Dinair Diaries: My airbrush journey post 1

Opening the Box

I know this is a bit delayed, but between work and my son starting school things have been nuts for the last month! Anyway, I'm finally sitting down to start writing about my experience learning how to use my Dinair. In case you didn't read the post about a month when I talked about ordering it, you can see it HERE. I'm going to be completely honest about my experience so that anyone wondering whether or not they should invest in one can at least see my personal experience. I have no affiliation with Dinair at all and since it is a decent investment to purchase an airbrush system (even the one made for personal use) I think it's only fair that anyone considering one gets the full picture :)

I received my Dinair about a month ago. The second I saw the box I couldn't help myself, I tore right in! I have wanted an airbrush system for years, but between work, kids, life, and lack of justification I never made the purchase. Hubs knew I'd been wanting one for a while and I worked a lot the past few months so he finally just told me to get one haha.

When I first opened the box there was some really cute pink bubble wrap and then this insert, which had some information on the back. The tissue paper was a nice touch, too. I love companies that go the extra mile to really brand every little detail, I feel as though that really makes the overall experience that much more memorable.

I could be nuts, but I swear it even smelled nice when I opened my Dinair box haha. Might just be that I caught a hint of a perfume I'd tried at my desk though, who knows? Or maybe I'm just nuts!

First peak inside the Dinair box!
When I peeled back the tissue paper this is what I saw! Even though I'd read about this particular Dinair model and I've seen it in a million YouTube videos, I was still surprised by how compact it was. It is SMALL! You can also see the airbrush and Dinair foundations/makeup. The hose, cleaner, and other items were below this layer of goodies.

Dinair Medium Foundations
I have an olive complexion that varies from light golden yellow to tan, depending on the time of year. I chose the medium foundation set because after reading all of the descriptions and some reviews I figured this would fit me the most and give me some range. More on matching my foundation color below and in posts to follow...

My Dinair!
There it is--my Dinair! Again, it's smaller than I thought it would be and I really should take a comparison photo next to some other beauty item so you can see what I mean. Maybe next post!

First Experience

I was excited and actually a bit nervous to try my Dinair. I actually did what I was supposed to and watched the DVD first! It's actually helpful, though I found I had to pause it a few times while setting up the hose, airbrush, etc. Also, I actually found the "maintenance" section very helpful because I had to do a little maintenance on mine. Tips on troubleshooting your airbrush when things don't seem to be working quite as they should will definitely prove helpful. The Dinair airbrush system is a continuous airflow system, which means air constantly flows through the airbrush, but makeup does not unless you pull back the toggle switch. The toggle switch determines how much makeup is released into the airflow and the setting on the compressor determine how forceful the airflow is.

After watching the DVD I did use the practice sheets they give you to help you work on figuring out how far to the hold the airbrush away from your face (or paper) and how far back to pull the little toggle switch. It definitely takes a little practice, but after a few minutes I felt fairly confident that I might be able to use it on my face without too many overly-saturated spots.

Using on my face was definitely different from using it on the practice sheets. I found myself tipping the airbrush clockwise instead of holding it straight up and down. I had to consciously correct myself, but by the end I had gotten better about it.

The Biggest Challenges

I found that there were 2 primary things that challenged me the most:
  • Matching my foundation color! I understand that everyone has their own unique complexion, but I'm one of those people that has always had a difficult time finding a perfect foundation match. I think that it'll take me some time to mix my perfect foundation color match, but I think by the end of almost an hour of trying different combinations I got pretty darn close! I'm an anal perfectionist by the way ;)
  • Clogging! I actually seemed to have some difficulty with my airbrush clogging. I washed it out completely several times and did some of the troubleshooting techniques the DVD suggests. I still found that after using it for a bit that it did clog up a bit again. It may be that I just took longer than I should have and so the foundation started to clump as a result (just a theory), but I'm not sure. If this continues to happen the next time I use it I'm going to give Dinair a call and see if they can shed some light on the issue. Hopefully it was just because it was my first time. We'll see!
No pictures yet. Once I get it down maybe I'll post some before and afters! I'll post after my next trial session. Things are so insanely busy right now with work, but I'm really hoping to carve out some time again in the next few days. We'll see how successful I am!

On a side note, I'm thinking I may buy the light foundation set sometime soon as well so that I can mix in a little bit of the lighter foundation colors during the winter with my medium ones. Also, I'm going to use it on my mom and sister once I've perfected using it on myself so I can practice applying it to other people. They have lighter skin tones than I do. 

