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Swatch & Review: Dollish Polish Mini Haul

First of all I'm so sorry I've been less available than usual, there so much going on right now that I'm barely finding time to blog--work, health problems with one of my sons, etc. I'm really trying to post interested stuff for you guys, but please be patient while I go through this crazy time. I may not be able to post as much as I did last year, but I promise I will try to make every post I do put up as fun and interesting as possible!

Anyway, I came across Dollish Polish (which is cruelty-free and 3Free) on Etsy a while ago and instantly fell in love with what I saw. Though I'm very familiar with indie cosmetic companies (especially when it comes to shadows), I'm not nearly as familiar with small indie polish companies. Obviously Cult Nails and A-England are 2 of my favorite indie polish companies and I'm dying to try Lynnderella, so I'm not entirely out of the polish loop ;) I wasn't hugely familiar last year with Etsy indie polish companies I should say. I'm quickly becoming much more familiar though!

I really debated over which colors to try and finally landed on the 3 that caught my eye the most, though I must admit I would have easily quadrupled my cart if I had been able to!

Mini Dollish Polish Haul (left to right) - Nice scrunchy, Heather; California Gurl; He Slimed Me!

I guess I had a specific reason for picking each of these. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous, bright red and I love holos so "Nice scrunchy, Heather" was a must. "California Gurl" was funky and girly at the same time so I had to keep that one. And "He Slimed Me!" instantly reminded me of Ghostbusters (a favorite movie when I was a kid) and green happens to be my favorite color ;)

Nice scrunchy, Heather
Color - bright cherry red with linear holo
Application/Opacity - This went on so smoothly and was entirely opaque in 1 coat--impressive!
Holo Effect - The linear holo effect was definitely detectable both under my daylight bulb as well as in the overcast natural light outside.
Nail vs. Bottle - This was 100% true to color from the bottle to your nail--just as bright and brilliant!

"Nice scrunchy, Heather" in bottle. You can see the linear holo here, which is always hard for me to capture, so the fact that I got it here at all shows you how easy it is to see in person!

2 coats "Nice Scrunchy, Heather" - You can see the linear holo on my nail even though this is under a daylight bulb. It is so pretty in person! Ugh dying over this!

He Slimed Me!
Color - sour apple green with holo microglitter
Application/Opacity - The application of this polish is as fabulous as it was with "Nice scrunchy, Heather". This polish is definitely semi-opaque so you have to layer it a few times to reach better opacity. The semi-opaque quality almost makes it "glow" and in general I don't mind semi-opaque polishes like this one so it didn't bother me at all.
Holo Effect - This is not a linear holo polish, it simply has a wealth of holo microglitter disbursed evenly throughout it. While I didn't find that the holo microglitter threw a ton of different colors, it did give this polish more of a 3D effect almost. Perfect!
Nail vs. Bottle - This is very similar on your nail to how it looks in the bottle, but I did find that even with 4 coats this polish was less frog-green and more sour-apple green on my nail.

"He Slimed Me!" - Can you say "Slimer"???? Love it!

4 Coats "He Slimed Me" - Isn't that awesome? You can see the different in shades between the nail and bottle here. Both are gorgeous, but I wanted to be upfront about the different I saw.

4 Coats "He Slimed Me" - I wanted to make sure I did an up-close shot of this polish because it's so darn interesting! From arms-length away it looks like it's a lovely ghostly green, but up-close you can see the holo microglitter flecks--so fun.

California Gurl
Color - fuchsia and blue multi-size glitter in clear or subtly tinted base (I couldn't figure out if there was any tint to the base, there may be a slight pink hue or it may just be the microglitter making it look as though it's tinted).
Glitter Application -  This was a very easy glitter to apply. I found that it was evenly suspended throughout the polish with only a few shakes ahead of time and it was so packed with glitter my nail got plenty with each coat.
Removal - We all know glitters can be a bit of a pain, so I always put at least 1 layer of base coat below anything with glitter in it as I find it helps during removal. That being said, this came off easily with super minimal mess for me.

"California Gurl" - So pretty!

1 Coat "California Gurl" - I wanted to show you this polish with only ONE coat! See how much glitter came out with only 1 coat! I only dipped my brush in once and then applied--no re-dipping to get more glitter. Even the larger size glitter came out like a dream! This would be fabulous for layering.

3 Coats "California Gurl" - I wanted to see how much coverage I could get with this polish, given how amazingly packed with glitter it is. Not bad, right? I love it!

These mini bottles hold 3.6ml and were priced at $4 at the time I purchased them. The full-size bottles go for around $8 I believe? The shop is in vacation mode so I can't double-check--darn!

Where to Buy
You can pick these up at Dollish Polish's Etsy site HERE.    

Final Thoughts
I am beyond impressed with these polishes. Every since one was easy to apply and easy to remove. They were gorgeous on the nail and even though "He Slimed Me" was a slightly different hue on my nail as opposed to in the bottle, I still love the color! "Nice scrunchy, Heather" is my favorite of the 3 if I have to choose 1. What can I say? Red is 1 of my 2 favorite colors to wear on my nails (pink being the second, which is ironic because green is actually my favorite color). Shipping time wasn't too bad, I purchased these on the March 11th and just received them yesterday (March 24th). I also love that she puts nail polish agitators (the tiny metal balls) in even these mini bottles! So much easier to shake up that way. Overall, I am incredibly impressed by these polishes and will definitely be purchasing more as son as Dollish Polish go live again!

What do you think of these polishes? Will you be trying Dollish Polish?   

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  1. Nice scunchy, Heather is an amazing colour and an amazing film reference! Heathers <333 Sweet review, I fancy some of these x


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