Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bye-bye Google Friend Connect

For those of you that haven't already heard, Google Friend Connect will be no more for all non-blogging sites on March 1st, so it's suggested that followers of blogs connect with bloggers in other ways to stay updated on new posts and events. As most of you know, I'm pretty active on twitter (@DoriaJM) and I'm currently on Google+ as well HERE, though I'm not on Google+ as much as I should be--twitter is probably your best bet! I also have a Facebook page for my blog that I'm going to start using more frequently HERE.

I guess that's it! I'm not feeling great, I managed to get a lame stomach virus again, so this is the only post for today, but tomorrow's post is pretty cool. Also, I have a fun mini-series of posts coming up for Valentine's Day and if I feel up to it, I plan to post a Super Bowl inspired eye look up in support of my home team--The Patriots!

Alright, lovelies, I've gotta go lay back down. Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

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