Saturday, February 18, 2012

Supporting a Great Cause - This Dog Rescue Organization Needs a Van!

I grew up with an animal-lover for a mom and as a result, I am definitely one myself. Hubs and I have fostered in the past and we're actually currently on the list of fosters for a large rescue, but they never seem to have fosters in our area ironically. Anyway, I first noticed Pooches On The Move several years ago when a friend of ours was looking for a rescue puppy to adopt. I loved that they did runs from other states completely overwhelmed by dogs that needed saving to us up here in New England. We have pretty strict laws up here regarding how many dogs you can own, vaccinations, etc., but in other states similar laws don't exist or they're not able to enforce them to the same degree so kill shelters end up busting at the seams with poor pups on death row--makes me shudder to think about it. I grew up with a rescue dog as a pet and he was the most amazingly intelligent dog I've ever owned--sorry Shadow, we love you unconditionally, but you're a Golden and a little dopey. ;) We've actually been thinking about adopting a second pup now that Shadow's 3 to be his companion ... and mine too of course!

Anyway, I just noticed that Pooches On The Move is currently raising money so that they can buy a Sprinter Van. In the past they've used rentals, but due to mechanical issues they've had to deal with (never good with a load of pups eagerly awaiting new homes) they're trying to raise the money to purchase their own. I think they deserve their own, don't you?

You can support Pooches On The Move's efforts to raise funds to purchase a Sprinter Van through their page on SmartyPig.

You can also read more about what they do and who they are on their site HERE.

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