Friday, February 3, 2012

Drugstore Friday: Wet N Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder

Wet 'N Wild's Natural Blend products peaked my interest the first time I saw them--you know how much I love natural beauty! Natural products made by a drugstore brand that happens to be super cheap? I figured it could go either way. The last time I browsed through the cosmetics section of my favorite drugstore (which happens to be the only one near me with a reasonable inventory of products) I noticed they carried Wet 'N Wild's Natural Blend Pressed Powder. While they only carried 3 shades, I figured they were probably fairly popular shades and purchased all 3 to compare.

Each pressed powder comes in an eco-friendly paper compact that includes a small mirror and sponge. These are magnetized shut, but I would assume that if left in a purse, they could easy open.

I was incredibly impressed by the ingredients. I honestly expected to see some unsavory ingredients, but these don't even include talc! Corn starch is a popular base for many non-talc powders for anyone confused by seeing this in the ingredients list. 

Wet N Wild Pressed Powder Swatches

Left to right: 821A, 824A, 825A. I want to point out that I swatched these on the underside of my forearm which is insanely light compared to the rest of my skin to give you a decent idea of how light the fairest shade is.

I wanted to show you guys something that I found a little interesting. As you can see, the lightest shade on the left is a tad powdery. Ironically, as you go through to the darker shades they progressively get less powdery! No idea why, but the lightest shade definitely had a more powdery consistency than the others. The darkest shade I picked up had the least powdery shade of them all. All 3, however, blended easily into my skin.

Natural 821A 
The lightest of the shades offered by Wet N Wild, this is a light flesh tone. One of my younger sisters is the standard to which I hold all shades meant for fair people--the only person I know lighter than her is my youngest who is almost transparent. I'm not sure this is quite light enough for someone who's super fair, but given the fact that it can go on pretty transparent with a brush it may work. If she wasn't out of the country at the moment I'd have had her give it a try!

Bare 824A
Bare is the middle shade in the spectrum of 7 offered by Wet 'N Wild. To me, this is a light medium. I think this would do well on someone who's lighter than me (I'm NC25-30) or who's fair, but has a bit of a tan.

Buff 825A
This color is a tan-medium shade that's around the shade I am on my face. I could probably go between Bare and Buff if I had to, but I find that if I use a color that's slightly too light, it makes me look sickly. I actually tried this on my face and it was a better match color-wise than Bare by a smidge.

Buff photographed a teeny bit darker than it is in person, but it's close.
These retail for $4.99.

Where to Buy
I purchased these at my favorite Walgreens, but I'm guessing you may be able to purchase these at any drugstore that carries a decent amount of Wet 'N Wild products. You can view them on Wet 'N Wild's site HERE.

Final Thoughts
I am incredibly impressed by the ingredients, especially for a drugstore product. I'm so tired of seeing "natural" products filled with synthetics and chemicals! Let's just call a spade a spade--oy vey. Anyway, the ingredients are great. From what I've seen of the 7 shades, it seems as though they go from pretty fair to golden medium. There are no dark shades in this spectrum and I'm not sure why, as the darkest colors are Buff, Golden, and Classic Beige--all variations of medium in my opinion. This pressed powder is buildable. Using a powder brush, I actually found there was super minimal coverage. Using the sponge included in the compact (which I never do for some reason) actually allowed me to get full coverage out of this powder. I have very sensitive skin and I'm super picky about things on my face (I hate feeling like I have a coat of anything on my face so products have to be light as air for me to wear them regularly), so keep that in mind when you read my next statement. Once I applied this powder to my entire face, I found it almost immediately left my face feeling super dry. The powder looked pretty good (it is very matte and not at all shimmery), but my skin felt as though all of the moisture had suddenly been sucked from it--and I moisturize like nuts. It could just be me, so if you're really interested in this powder it may be worth it for the price. I think this is one of those things where if you're like me this may not be something that works for you, but for the price it may be worth trying out because I rarely see products with such natural ingredients coming from drugstore brands.

Have you tried this? How did you like it?


  1. These sound very interesting! I am always on the lookout for a good product at a good price and I know WetandWild does come a good price. I will definitely have to check this out! Thanks for a great review!

    1. If you give it a try let me know what you think! I'm curious as to whether or not other people feel they're drying or if it's just my overly-sensitive skin ;)

    2. I have sensitive skin to so we shall see. Hoping to pick it up in the next week and I will let you know what I think :)

    3. I hope it works for you! It's such a great price, especially for the ingredients.


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