Sale Alert!: A-England 30% Off Sale in Celebration of Tristam's 1st Birthday

If you haven't heard, A-England (one of my all-time favorite UK indies) is having a 72 hour 30% off sale in celebration of Tristam's birthday!!! If you're unsure of who Tristam is, he's Adina's (the creator of A-England) gorgeous kitty ;)

Promo code: tristam

Discount: 30% off

Details: This is a 72 hour sale

For those of you a bit confused by the conversion rates between the UK and the US, the polishes are approximately $14.40 without the discount at this moment. Why did I say at this moment? Because conversion rates shift constantly based on the value of money in each country ;) So basically the polishes are about $10 each right now with the discount!

I am so excited over this! I already own a few A-England and I will absolutely be taking part in purchasing more today!!!

You can see my swatches of A-England polishes (which have the most glass-like finish I've ever seen in a polish ANYWHERE) here:

Princess Tears
Tristam and Avalon


Spotlight: Kiss Nail Dress

I received a set of Kiss Nail Dress manicure stickers in my Influenster LoveVoxBox recently and I wanted to share them with you. If you follow my blog you know I'm a fan of different nail appliques, so it was fun to receive this pair!

While the design isn't necessarily one I'd choose for myself, I love the variety Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers come in! I actually put these on one of my sisters because she loved the design and they went on easily! Also, because it comes with 28 strips, we were able to put them on her fingers and toes! So cute!

These are priced at $6.99 retail.

Where to Buy
You can find these at most drugstores and mega-stores (Target, Walmart, etc.). You can also read more about them and see some of the various designs at Kiss Nail Dress's site HERE  

Final Thoughts
If you're interested in trying out nail stickers and don't want to break the bank, these are definitely a great buy, especially if you can put them on your fingers and toes!

What do you think? Would you try Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers? 

Review: Venus & Olay Razor

I was one of the lucky ones that got to try this out before it hit shelves after receiving it in my recent Influenster LoveVoxBox! For starters, Venus razors are the only razors I've used since high school and let's just say my 10 year high school reunion is coming up this year ;)

When I saw that Olay and Venus had gotten together to create an ultra-moisturizing razor I was definitely exited. I've tried most of the soap/moisturizing razor combos that have come out over the years, including the Venus Breeze and ProSkin razors. I definitely had my hopes high that I would love this razor and I was not disappointed!

As you know I usually try to never use promotional pictures, but my camera has been having some issues lately and none of my pictures were clear enough for me to feel comfortable posting them here. At least this way you can see what the razor looks like ;)
The Venus & Olay razor has 5 blades as well as 2 Olay moisture bars positioned above and below the blades. I always, always use either a shower gel or women's shave cream (Whish is absolutely one of my favorites by far!). Since I wanted to see what this razor could really do, I didn't use anything else with it. While I wouldn't say the bars get bubbly, there is definitely a thick, slick lather produced when they're introduced to water. The glide is amazing!

The one thing I wasn't overly excited about, but which has nothing to do with the razor itself, is that it comes with a shower hook instead of a pod-type hanger, so there's no place to store extra cartridges in the shower. Not a huge, huge deal, but a little confusing give that everything else about this razor is amazing. I'd also like to note that unlike other Venus razors, which often come with 1 extra cartridge, this only came with 1. I'm not sure if non-promotional ones will be the same, but I believe they will be.

I actually had Hubs give this a try because he has INSANELY sensitive skin on his face and we realized years ago that the Venus razor gives him a better shave than anything else he's tried (and he's tried them all) and he loved it, too! Does anyone else's husband prefer their razors over their own? I buy him his own when I refill my cartridges obviously. He goes through razors like nuts with his crazy-growing hair ;)

I believe this is priced at the typical Venus razor price of between $8-$9. You can view it on Gilette Venus's website HERE.

Where to Buy
This can be purchased anywhere that sells Venus razors such as most drugstores, megastores (Target, Walmart, etc.). 

Final Thoughts
This razor is definitely a step above the typical razor. Between it's Venus 5-blade design and the smooth Olay bars, I'd say it's a great choice for anyone that wants a razor that's a tad less "hassle". Definitely worth a try! I know we'll be buying them ;)

What do you think? Would you try the Venus & Olay razor?   


