Friday, February 3, 2012

Sale Alert!: Votre Vue LUXEE YEUX Eye Beauty Balm

I'm so excited, I just found out that one of my all-time favorite eye products is on sale for the entire month of February! I originally posted about my experience with Luxee Yeaux Eye Beauty Balm last fall. While it does include parabens (which is absolutely something I typically avoid like nuts), this is one of those rare exceptions for me because its performance is so amazing and because I don't put a large amount on my body.

Just a quick recap, this balm is made specifically for your eyes. It melts right into your skin and literally softens your skin overnight--I still can't get over how well this performs. Because it has parabens in it, I tend to use it after days where I've worn heavier eye makeup to give my eyes an extra little boost. I can't say enough about how soft and supple the skin on my lids and around my eyes are after using this!

Also, there are a few other products on sale for the entire month of February, including Cheveux Heureux shampoo and conditioner set (I've never used it, but for $19 you may want to give it a try), Mal-Ligne Wrinkle Eraser (another product I haven't had the pleasure of using, but definitely one that's peaked my interest), and Snapdragon 12-bottle case (I was able to give this a try when it came in the Forget the Baubles ... Get the It Kit I reviewed this past December).

All of these sales are going on during the entire month of February, which has an extra day this year! If you haven't tried Votre Vu I strongly suggest taking advantage of at least one of these sales. This brand is super luxe and the products that I've tried so far have been fabulous. Let me know if you grab anything and how you like it! I'm dying to know. ;)

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