Review & Swatch: OPI Silver Shatter

I have been dying to get my hands on OPI Silver Shatter for a while now, but every time I'd go to get it, it would be sold out or outrageously priced. I can't believe the markup at some stores/nail salons! Anyway, I went shopping with my sister not too long ago and happened t come across it at a reasonable price so I snatched it up. I have to say, I am in love with the metallic crackles in general! I paired it with a softer polish underneath it because I wanted something that was gorgeous, yet not so shocking that when I dropped my son off for kindergarten this week that his teacher would raise an eyebrow. He goes to a very conservative school ;)

OPI Silver Shatter

Color Description
This is a grainy, pure silver.

How well does it crackle?
I thought this was actually a decent crackle polish in regards to it having that shattered effect. I've heard some people say their bottle of Silver Shatter didn't work well, so I don't know if there's some inconsistency from bottle to bottle, but mine worked pretty well. 

OPI Silver Shatter over China Glaze Sea Spray
Silver Shatter has a slightly wider brush than the average nail polish. While I don't typically like OPI's wider brush for some reason, I did find it was really helpful for this polish and make it possible for me to do almost all my nails with one stroke. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I don't have very wide nails so for those that do it may still take two strokes.

Ease of Application
I found that this particular crackle/shatter polish was fairly easy to apply. I would definitely suggest not being afraid to have a decent amount of polish on your brush because applying too thin will result in a pretty, but barely shattered coat of silver. Just swipe a little off your brush, do one pass and let it dry. But again, I found that this was pretty easy to apply.

Drying Time
As with all crackles I've tried, this dries very quickly, though I would say it took several minutes for the full shatter effect to come out completely.

I have seen this vary really greatly both online and in stores. I've seen it sell for around $6 on Amazon, while some of the salons around me sell it for $11.50! I found mine for $8.50, which was what I personally felt was reasonable. 

Loath, Leave, Like, or Love
I love this! I feel as though this is classy and can be paired with a soft color like Sea Spray to add an extra glint of sparkle or put on top of a more noticeable color where it will really pop. I love the versatility!

Have you tried Silver Shatter? How did you find it worked for you?    


Review & Swatch: China Glaze Sea Spray

I'm going to try a new format for nail polish review & swatch posts. I think it'll be more helpful as it'll focus on key nail polish critiquing points!

I purchased China Glaze Sea Spray about a month and a half ago, but I'm just now finally doing a review (horrible, I know!). I love this nail polish. I'm a big fan of China Glaze, I love that it's 3-Free (though I'm not quite sure why they use the term "no added Formaldehyde") and the colors are gorgeous! I had been looking for nice summer to fall transitional polishes and wanted something that was close to gray, but a little more colorful. I stumbled upon Sea Spray and it was love at first sight. Sea Spray is a part of the Anchors Away collection.

China Glaze Sea Spray

Color Description
I would describe this as a light blue with a slight gray undertone and a touch of silver.

In the Bottle v. On the Nail 
I really felt this applied true to color and that it looked exactly on my nail as it did in the bottle. 
China Glaze Sea Spray

Like all of my other China Glaze polishes, Sea Spray's polish brush is a typical shape and size.

Ease of Application
I really love the way Sea Spray applies. I thought it was easy to apply and smoothed itself out nicely.

Opacity & Number of Coats
I found Sea Spray to be completely opaque with 2 coats. 

China Glaze Sea Spray: 2 Coats (no top coat)
Drying Time
This dried pretty quickly and hardened nicely

Depending on where you purchase it, I've seen it go for around $3 on Amazon to $6.50 in stores.

Loath, Leave, Like, or Love
I love this nail polish! If you like the color, I highly recommend you buy it. It's definitely become a favorite for me!   

What do you think? 


Review & Swatch: Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance

When Too Faced came out with their new Candlelight Shadow Insurance I was definitely interested to try it out and luckily I received a deluxe sample with my last Too Faced purchase.

Here's how the Too Faced site describes it:
"Our legendary Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer is now romantically lit with the shimmering golden glow of candlelight. The gilded luminous formula imparts a sexy, soft focused light that enhances eye shadow and adds just a touch of warm metallic flair."
At First Glance
Packaging: As I mentioned above, I received a deluxe sample of Candlelight so I don't have the large tube, but from what I've seen Candlelight comes in the same size tube as original Shadow Insurance, just branded for Candlelight in coloring, text, etc. 

