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Swatch & Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills See and Be Seen

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review of Anastasia of Beverly Hills upcoming See and Be Seen set and I jumped at the chance! As you probably know if you follow my blog, Anastasia Hydrafull lip glosses (this set includes 2) are my absolute favorite glosses at the moment and the colors that come in this set are to die for.

Anastasia See and Be Seen PR Kit - This is the PR kit I received which includes the See And Be Seen set, Lash Genius, and a vintage-style VIEWMASTER! The VIEWMASTER is not included in the retail set, but I'm a child of the 80's so I wanted to share this bit of nostalgia with you ;)

This is the box that the VIEWMASTER came in. Cute, right?

Childhood!!! My kids had never seen one before and were totally enthralled by it lol. I remember having a few of these over the course of my childhood in different colors. I think the majority of mine were from Disney. This VIEWMASTER came with 2 fun Anastasia-themed wheels.

I wanted to give you a peek into the VIEWMASTER lol. This was one of the slides! Of course they were 3D when you looked through, but obviously I can only photo one side at a time. Still fun though!

Here's a second view for fun!

Anastasia See and Be Seen Set

This set included a box of a few goodies (shadow duo compact, 2 lip glosses, and tinted brow gel) as well as a full-size tube of Lash Genius waterproof mascara top coat, which I recently reviewed. Since I've already reviewed Lash Genius, I'm not going to include a second review here. You can see my original thoughts HERE. In short, I was very impressed with it!

See And Be Seen - This is the box that held everything except the full-size tube of Lash Genius! Remember, the VIEWMASTER is not included with the retail set ;)

This is the contents of the box above! It includes the "On Set" shadow duo compact, (top to bottom) "Heiress" Hydrafull lip gloss, "Plastic" Hydrafull lip gloss, and "Caramel" tinted brow gel. As you can see, all of the tubes are full-size and the compact holds a decent amount of shadow in each shade.

On Set Shadow Compact

"On Set" shadow compact.

The color on the left has a little bit of an apricot glow that didn't translate into my picture and the color on the right is a baked bronzey color! Anastasia shadows are insanely silky and smooth when you apply them.

I did a quick look using these 2 shadows. It definitely gave me a very sunny glow :)

Heiress Hydrafull Lip Gloss, Plastic Hydrafull Lip Gloss & Caramel Tinted Brow Gel

Heiress Hydrafull Lip Gloss - A hot strawberry pink! These go on so fabulously and give your lips the smoothest look to them. Ugh, love! This did stain my lips a tad, which is fine since mine lack pigment otherwise ;)

Plastic Hydrafull Lip Gloss - Bright Barbie Pink with a subtle blue undertone that makes it a bit on the fuchsia side. Again, amazing application! I've never had a gloss give me such a perfect finish.

Caramel Tinted Brow Gel - This is a shimmery, caramel bronze tinted brow gel. If you have black brows like me, this may or may not work for you. Unfortunately, it made my black brows look odd because it was so much lighter than them. I found that if I applied it then used my finger to smooth it into the skin behind my brow it left my brows back, but left a subtle bronze behind them which was kind of neat. This is probably better suited for someone with light to medium brows.

Left to Right - Heiress Hydrafull gloss, Plastic Hydrafull gloss, Caramel Tinted Brow Gel. I usually only swatch lip products on my lips, but I was sick when I swatches these so I didn't want to contaminate them and my lips were a tad dry. I hate being sick!

Lash Genius

Lash Genius is an un-tinted mascara top coat that waterproofs any mascara without making them crunchy or hard. I tried this over a number of mascara products and it worked well over all of them! I even had to flush my eyes one day because of my allergies while wearing it and it didn't budge lol. Not the way I intended to review it, but effective, right? ;)
Lash Genius is included in the kit. You can see my original review HERE.

This will retail for $44 when it launches in May!

Where to Buy
The See and Be Seen Set will be available at Sephora and at Anastasia's website in May!    

Final Thoughts 
I am super impressed with this set, largely because it has 2 shades of my all-time favorite gloss in it ;) I love, love pink on lips and these are hot! The shadows are great late-Spring/Summer shades and definitely ones that can complement a number of different complexions. I'd say they're perfect for a day where you want a pretty glow. The brow gel was the one product I personally couldn't use. I have truly black brows and if you follow my blog you know how difficult it can be to fill them. Using a brow gel that's lighter than my natural brows didn't work for me. I think this will look really pretty on someone with light to medium brows though ... or even someone with dark brows that doesn't mind them looking lighter!

Bottom line, for $44 you get some of Anastasia's most fabulous products this Spring/Summer!

What do you think? Will you be trying out this set? *Psssst look at those glosses!!!!*

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