Spotlight: Indie Style Awesome Box

Monthly Indie Samples, Say What?!

I just came across the Indie Style site (featuring the soon-to-be-released Awesome Box) today and I've gotta say, I'm anxious to see how this works out! While The Awesome Box by Indie Style at first glance looks like another subscription service, it is neither ordinary nor a subscription service! The Awesome Box will be a collection of indie-only samples/coupons from a variety of different companies and will be purchasable on a first-come-first-serve basis every month!

The Details
I'm a tad disappointed that it isn't a subscription, but at the same time it does allow you to choose each month if you'd like to purchase. Then again, it also means you could miss out if you don't act fast enough! The site says it's a bi-monthly box on the About page.

There will be a "soft opening" style mini-box release that can be purchased December 1st at 8am PST (tomorrow) through the site. Only 30 boxes will be available and only 1 can be purchased per person! The cost for the mini Awesome Box is $15 and the full-sized boxes will be $24.The mini Awesome Box will ship mid-December.

The full-size boxes will go on sane in December and will ship in February with a Valentine's Day theme it looks like. The site goes on to say that every box after the Valentine's Day Awesome Box will go on sale on the first of the month and ship on the 15th of the same month--so will it be bi-monthly or no? Not quite sure!

The mini Awesome Box will feature samples from the following indies (according to the site):
Geek Chic – eyeshadow samples
Whimsy Beading – coupon
Evil Shades – samples and a coupon
OHWTO – perfume samples
Innocent Twisted – eyeshadow samples
EMJewelry -earrings
-plus a small assortment of holiday goodies from me and Indie Style

It seems like products in future boxes will vary from cosmetic/beauty products to possibly jewelry and other fun indie company products. I'm sure it will evolve as time goes on. Either way, indie products tend to be unique and inspired in most cases from my experience!

So what do you think? Are you interested? This has definitely peaked my interest! I am a huge fan of indies and the idea of getting to sample so many in one swoop really has me hopeful. I've been so "blah" about subscription services lately because they keep letting me down. Perhaps this non-subscription sample box will give me the fix I crave!

Where to Buy
You can head over to the Indie Style site to read more or purchase HERE

Spotlight: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Yes, it's happening!

Update: Check out XSPARKAGE's swatches and comparison between Naked and Naked 2!

If you've heard the rumors floating around that Urban Decay will be releasing a sequel to their oh-so-popular Naked palette ... it's true! Urban Decay officially set the record straight yesterday when they posted a small "sneak peek" of the palette on their facebook page--which of course met with a roar of excitement!

From what I've seen/heard, the Naked 2 palette will come in a metal palette case and feature festive, champagnes in addition to other neutrals.

This is all they've posted so far from what I've seen. I've seen a few beauty bloggers in other countries and a few US ones post images of the supposed shadows held within this uber-anticipated palette, but without having received anything from Urban Decay PR I'm hesitant to assume this is necessarily the actual palette.

I contacted Urban Decay's PR customer service and PR department. Customer service said that Urban Decay hasn't released details to them (most likely they've been instructed to be tight-lipped) and I haven't received a call back yet from PR. I'm hoping to get info if not images for you all. Customer service did verify that the palette will be released TOMORROW (DEC 1)!

Either way, I think this palette may have just jumped to the top of a lot of Christmas lists! Is it at the top of yours?