Claim v. Reality
Claim (according to Too Faced's site):
  • Long Wearing: Unique color binders guarantee your shadows never crease, smudge or fade. 
  • Golden Glow: Our sexy shade of shimmering gold is gorgeous when worn alone or as a shimmering enhanced shadow primer. 
  • Instant Pigment Payoff: Every eye shadow formula is instantly intensified providing effortless blending. 
  • Minimizes Imperfections: Our Vitamin enriched, silicone based formula, glides over lids smoothing the appearance of crêpe skin and brightening a dull or discolored lid.
  Here's the Reality: I'm going to address each point to stay organized.
  • Long wearing? My shadow never creased, but I did notice that it did fade by the end of the day. Maybe I didn't use enough, but it definitely didn't keep it 100% until the end of the day.
  • Golden glow? It does have a golden glow, but as with most golds on my skin tone it melts right in and I ended up with a faint shimmer, but nothing very noticeable. Again, maybe I needed to use more?
  • Instant pigment payoff? I always use super pigmented eyeshadows and I didn't notice a different in the payoff using this. Blending was the same as well as I seek out blendable shadows.
  • Minimizes imperfections? While it did draw a little light to my eyes with the shimmer, it wasn't as much as highlighter would provide. I don't have crepe-y eyes so I can't attest to that. 
Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance on my naked lid (ugh so naked!)
 Can you see the slight shimmer on there? It's really not noticeable. I saw some people complain it was way too noticeable, but it has got to be my skin tone because I didn't think it was noticeable at all!

Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - It does add a faint shimmer so for someone with an olive complexion this might be great for someone that doesn't want ultra-shimmer. I wonder if it's buildable, anyone know?
  • Pro - Paraben-free!
  • Con - I did see some fading by the end of the day
  • Con - It contains silicone (this is a con to me anyway)
  • Con - I didn't notice any bump in color to my shadows
 Overall Impression
I was honestly not overly impressed by this. I'm going to try it again and use a bit more and see if it makes a difference, but honestly this had no "wow" factor for me. I also wish it had slightly smoother shimmer to it that had more of a creamy look rather than a sprinkling of shimmer. Lastly, I was disappointed it didn't keep my shadow in place all day without fading.

The price for a full-size tube of Candlelight Shadow Insurance is $18 on the Too Faced website.

Would I recommend it or use it again?
I'm definitely going to try using it again and see if I can get it to actually perform the way it should. At this point I wouldn't recommend it based on my personal experience, but I wouldn't tell anyone they shouldn't try it for themselves. For me, if I'm going to compromise and use a product with silicone it better perform spectacularly! I guess we'll see. I'll update if I can get different results the next time.   


Review: August His Black Box

This review is the first of what will hopefully be many men's focused product reviews, which includes my husband's input!

I was recently given the opportunity to review the August Black Box, which I was really excited about! When I first learned about Black Box, I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was to discover that someone had finally created a sample subscription service like Birchbox for men. Like many guys, hubs (my nickname for my husband) tends to only try products I purchase for him. The problem is, I don't follow men's skin/hair/cosmetic trends as closely as I do women's. A service like Black Box will allow my husband to try some of the newest, hottest products to figure out what he likes with me having to lift a finger! Believe it or not, as soon as I told hubs about this service and the fact that we were going to review the Black Box August box he was so excited. He is what many would consider a very masculine guy, but he has no problem trying hair products, skin care products, cleansing products, etc. Getting something in the mail every month with products for him was something he was vocally excited about ;) Subscriptions to Black Box are $12/month.

Black Box caters specifically to men and everything from the products to the website have male appeal. You can see the post I did on Black Box as soon as I learned about the service HERE. All thoughts/opinions from hubs will be italicized and bold, that way you can easily reference his male perspective. Also, he was the first to open the box and he went through the products on his own. I simply observed :)

Let's jump right in!

As you can see, Black Box has taken a great deal of time to really brand their product towards men. The platinum colored box and masculine black-striped sleeve with bold font would make any guy feel comfortable about this being a men's service. I really find the packaging quite classy. Hubs liked it as well.
Black Box packages come in a hard platinum-colored box with a magnetic flap. Hubs thought this was very "slick" and interesting.

An insert is the first thing you see when you open a Black Box package. It briefly describes the inspiration behind that month's product picks. August products were chosen because they are appropriate for the end of summer, but still work well for the beginning of fall. They described as "sophisticated yet efficient". Hubs agreed that they fit this description.
On the backside of the insert is a list of the products in the Black Box along with brief descriptions. We actually received one additional product that was not on the list, which was the Art of Shaving Shaving Cream.
First glimpse of the inside of the August Black Box

Here are the individual products:
Anthony For Men, Shaving Cream: This shaving cream is supposed to provide a great shave for all hair types while minimizing much of the unpleasantness. