Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nail Art: Nintendo Mani

My oldest is turning 6 (ah!) and he asked for a Super Mario themed birthday this year, so I though it would be cute if I did a mani to match his theme--any excuse, right? Besides, I grew up around the time the original Nintendo console came out and became popular so I grew up on Mario Bros. and have a special place in my heart for anything Mario or Nintendo!

I haven't been feeling well so I decided at the last minute to change my original design to something simpler, but then of course in my usual fashion something simple became a little more complicated :) Don't judge me too harshly haha, I have really narrow nails in person so drawing small images like the ones I did below is always a bit tricky for me in comparison to doing nail art on other people with wider nails. I tend to be super critical of myself and I'm a bit of perfectionist so I really have to just let my nuttiness go sometimes! I tried and it's for my son, so that's what counts right? ;)

I wanted my nails to look like different parts of the game so I created the Nintendo sky (complete with puffy white clouds) in the background, then painted on little details. From left to right the images are: the pipes through which mario can go down, the flat-topped mountains, the red Venus Flytrap, the brick coin boxes.

I was a little bummed that even though this nail was dry, the white in the clouds bled a tad, but I still think my mushroom (although not perfect by any means) is kind of cute :) I didn't have a chance to clean up this nail before I took pics because I started to feel really sick by the time I finished all of my nails. Sorry!

Here's an up-close view of the flat-topped mountains. Nothing overly complicated, but fun!

Of all of the things I drew, I think my red Venus Flytrap came out the best.

And these are the brick coin boxes!

What I used...
  • China Glaze Towel Boy Toy - sky
  • Nailtini Cream - clouds and any white details
  • Grass, tops of mountains, leaves on flytrap, cap on mushroom - China Glaze In the Lime Light
  •  Stem on mushroom, base of mountains - Zoya Avery
  • Red on Venus Flytrap - Zoya Sooki
  • Black details - butter LONDON Chimney Sweep
  • Coin boxes - OPI Warm & Fozzie
  • Pipes - OCC Chalkboard
I think that's it! If I missed anything feel free to ask!

Have you ever done a game-inspired mani? Share!


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