Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheaper Shipping Rates = My medium & large polish racks coming soon!

I am so excited, I had to share this with all of you! I'm sure by now you've seen the nail polish rack that I designed and Hubs (who happens to be a carpenter and with whom I've designed a built a number of different furniture pieces with over the years) built. The reason I initially posted the smaller polish rack was largely due to the fact that its size is compact, making it easy to fit into most spaces, and because shipping was reasonable. I don't know if you've ever tried to ship a package over 12in in length or width, but it is AWFUL!

Ironically, I've designed several other sizes, but didn't like the shipping rates we received from all of the shippers we looked into. Well, we finally found a way to ship our medium nail polish rack (36 large bottles like - 40 small bottles like Zoya, as well as an insane number of OCC or Butter London slim bottles placed front-to-back) and large polish rack (45 large bottles - 50 small bottles) for somewhat reasonable rates completely assembled! And since we don't' mark up shipping, what we pay to ship is what you pay to ship--I personally hate paying shipping and I hate it even more when companies mark up their shipping!

Anyway, I'm planning to take pictures, edit them and get the medium and large polish racks up on our Etsy shop by the end of the week--yay! We've gotten quite a few requests for these sizes so I'm so thankful to finally be able to offer them. :) Though they won't be officially listed on Etsy until the end of the week, if you want to take advantage of our current sale we are doing custom orders. Just email me at [email protected] and let me know which size you want and whether you want black or white. We offer custom colors for an addition fee, so feel free to contact me for more info on that.

The medium polish rack (36-40 bottles of polish) sells for $32 and shipping on it is $14, which includes insurance. The dimensions are roughly 20.5" tall x 13" wide x 2.5" deep

The large polish rack (45-50 bottles of polish) sells for $40 and shipping on it is $14.50, which includes insurance. The dimensions are roughly  25.5" tall x 13" wide x 2.5" deep

If you haven't seen our petite polish, which is currently listed on Etsy, here it is! All of our polish racks are handcrafted using solid wood with teeny bumpers on the back to prevent scuffing as much as possible against your wall--since they're floating racks. ;)

And of course I have to shamelessly plug the fact that we're having a sale for Valentine's Day right now! Get 14% off by using promo code "LOVE14" at checkout in our Etsy shop HERE. If you custom order a medium or large rack before they're up on Etsy I will of course honor the 14% off if you mention the promo code in your email! ;)

Thanks again for all of your support, guys! I love and use my polish racks to store my personal polish collection, so I'm super excited to be able to share them with other polish-lovers looking for chic nail polish storage alternatives.


  1. These look really nice!!! I'd love to get one, but my boyfriend doesn't want me "displaying" my polish in our room, I must change his mind!

    1. Thanks! Hahaha better your bedroom than the family room ;) Good luck working on him! I guess I'm lucky hubs grew up with 3 sisters, even though we have two boys and I'm the only female in our household, he doesn't mind any of my "girliness" being out and about!

  2. You know I love these polish racks and you know my husband just bought me an Alex to store my polishes because well I would need a bazillion racks. I was showing him this and I said not only are they well made but cute not like the ones everyone else has. So he said to me think about getting one to put over the alex find out if you could put pictures, perfumes (which I have weakness for). I'm still thinking it over but Amanda maybe you could think about that mixing polish on it with other things. Once he gets use to it being on the wall add in more polished pretty soon he won't notice lol. Doria don't be surprised if I end up placing an order and this is coming from a man that said no polish racks on the wall!

    1. You kill me and thank you for loving my polish racks! The space in between the guards, which are on the front and back of every shelf to prevent polishes from falling off (you CANNOT have that happening--oy vey!), is a hair over 1.5" wide so in theory you could absolutely put other things on it--just limited by width and height of course. ;)

      For example, my .84oz bottle of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume that I use for travel fits on it fine, but my larger bottle is too tall. A small picture frame could potentially fit, but you'd be limited by height and how far out the stand behind it sad back since you only have 1.5" of space between guards.

      Hopefully that gives everyone a little bit more insight into the size of the shelves. I designed them so that you can fit large polish bottles like OPI on them or even butter LONDON or OCC front-to-back rather than side-by-side to save space! Women multi-task so why shouldn't your organizational storage? :)


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