Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: butter LONDOND Holiday Polishes 2012

Hello, lovelies! I have some truly fabulous holiday (eeeh!) polishes and lippies to share with you from butter LONDON, who you know happens to be one of my favorite "big" polish brands! I'm also a super sucker for holiday cosmetics, so ... yay!

butter LONDON Holiday Polishes

butter LONDON Fairy Cake - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON Fairy Cake up close - as you can see it reflects a lovely rainbow of colors!

butter LONDON Rosie Lee - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON Rosie Lee up close - I would describe this color in person as a hybrid cross between mauve and a brand new penny. It's very unique!

butter LONDON West End Wonderland - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON West End Wonderland up close - this polish is a mix of different size gold glitter with a sprinkle of copper thrown in.


These are all priced at $14 retail.

Where to Buy 

These can all be purchased on butter LONDON's website HERE'.  


The application of all of these were exactly what I'd expect from butter LONDON--smooth and easy. I used 3 coats for each polish to reach full opacity, but you could easily layer any of these over other polishes for a different effect. It's interesting, the ones I thought would fall as "second-best" to Fairy Cake (Rosie Lee and West End Wonderland) were actually just as amazing after applying them! One thing I will note is that Rosie Lee and West End Wonderland have teeny, tiny microglitter and once applied, are pretty smooth for glitter polishes. Fairy Cake on the other hand, seems to have some slightly larger glitters mixed into it and has a very course finish when dried. While I would wear all of these with a top coat (though I never do in swatches so that you can see them on their own), Fairy Cake requires several generous coats of a top coat to get a nice smooth finish. All in all, these are absolutely stunning holiday glitter polishes and I would strongly suggest snatching one or all of these up if they catch your eye!

There are a few other holiday butter LONDON's I'm dying to try such as Scallywag and Fiddlesticks! Definitely check those out as well ;)

What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of butter LONDON's holiday polishes?

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