Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BeautyPopShop Update: New Polish Rack Style!

I just wanted to share some exciting news about the newest polish rack we've added to BeautyPopShop! Paying homage to one of my favorite childhood characters (I'm half-Japanese, remember? lol), I'm pleased to introduce you to our "Good Kitty" nail polish rack!

I love how this looks with the swarovski rhinestone covered bow! And yes, those are REAL swarovski rhinestones, not cheap acrylics ;) We originally put a face on this rack, but decided to sell it without it as it seemed to appeal to more people that way. Cute either way!

We've been working on this design for a while, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before we showed it off to you lovelies. Isn't she so darn cute???

Our "Good Kitty" polish rack will actually complement her naughty twin--"Bad Kitty" polish rack--which will come in black!

Both come with your choice of 3 different color bows--red (I remember when she only wore red!), fuchsia, or teal. All 3 have the same Swarovski embellishments. They come in the same 3 sizes are "Nice Rack" polish racks come in--petite (27-30 bottles), medium (36-40 bottles), and large (45-50 bottles).

We have several other things in the works, one of which is sitting within a few feet of me and aaaaaalmost done--you're going to love it! It brings the concept of fabulous nail polish racks to a whole new level ;)

What do you think of our "Good Kitty" polish rack?


  1. She is adorable and perfect for the polish world. I'm waiting I'm wating for the "one"


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