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Swatch & Review: butter LONDON Lippy & Lacquer Sets

As soon as I read that butter LONDON would be releasing some matchy-matchy Lippy and lacquer sets I was immediately excited! I love that so many companies are coming out with products to meet this new trend. butter LONDON has been one of my favorite mainstream nail polish brands for a while and the fact that they were releasing lip products (to which I'm also addicted) was fabulous news. And of course I was so thankful to hear that I'd be given the opportunity to review 2 of these sets! The following 2 sets were provided by butter LONDON pr for my review...

Left to Right - Yummy Mummy lacquer, Yummy Mummy Lippy, Teddy Girl lacquer, Teddy Girl Lippy. You can see there the comparison between the lacquers and lippies. When it came to these two, the lippies were darker in the tube for both. Yummy Mummy's lippy was lighter and more sheer on the lips than the lacquer. Teddy Girl's lippy was very comparable in color on the lips when compared to the lacquer on the nail.

Yummy Mummy Lacquer
Color description - light latte beige with subtle shimmer

Application/Opacity - This formula was comparable to many of butter LONDON's shimmer formulas--smooth and even to apply. This was opaque and even in 2 coats, though it is a tad thinner than typical butter LONDON formulas in my opinion.

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy Lacquer - While I don't wear a lot of nudes or browns, this is definitely one of the better shades I've seen! Excuse the noticeable ridges on my nails, I've been sick and didn't have a chance to use my normal base coat and since this polish is a tad thinner, ridges show.

Yummy Mummy Lippy
Color - In the tube Yummy Mummy Lippy looks a bit darker, but on the lips it goes on semi-sheer and gave my lips a moderate beige tone.

Application/Opacity - The formula on these lippies is interesting. It really is more like a liquid lipstick than regular gloss. That being said, it was easy to apply and the coverage for Yummy Mummy was even, though again it is a semi-sheer lip product.

Scent/Flavor - As many of you know, a large portion of taste is smell. While these have no actual sweetener, they are scented and I have to say in my opinion butter LONDON chose the worst possible scent for a lip product. Both of mine had a perfume-y soap-like scent that made me feel as though I was tasting a bar of soap on my lips. I don't mind flavored or scented lip products in general, but perfume-like ones are not on my list of favorites. I'd prefer a mint or more "edible" scent such as a fruit. I was shocked at how strong these were, too. I'm fairly sensitive to smells in general, but these were so noticeable ... I'm just not quite sure why butter LONDON chose this route.   

Yummy Mummy Lippy - For those of you that follow my blog regularly you know I do not have very pigmented lips, but as you can see this definitely gave me a noticeable beige hue. Sorry for the slight wrinkling of my lips, I've been sick lately and somehow I was left with puckered lips :(

Lacquer vs. Lippy
In this case, the lacquer was definitely more opaque, but there is certainly a matchy-matchy quality. I feel like Burberry would die to use these products in their ads ;)

Teddy Girl Lacquer
Color - A super light, dainty pink

Application/Opacity -  This is probably one of the only butter LONDON formulas that I'm not a fan of. I find it to be a bit difficult to work with and streaky. I used 3 coats and still found there were a few patches that had slightly less coverage, but perhaps if you work with the formula a few times you could get it to behave for you. The color is almost worth the extra work of trying to make it work in my opinion--I love pink polishes.

Teddy Girl Lacquer - This is such a light bubble gum pink, I wish the formula had been a tad easier to work with as I'd probably wear this more frequently if it was.

Teddy Girl Lippy
Color - In the tube Teddy Girl Lippy looks almost like a muted dusty rose, but on the lips it is a super light pink.

Application/Opacity -Applying this was similar to Yummy Mummy and it also felt like a liquid lipstick rather than traditional gloss. I often find with lighter color lip products that are semi-opaque or opaque that it can be difficult to get an even application, but this was actually easier to apply than I thought it would be. It takes a little bit of effort, but it's not bad at all.

Scent/Flavor - Again, this lippy had the same strong perfume-y, floral smell that was extremely strong. I loved, loved, loved this color on my lips, but the smell pushed me to wipe it off after about 5 minutes :(

Teddy Girl Lippy - In person this looks less as though it's settling into the lines of my lips. Also, normally my lips are a bit more hydrated. Thank you, stomach flu :(

Lippy vs. Lacquer
Of the 2 sets, Teddy Girl was definitely the more literal matchy-matchy set. The color is extremely similar between the lips and nails.

butter LONDON lacquers retail for $14 USD and Lippy retails for $17. 

Where to Buy
You can purchase these on or  

Final Thoughts
Again, butter LONDON has been one of my favorite popular polish brands for years, and while I wouldn't pick Yummy Mummy for myself, I found both sets had nice colors. Ironically, I didn't own either of these colors before receiving them, though I own most of the butter LONDON pinks. The issues with Teddy Girl lacquer's formula was slightly disappointing, but since I like the color so much I'll definitely be trying it again. Yummy Mummy is a classy beige for anyone that likes nudes or beige in my opinion. I'm not sure how this would look on someone with a lighter or darker skin tone (I'm olive), but since it's fairly subtle for a beige and has a shimmer I think it might complement quite a few complexions.

In terms of the Lippies, the colors were lovely, the formula was pretty good (keep in mind I don't mind sticky glosses and these were definitely a tad sticky), but the scent was what swayed me to the other side. Before reviewing these I didn't read a single other review on them because I really wanted to form my own opinion since they're a brand new product, but after reviewing them I checked to see if anyone else had the same issue with the scent. I wasn't surprised to see that quite a few honest reviewers felt the same way I did about this one particular detail. 

If butter LONDON changes the scent to a nice subtle vanilla, mint or something on the edible spectrum, I would definitely purchase the other Lippy products. Not only am I an absolutely lip product junkie, but the other colors in the sets produced so far--Primrose Hill Picnic (one of my favorite lacquers I own), Snog (another favorite butter LONDON pink), and Trout Pout (dying to try this color)--were the ones I was most interested in when I saw the initial images. I also hope they consider making colors such as Dolly Bird (cannot get enough of this hot pink) and Disco Biscuit into Lippies. 

Bottom line, there is so much potential (love the fact that the formulas do not include things like parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates, or bismuth) and I'm already a loyal butter LONDON lover, but this one little detail of the new Lippies makes it impossible for these to go into regular rotation in my Spring makeup regulars.

Who knows, maybe butter LONDON will take all of these feedback from us and reconsider. I hope so because I love everything else about them! ;)

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