Swatch & Review: Zoya Beach & Surf Swatches

I came home briefly today and guess what I found on my doorstep? Zoya Beach & Surf!!! This 2-part collection is a mixture of creams and foils. The first time I saw pictures I knew I'd fall in love with at least a few and I was right!

I know you're all dying to see them so let's just get right into them!

Zoya Beach Swatches 

These definitely remind me of summer! For some reason I think popsicles, no idea why ;)

Zoya Arizona Swatches

Color - Somewhere between pumpkin and creamsicle orange
Application/Opacity - This was a tad thinner than some of the other creams for me so it took 3 coats before it was completely smooth and even, but at 3 coats it's gorgeous.

3 Coats Arizona - In person it's a tad more creamy looking, but unmistakably orange

Zoya Lara Swatches

Color - Creamy deeper toned pink
Application/Opacity - Applied evenly and opaque in 2 coats 

2 Coats Lara - This was a very pretty color that's actually more creamy in person than it is here. Here it looks super vibrant, but it's definitely more creamy.

Zoya Reagan Swatches

Color - Fuchsia-toned berry cream (definitely more purple than pink)

Application/Opacity - Amazingly smooth application that was almost opaque and smooth with 1 coat, but 2 completely evened it out

2 Coats Reagan -

Zoya Shelby Swatches

Color - Medium-toned bubblegum pink (almost like Pepto Bismol
Application/Opacity - Very slightly patchy with 2 coats. Definitely needed a 3rd for a more even finish.

3 Coats Shelby - In person it is actually a slightly deeper tone than pictured here, it was hard to capture.


Zoya Tracie Swatches

Color - Avocado with subtle silver shimmer (the only Beach polish with shimmer)
Application/Opacity - This was thinner than the other creams (more like a typical Zoya shimmer) and required 3 coats for the right depth and coverage in my opinion.

3 Coats Tracie - This reminds me of the avocado bathroom my parents' house had when my Dad first bought it! They removed it and replaced it with more modern fixtures when I was a kid, but this is definitely a blast from the past for me ;)

Zoya Wednesday Swatches 

Color - Minty teal
Application/Opacity -  Smooth application, this one was very easy to apply and was opaque and even with 2 coats.

2 Coast Wednesday - In person this is a tad more minty green hued, but this was another that gave me trouble when I tried to capture it--such a pretty color though!

Zoya Surf Swatches

The Zoya Surf foils are gorgeous! I knew I was going to love these ;)

Zoya Carly Swatches

Color - Grape foil with silver shimmer
Application/Opacity - This was opaque in 1 coat (but I did 2 for good measure). I thought this was more of a fall color when I first saw it, but I've seen similar purples in other collections for summer so apparently it's the trend!

2 Coats Carly - I don't generally like dark purple polishes (strange I know) but this is very pretty!

Zoya Kimber Swatches

Color -Hot watermelon pink foil with pink and gold shimmer
Application/Opacity - This applied very easily and well. It was completely opaque and even in 2 coats.

2 Coats Kimber - This looks almost a bit less pink than it is in person. It looks more like the bottle shot above than this.

Zoya Meg Swatches

Color - Deep sour-apple green, not enough yellow to be acid green but definitely not grass green
Application/Opacity -  This went on easily and was opaque in 2 coats.

2 Coats Meg - This really does remind me of a green sparkly apple!

Zoya Myrta Swatches

Color - Red-orange with coral hue, super bright yet deep
Application/Opacity -  This one went on easily with 2 coats for full coverage and opacity.

2 Coats Myrta - This one is so freaking gorgeous in person! It's also equally difficult to capture because it's so complex. It's not quite a red-orange, it definitely has a coral look to it, but it's not a straight coral by any means. Amazing!

Zoya Rory Swatches

Color - Across between amped-up, deep fuchsia and lilac with silver and pink shimmer
Application/Opacity -  This one was completely even and opaque with 2 coats. It was kind of interesting, it almost looks as though it has a matte background with metallic shimmer in it. So cool!

2 Coats Rory - This is a super pretty, delicate foil.

Zoya Zuza Swatches

Color - Teal foil (one of my overall favorite colors in general and in this collection!)
Application/Opacity - This went on perfectly with 2 coats.

