Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trivia Tuesday Giveaway

I'm going to try to start doing a Trivia Tuesday somewhat regularly, we'll see how it goes ;) Normally I'll only do 1 prize, but since this is the first there will be 4 prizes and 1 winner for each prize--4 winners!

Left to Right - Julep Gayle, Julep Catherine, Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent, Priti Princess Glow Leaf (this one glows in the dark!!!)

This Tuesday Trivia Giveaway will go on for 24 hours, so hurry and enter! ;) This is also featured on the facebook page for BeautyPopShop and will be featured in the same tab every time I told a Tuesday Trivia Giveaway. I also still have my Mega Spring Giveaway going on as well if you're dying to try to win some more prizes!

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks, those Julep colors look divine!

    1. You're welcome! Check back next Tuesday for the next round of Tuesday Trivia ;) There will be a super fun prize!


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