Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sale Alert!: Nail Polish Rack Valentine's Day Sale

For those of you that haven't already "heard" me talk about it, Hubs and I have been designing and building furniture on and off for years. Recently, I decided I wanted to really focus on organizational pieces specifically for makeup lovers like myself that constantly struggle to find storage that actually fits the beauty products we love. The first piece we designed, built, tested, and approved is our floating nail polish rack. It's specifically designed to stylishly hold polishes from just about any company. Why stash your polishes in drawers or cabinets when you can display them on your wall, giving you easy access? And best of all, there's no plastic involved, these are solid wood! Much more eco-friendly. ;) If you'd like to read more about it, you can check out my original post on their design, size, etc. HERE.

Anyway, my point in talking about this again is that we're having a Valentine's Day sale start now on our Etsy shop! You can get 14% off from now until Valentine's Day--woohoo! I have quite a few other pieces in the works that I'm super, super excited about, so expect to hear about those once they've been perfect. ;)

 You can see our floating polish racks HERE. Thanks for the support, everyone!


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