Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sale Alert!: A-England 30% Off Sale in Celebration of Tristam's 1st Birthday

If you haven't heard, A-England (one of my all-time favorite UK indies) is having a 72 hour 30% off sale in celebration of Tristam's birthday!!! If you're unsure of who Tristam is, he's Adina's (the creator of A-England) gorgeous kitty ;)

Promo code: tristam

Discount: 30% off

Details: This is a 72 hour sale

For those of you a bit confused by the conversion rates between the UK and the US, the polishes are approximately $14.40 without the discount at this moment. Why did I say at this moment? Because conversion rates shift constantly based on the value of money in each country ;) So basically the polishes are about $10 each right now with the discount!

I am so excited over this! I already own a few A-England and I will absolutely be taking part in purchasing more today!!!

You can see my swatches of A-England polishes (which have the most glass-like finish I've ever seen in a polish ANYWHERE) here:

Princess Tears
Tristam and Avalon


  1. Not only great polishes and a great sale but honestly Adina has the best customer service. Polishes are stunning

    1. I agree completely! Adina is one indie owner I find to be so lovely :) Love Maria of Cult Nails, too! Yay for amazing female small business owners in the beauty world!!!


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