2 Coats Zuza - This is an incredible teal and looks more like the bottle in this picture than the nail in person. Another hard-to-capture color! Love it though!

These will sell individually for $8 per bottle and $48 per set of 6 (broken down into Surf and Beach).

Where to Buy
These were already sold on pre-sale and will be available for individual sale April 1st on

Final Thoughts
Overall I love this collection! There are a few colors I'm not over the moon for (Meg, Carly, Tracie, and Reagan), but the colors are nice. I am super impressed with the formula on the creams! As you know, creams can be so finicky--often goopy, thick, etc. These as a whole were easy to apply and not at all patchy. The formulas were thick like typical creams, but not so thick you feel as though you're spreading glue on your nails. The foils had AMAZING formulas and were easy to apply. I would suggest using a glossy top coat on the foils if you want a glass-like finish, though the metallic flecks certainly give them a reflective quality. I think this is a great Summer collection and definitely worth picking up if you find yourself in love with some or all of these. My favorites are definitely Zuza (a vibrant teal is one of my all-time favs), Shelby, Kimber (any former Nip/Tuck fans out there? Hubs and I started watching it when it first aired together back before we dated and followed it all those years before it ended!), and Myrta.    

What do you think about Zoya Beach & Surf Summer 2012?  


Swatch & Review: Dollish Polish Mini Haul

First of all I'm so sorry I've been less available than usual, there so much going on right now that I'm barely finding time to blog--work, health problems with one of my sons, etc. I'm really trying to post interested stuff for you guys, but please be patient while I go through this crazy time. I may not be able to post as much as I did last year, but I promise I will try to make every post I do put up as fun and interesting as possible!

Anyway, I came across Dollish Polish (which is cruelty-free and 3Free) on Etsy a while ago and instantly fell in love with what I saw. Though I'm very familiar with indie cosmetic companies (especially when it comes to shadows), I'm not nearly as familiar with small indie polish companies. Obviously Cult Nails and A-England are 2 of my favorite indie polish companies and I'm dying to try Lynnderella, so I'm not entirely out of the polish loop ;) I wasn't hugely familiar last year with Etsy indie polish companies I should say. I'm quickly becoming much more familiar though!

I really debated over which colors to try and finally landed on the 3 that caught my eye the most, though I must admit I would have easily quadrupled my cart if I had been able to!

Mini Dollish Polish Haul (left to right) - Nice scrunchy, Heather; California Gurl; He Slimed Me!

I guess I had a specific reason for picking each of these. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous, bright red and I love holos so "Nice scrunchy, Heather" was a must. "California Gurl" was funky and girly at the same time so I had to keep that one. And "He Slimed Me!" instantly reminded me of Ghostbusters (a favorite movie when I was a kid) and green happens to be my favorite color ;)

Nice scrunchy, Heather
Color - bright cherry red with linear holo
Application/Opacity - This went on so smoothly and was entirely opaque in 1 coat--impressive!
Holo Effect - The linear holo effect was definitely detectable both under my daylight bulb as well as in the overcast natural light outside.
Nail vs. Bottle - This was 100% true to color from the bottle to your nail--just as bright and brilliant!

"Nice scrunchy, Heather" in bottle. You can see the linear holo here, which is always hard for me to capture, so the fact that I got it here at all shows you how easy it is to see in person!

2 coats "Nice Scrunchy, Heather" - You can see the linear holo on my nail even though this is under a daylight bulb. It is so pretty in person! Ugh dying over this!

He Slimed Me!
Color - sour apple green with holo microglitter
Application/Opacity - The application of this polish is as fabulous as it was with "Nice scrunchy, Heather". This polish is definitely semi-opaque so you have to layer it a few times to reach better opacity. The semi-opaque quality almost makes it "glow" and in general I don't mind semi-opaque polishes like this one so it didn't bother me at all.
Holo Effect - This is not a linear holo polish, it simply has a wealth of holo microglitter disbursed evenly throughout it. While I didn't find that the holo microglitter threw a ton of different colors, it did give this polish more of a 3D effect almost. Perfect!
Nail vs. Bottle - This is very similar on your nail to how it looks in the bottle, but I did find that even with 4 coats this polish was less frog-green and more sour-apple green on my nail.

