Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swatch & Review: A-England Princess Tears Holographic Polish

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm still so excited to write this post! I purchased Princess Tears from A-England's (my new favorite UK indie polish company) new collection--The Legend--which follows A-England's gorgeous The Mythicals collection (see my swatches of Tristam and Avalon HERE). I purchased Princess Tears because it called to me immediately, but it was a tough choice and took a great deal of self-control not to order the rest! See for yourself why I'm so excited, but be warned, I went a little picture happy with this polish! ;)

A-England Princess Tears is a gorgeous lavender infused with amazing holographic flecks. I wanted to catch a picture of the polish's base color so that you can see that it is a really gorgeous lavender, holographic flecks aside.

Hereyou can begin to see a touch of the amazing holographic glow. Ironically, this is even better on your nails than it is in the bottle--not something you often see in polishes!

The Holographic Hum of Princess Tears
I took a million pictures of this polish on my nails and couldn't decide between the best of the shots I captured, so you get to see quite a few!

I love that the A-England polishes I've swatched so far have all been identical on my nails when compared to the bottle. Love that!

Here's my first close up. You can really see that holographic effect here.

There is so much depth and diversity to this polish--I love it! And you can still see that beautiful lavender towards the tip of my nail.

There are no words!

Amazing, simply amazing!

Color description
As I mentioned above, A-England Princess Tears is a lovely lavender infused with crazy holographic flecks.

This applied like a dream, just like the other A-England polishes I swatched earlier (see link at top of post). The amount of control this polish lends is phenomenal and it dries quickly to boot! I found that the best way to achieve the most obvious holographic effect on my nails was to do thinner coats. I tested this out by doing one hand with thing coats and one hand with thick coats. The hand with the thinner coats had a tad more of a holographic effect, but both were gorgeous! I swear, the second you start swiping this on it looks as though you're painting your nails in lavender diamond dust--so gorgeous!

A-England's The Legend Collection is priced at £9, which converts to about $14.15 as of the time of this post. Obviously conversion rates between currencies changes fairly frequently, but for right now it seems to be dipping up and down around $1.50 to £1. Don't forget, shipping with A-England is free worldwide, so that least those of us in the US don't have to factor that in as well!

Where to Buy
A-England polishes can be purchased on the company's site at

Final Thoughts
Can you tell I'm completely enamored by A-England? I absolutely adore unique indies and when their performance is superior to even the largest mainstream companies, it makes me so happy! This polish is even more amazing than I could have imagined and I absolutely and wholeheartedly encourage you guys to check out A-England, the polishes will blow your socks off! I love that this collection is a breath of fresh air from all of the neutrals we're seeing this Spring. I love neutrals, but I can only take so many pastels and neutrals of the same shades before I get lulled into a coma and move on! This is a truly unique nail polish collection--and it was created by a UK indie!

I have to get the rest of The Legend Collection now. My favorites, aside from Princess Tears, are Order of the Garter (cannot live without this), St. George, Dragon, and Ascalon. I love Bridal Veil as well! Princess Sabra is the only color of the collection that isn't really my taste, though it's beautiful!

What do you think? Or have I already lost you to A-England's site? ;) 


  1. I've been seeing a LOT of A-England posts. I'm on the fence about holos but I've never tried one so who knows.

    1. Yeah, A-England is definitely blowing up in the blogosphere! I prefer holos and flakies over regular glitter by far, personally. ;)

  2. I LOVEEEEEEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the color and the name. These are the same ones on Llarowe right? I bought two of the just cream colors but I love this one gong to have to check it out

    1. Yep! I tend to buy direct-from-the-company simply because I love having relationships with indies I love (one of the perks of indies in my opinion!), but I've heard great things about Llarowe, too! A bit cheaper to purchase from Llarowe right now actually as well because of the exchange rate between the UK and here :)

    2. Well they are sold out on Llarowe before you can even see them. But the website I can't find the new collection are they not up on it yet or am I missing something

    3. They're not up on the site quite yet, but they are available for sale so you can email A-England directly at [email protected] with your Legend order and Adina will get an invoice out to you :)


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