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New Products Coming to BeautyPopShop - Cute Japanese Silicone Makeup Bags, Coinc Purses, etc.

I've talked about these a bit on the BeautyPopShop facebook page, but I wanted to officially announce this on here as well! My intention for BeautyPopShop is to stock exceptional, unique indie, hard-to-find and/or eco-friendly products in the shop. I don't want our shop to look like anyone else's because then ... what would be the point?! ;) I have absolute respect for all of the other shops I personally frequent. I am a complete supporter of small business and have owned my own small businesses since my oldest was born. Female-owned small businesses make me smile!

Anyway, I found these products at the beginning of the year and began doing research. As I've mentioned a few times, I'm often inspired by my Japanese background (I'm half) and my sister is currently in Japan so I've been scouting through her a bit. These are designed and produce by a Japanese company so they have to be imported, which is one of the reasons stocking them is taking a bit longer than domestic products. I also wanted to wait until May because there are several products launching in Mid-May that I wanted to include in my initial stock and there will be more products in mid-June and mid-August I'll be adding as well.

Initially, these are the products I intend to order...

All of these products are made of silicone and they have the neatest feeling to them! They feel like rubbery suede! So neat ;) They can be wiped off as well, which makes them perfect for holding makeup products if you like--one of the many things that drew me to them. 

Original Panda Coin Purse

Panda Coin Purse (dimensions: 1.77" x 3.74" x 3.35") - This is one of the products I purchased samples of and shared pics on Facebook of. It is also one of the products that has gotten the most attention so I will definitely be stocking this adorable little coin pouch. It doesn't have to be used for coins obviously, you could fit anything tiny in it ;) 

Panda Coin Purse Open - I wanted to show you what this bag looks like open. They all, with the exception of 1, have kiss-lock closures that keep them firmly shut. The mouth of each bag has that hinged metal frame to help them keep their shape, but the rest of the bag is soft silicone. They're firm enough to hold their shape, but soft enough to be squishy, if that makes sense ;)
These will be priced around $10 each.

The panda coin purse is being released this Summer with a few new designs which we also intend to carry.

Smiley Panda

This bag has the same dimensions as the panda above, but features the Panda smiling! This will be priced at the same price as the one above and has the same dimensions.

 Sad Panda

Who doesn't love a sad panda? He's so sad, but that makes him even cuter! This is another newer design that we will be stocking as well. Same dimensions and price as above.

 Super Excited Panda

This is the last Panda bag in the coin purse style that we intend to stock. This is one very excited panda! Same dimensions and price as above


Rectangle Panda Bag

This is a new style Panda bag for Summer 2012. Instead of the coin purse shape, this has a shape similar to the wallet-style below, though it's bit smaller.
 The dimensions of this bag are 4.33" x 3.30" x 0.9". This bag is also perfect for mini products such as lipstick, money, credit cards, travel pencils, etc. This bag will be priced at around $11.

Which of these panda bags are your favorite?

Wallet-Style Bag

Wallet-Style Bag in Turquoise (Dimensions: 7.48" x 4.53" x 1.18") - This is the wallet-style bag that can be used for anything from money to makeup as long as an Urban Decay 24/7 liner! To me, this makes a perfect little on-the-go makeup bag for your purse. And best of all, if your makeup explodes inside (can't tell you how many times I've had a shadow randomly self-combust or a liner magically pull of its own cap and destroy the inside of my makeup bag) you can wipe it out with a damp cloth or paper towel! I really love this bag.
Again, I wanted to show you what the bag looks like open. I couldn't prop it open super wide because gravity is a pain, but you get the idea ;) It does open nice and wide though, making it easy to put things inside.
These are the color options available. I don't think we'll stock all of these colors initially. We'll probably do the turquoise, purple, magenta, and maybe another color. What colors do you like best? Feedback will definitely help us order what you guys like best!
 These will be priced around $14.

Super Fun Coin Purse Shape Bags

These are some of the other bags we intend to stock in the shop. As you can see, they all have the same coin purse shape as the Panda coin purse, but they vary a great deal in size.

We intend to stock the largest bag (7.87" x 7.67" x 2.67") which is the perfect size for a fun makeup bag! This bag will be priced around $30.

We also intend to stock the bag that's one size smaller (5.9" x 5.12" x 2.08") which can fit smaller things like lipstick, small compacts, travel liners, etc. This bag will be priced around $18.

As with the wallet-style bags above, these are available in the same color choices as well. Again, we'll probably initially start with a few of our favorite colors, so please let us know which colors are your favorites as well!

Pouch-Style Bag

This is the final style bag we're potentially stocking on BeautyPopShop. It's perfect as a makeup bag or pencil bag! And again, silicone means you can wipe it out with a damp cloth if anything spills inside! This is the only style that has a zipper closure.
Again, this is available in all of the same colors, though we'll probably only stock a few colors to start. Which are your favorites?
 The dimensions of this bag are 6.69" x 4.33" x .78". The price of this bag will be around $12.

There are a couple other designs we're not going to reveal quite yet that we'll be hopefully adding to the shop when they release in June and August, but nothing super similar to what's being released in May so if you like one of the bags above don't worry about something similar in another option being released in June or August.

To Pre-Sale or Not to Pre-Sale
One thing we've discussed is whether or not to allow people to pre-order, given the amount of interest in some of these designs. If enough people show interest in pre-ordering we will definitely have a week-long pre-order sale starting around May 7th. Otherwise, we'll place our first order in mid-May as intended and just notify you once products arrive. I can't guarantee there will be enough of each style for everyone interested, but we'll try to get a decent variety. If you simply have to have one of these bags and don't want to risk them selling out on you, let us know by commenting below or contacting us at [email protected] so that we can decide if we want to put these on the site for pre-order. We're waiting on a final order processing time estimate from the manufacturer, given that we're ordering some newly released products overseas, but we're hoping it's fairly short (1-2 weeks of processing). We'll let you know when we know!

Anyway, your feedback on what you like best is absolutely valued and appreciated so feel free to share, comment, etc.! Can't wait to stock these, I love them!

Oh! And we'll be offering 1 product from this line next week as a prize in our Tuesday Trivia Challenge on the BeautyPopShop facebook page, so make sure you check it then! Our Tuesday Trivia Challenge includes a question which entrants must answer correctly within 24 hours from the start of the challenge, then rafflecopter randomly chooses a winner for us. We verify that the randomly chosen person has the correct answer. Though this week's Tuesday Trivia Challenge is closed, you can view the prizes and winners HERE.

That's it for now I think! Can't wait to see/hear what you think ;)

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