"He Slimed Me!" - Can you say "Slimer"???? Love it!

4 Coats "He Slimed Me" - Isn't that awesome? You can see the different in shades between the nail and bottle here. Both are gorgeous, but I wanted to be upfront about the different I saw.

4 Coats "He Slimed Me" - I wanted to make sure I did an up-close shot of this polish because it's so darn interesting! From arms-length away it looks like it's a lovely ghostly green, but up-close you can see the holo microglitter flecks--so fun.

California Gurl
Color - fuchsia and blue multi-size glitter in clear or subtly tinted base (I couldn't figure out if there was any tint to the base, there may be a slight pink hue or it may just be the microglitter making it look as though it's tinted).
Glitter Application -  This was a very easy glitter to apply. I found that it was evenly suspended throughout the polish with only a few shakes ahead of time and it was so packed with glitter my nail got plenty with each coat.
Removal - We all know glitters can be a bit of a pain, so I always put at least 1 layer of base coat below anything with glitter in it as I find it helps during removal. That being said, this came off easily with super minimal mess for me.

"California Gurl" - So pretty!

1 Coat "California Gurl" - I wanted to show you this polish with only ONE coat! See how much glitter came out with only 1 coat! I only dipped my brush in once and then applied--no re-dipping to get more glitter. Even the larger size glitter came out like a dream! This would be fabulous for layering.

3 Coats "California Gurl" - I wanted to see how much coverage I could get with this polish, given how amazingly packed with glitter it is. Not bad, right? I love it!

These mini bottles hold 3.6ml and were priced at $4 at the time I purchased them. The full-size bottles go for around $8 I believe? The shop is in vacation mode so I can't double-check--darn!

Where to Buy
You can pick these up at Dollish Polish's Etsy site HERE.    

Final Thoughts
I am beyond impressed with these polishes. Every since one was easy to apply and easy to remove. They were gorgeous on the nail and even though "He Slimed Me" was a slightly different hue on my nail as opposed to in the bottle, I still love the color! "Nice scrunchy, Heather" is my favorite of the 3 if I have to choose 1. What can I say? Red is 1 of my 2 favorite colors to wear on my nails (pink being the second, which is ironic because green is actually my favorite color). Shipping time wasn't too bad, I purchased these on the March 11th and just received them yesterday (March 24th). I also love that she puts nail polish agitators (the tiny metal balls) in even these mini bottles! So much easier to shake up that way. Overall, I am incredibly impressed by these polishes and will definitely be purchasing more as son as Dollish Polish go live again!

What do you think of these polishes? Will you be trying Dollish Polish?   


March MyGlam Bag Giveaway/Sweepstakes!

If you've followed me for a while you probably know that I was able to sign up for MyGlam (Michelle Phan's sample subscription service) around the time it originally began. Since then, not many subscriptions have opened up and while Michelle and her team are trying hard to secure enough products to open up more, they haven't been able to open up any more just yet.

I received my March bag recently and with everything going on, I wasn't able to dive into it. I realized today that it was still sitting on my desk waiting for me and though--wouldn't it be great to give this away to one of the thousands dying to get their hands on a MyGlam bag? So guess what? That's exactly what I'm doing!

The March MyGlam bag is kind of special in the sense that it has an exclusive crease blending brush in it with the MyGlam logo on it, which comes in a special MyGlam brush holder. It is so cute and looks great, though I've left it untouched in its plastic sleeve for the lucky recipient ;) Everything in my March MyGlam bag is unopened and as it was when I originally received it, so it's not as though you're getting a half-used MyGlam discard haha.

How do you enter? All you have to do is "like" Makeup Chic, Literary Geek on facebook and then comment on the following page:

Super easy!!! The giveaway/sweepstakes is going on from now until the 25th, then one lucky winner will be randomly chosen and their name will be announced on the 26th.

You can see MyGlam's overview of the March MyGlam bag HERE.

Here's a sneak peek of the one being given as a prize...

Isn't this bag adorable this month? And that bright pink holder contains the exclusive MyGlam blending brush!