary - there are snaps on the inside edges so that you can draw the outer corners towards the middle, giving it a different shape! Love it!

Midnight Topiary - Believe it or not, this is super easy to re-fold! I actually folded the one in the picture myself!!! It has a neat little bungee-type thing that reminds me of a thick hair tie that holds it in place. This took me seconds to fold up myself after I read the instructions on the back of the tag! When folded up, my bag became 5.5" x 3.25", so almost like a thick wallet!

So what do you think?! I'm in love! 
We've been debating when we'll officially start carrying these and we've toyed around with the idea of a pre-order sale (we offer 10% off in our pre-order sales and this would qualify for $5 flat rate shipping) if enough people show interest. There are other designs available as well. Take a peek at some of our favorites! There's also a 100% black one I don't have a picture of that's made ENTIRELY of post-consumer plastic water bottle polyster!!!

"Box Step"


"Sea Grass"



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Priti NYC Flowers (other collections - .43 fl oz - $12.50 each)

Baby Toes Cactus - bright yellow

Fishbone Cactus - bright green

Gatsy Dahlia - bright orange

Silver Flare Peony - bright pink

Priti Princess (.28 fl oz - $8 each)
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Glow Leaf - Sheer, barely tinted light green with holographic micro-glitter *glows in the dark*

Phoenix Feathers - Large, medium, and small size red glitter in clear base

Rainbow Fish - Multicolored, multi-size glitter in clear base

Snow White's Lips - Cherry red with subtle orange, red, and gold flecks


Swatch & Review: butter LONDON Lippy & Lacquer Sets

As soon as I read that butter LONDON would be releasing some matchy-matchy Lippy and lacquer sets I was immediately excited! I love that so many companies are coming out with products to meet this new trend. butter LONDON has been one of my favorite mainstream nail polish brands for a while and the fact that they were releasing lip products (to which I'm also addicted) was fabulous news. And of course I was so thankful to hear that I'd be given the opportunity to review 2 of these sets! The following 2 sets were provided by butter LONDON pr for my review...

Left to Right - Yummy Mummy lacquer, Yummy Mummy Lippy, Teddy Girl lacquer, Teddy Girl Lippy. You can see there the comparison between the lacquers and lippies. When it came to these two, the lippies were darker in the tube for both. Yummy Mummy's lippy was lighter and more sheer on the lips than the lacquer. Teddy Girl's lippy was very comparable in color on the lips when compared to the lacquer on the nail.

Yummy Mummy Lacquer
Color description - light latte beige with subtle shimmer

Application/Opacity - This formula was comparable to many of butter LONDON's shimmer formulas--smooth and even to apply. This was opaque and even in 2 coats, though it is a tad thinner than typical butter LONDON formulas in my opinion.

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy Lacquer - While I don't wear a lot of nudes or browns, this is definitely one of the better shades I've seen! Excuse the noticeable ridges on my nails, I've been sick and didn't have a chance to use my normal base coat and since this polish is a tad thinner, ridges show.

Yummy Mummy Lippy
Color - In the tube Yummy Mummy Lippy looks a bit darker, but on the lips it goes on semi-sheer and gave my lips a moderate beige tone.

Application/Opacity - The formula on these lippies is interesting. It really is more like a liquid lipstick than regular gloss. That being said, it was easy to apply and the coverage for Yummy Mummy was even, though again it is a semi-sheer lip product.

Scent/Flavor - As many of you know, a large portion of taste is smell. While these have no actual sweetener, they are scented and I have to say in my opinion butter LONDON chose the worst possible scent for a lip product. Both of mine had a perfume-y soap-like scent that made me feel as though I was tasting a bar of soap on my lips. I don't mind flavored or scented lip products in general, but perfume-like ones are not on my list of favorites. I'd prefer a mint or more "edible" scent such as a fruit. I was shocked at how strong these were, too. I'm fairly sensitive to smells in general, but these were so noticeable ... I'm just not quite sure why butter LONDON chose this route.   

Yummy Mummy Lippy - For those of you that follow my blog regularly you know I do not have very pigmented lips, but as you can see this definitely gave me a noticeable beige hue. Sorry for the slight wrinkling of my lips, I've been sick lately and somehow I was left with puckered lips :(

Lacquer vs. Lippy
In this case, the lacquer was definitely more opaque, but there is certainly a matchy-matchy quality. I feel like Burberry would die to use these products in their ads ;)

Teddy Girl Lacquer
Color - A super light, dainty pink

Application/Opacity -  This is probably one of the only butter LONDON formulas that I'm not a fan of. I find it to be a bit difficult to work with and streaky. I used 3 coats and still found there were a few patches that had slightly less coverage, but perhaps if you work with the formula a few times you could get it to behave for you. The color is almost worth the extra work of trying to make it work in my opinion--I love pink polishes.

Teddy Girl Lacquer - This is such a light bubble gum pink, I wish the formula had been a tad easier to work with as I'd probably wear this more frequently if it was.

Teddy Girl Lippy
Color - In the tube Teddy Girl Lippy looks almost like a muted dusty rose, but on the lips it is a super light pink.

Application/Opacity -Applying this was similar to Yummy Mummy and it also felt like a liquid lipstick rather than traditional gloss. I often find with lighter color lip products that are semi-opaque or opaque that it can be difficult to get an even application, but this was actually easier to apply than I thought it would be. It takes a little bit of effort, but it's not bad at all.

Scent/Flavor - Again, this lippy had the same strong perfume-y, floral smell that was extremely strong. I loved, loved, loved this color on my lips, but the smell pushed me to wipe it off after about 5 minutes :(

Teddy Girl Lippy - In person this looks less as though it's settling into the lines of my lips. Also, normally my lips are a bit more hydrated. Thank you, stomach flu :(

Lippy vs. Lacquer
Of the 2 sets, Teddy Girl was definitely the more literal matchy-matchy set. The color is extremely similar between the lips and nails.

butter LONDON lacquers retail for $14 USD and Lippy retails for $17. 

Where to Buy
You can purchase these on or  

Final Thoughts
Again, butter LONDON has been one of my favorite popular polish brands for years, and while I wouldn't pick Yummy Mummy for myself, I found both sets had nice colors. Ironically, I didn't own either of these colors before receiving them, though I own most of the butter LONDON pinks. The issues with Teddy Girl lacquer's formula was slightly disappointing, but since I like the color so much I'll definitely be trying it again. Yummy Mummy is a classy beige for anyone that likes nudes or beige in my opinion. I'm not sure how this would look on someone with a lighter or darker skin tone (I'm olive), but since it's fairly subtle for a beige and has a shimmer I think it might complement quite a few complexions.

In terms of the Lippies, the colors were lovely, the formula was pretty good (keep in mind I don't mind sticky glosses and these were definitely a tad sticky), but the scent was what swayed me to the other side. Before reviewing these I didn't read a single other review on them because I really wanted to form my own opinion since they're a brand new product, but after reviewing them I checked to see if anyone else had the same issue with the scent. I wasn't surprised to see that quite a few honest reviewers felt the same way I did about this one particular detail. 

If butter LONDON changes the scent to a nice subtle vanilla, mint or something on the edible spectrum, I would definitely purchase the other Lippy products. Not only am I an absolutely lip product junkie, but the other colors in the sets produced so far--Primrose Hill Picnic (one of my favorite lacquers I own), Snog (another favorite butter LONDON pink), and Trout Pout (dying to try this color)--were the ones I was most interested in when I saw the initial images. I also hope they consider making colors such as Dolly Bird (cannot get enough of this hot pink) and Disco Biscuit into Lippies. 

Bottom line, there is so much potential (love the fact that the formulas do not include things like parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates, or bismuth) and I'm already a loyal butter LONDON lover, but this one little detail of the new Lippies makes it impossible for these to go into regular rotation in my Spring makeup regulars.

Who knows, maybe butter LONDON will take all of these feedback from us and reconsider. I hope so because I love everything else about them! ;)

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Makeup Chic, Literary Geek & BeautyPopShop Mega Spring Giveaway!

For those of you that have been following my blog recently, you probably saw me mention that I'd been planning for a few months to do a giveaway--gradually gathering up things to add to it. I've finally decided it's time to launch it! Every item has been hand-picked by me because I personally love it. Every item here has also been purchased by me with the exception of the two items marked as having been provided by someone else.

There will be 5 prizes, most of which consist of multiple items. Without further ado, here are the prizes!

I'm going to count down from 5 so bear with me ;)

Prize #5
Drugstore Pretties
Left to Right: Sinful Colors Cloud 9, Sinful Colors Be Happy, Wet n Wild Tickled Pink, Wet n Wild Dreamy Poppy, Wet n Wild Blazed, Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up, Wet n Wild Clear Nail Protector. Retail value of up to: $9

First of all, the number 5 is my favorite number, so I knew I wanted 5 prizes. I thought doing an all-drugstore one would be kind of fun since even though they're not expensive per say, they're still fabulous Spring/Summer colors and great for transitioning into the warmer seasons!

Prize #4
Fun  & Funky
Left to Right: Incoco Nail Applique in Love Rocks, Revlon Whimsical, Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson It's my Pink! scented lacquer with Too Too, 1 Package of Dotting Tools. Retail value of up to: $25.50
These are some of my favorite random nail items. I love fun top coats like Whimsical and I remember how amazing I thought my first scented polishes were back when I was a kid. I have a packaged of these nail dotting tools and find them very useful, so I thought you would, too! And when I want to have a perfect mani that lasts Incoco nail appliques are amazing! Sometimes I use them on weeks I know I won't be swatching, but I'll be going important places where my nails need to look fabulous ;)

Prize #3
Current Nail Favorites Mixer
Left to Right: Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker, Dollish Polish Nice scrunchy, Heather, Models Own Indian Ocean, China Glaze Riveting, Revlon Whimsical, Sinful Colors Cinderella (sent to me by Tina K!), Zoya Lola, Zoya Gilda. Retail value of up to: $46
 This prize consists of some of my absolute favorite polishes so far that I've tried this year! For starters, I'm in love with both the shades I've included minis of from Dollish Polish and Pretty & Polished. Amazing, amazing indie polishes! Models Own Indian Ocean literally knocked my socks off the first time I saw pictures of it. Riveting was my absolute favorite of the China Glaze Capitol Colors collection--so brilliant! Revlon Whimsical is a really fabulous drugstore polish. Sinful Colors Cinderella is such a pretty drugstore polish that was not anywhere to be found where I live, but thankfully Tina K was lovely enough to send me a couple bottles, one of which I definitely want to share with you! Zoya Lola and Zoya Gilda are two of my favorite Zoya pinks. If you know me, you know that while Pink isn't my favorite color (it's actually green) it is one of my favorite lip and nail colors--ironic right? These two are gorgeous and definitely anything but subtle ;)

Prize #2
Spring/Summer No-Fuss Beauty Favs
Left to Right/Back to Front: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash, Hello Kitty gum dispenser, Tarte Blush n Bronze On the Go, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius (provided by Anastasia Beverly Hills), Sugarpill Precious Falsies. Retail value of up to $81.50
 If I was asked to create a mini kit of no-fuss, fast beauty products this would be what it might look like! Each of these items is seriously fabulous and makes looking gorgeous super easy. They're also compact and perfect for on-the-go beauty.

Prize #1
BeautyPopShop Start-Studded Nail Polish Rack (Petite Size)
This rack and other nail polish racks, makeup shelves, and more can be viewed at! Retail value: $58 plus shipping
 I wanted to share one of my favorite nail polish rack designs that we've created at BeautyPopShop. This rack is for the ulta-glamorous nail polish collector that loves bling ;) This nail polish rack is covered on every exterior surface (except the side that sits up against the wall) with genuine Swarovski crystals in the new 2058 cut! Our petite nail polish rack has 3 shelves that have guards on the front and back (to keep your polishes safe and sound). This rack holds approximately 27 (large bottles like OPI) to 30 (smaller bottles like Zoya) polishes. Each rack is handcrafted out of wood that is specifically milled for us by a local mill and we use super low-VOC, washable paint to finish them. The winner of this prize will receive the exact rack in the picture above!

How to Enter...


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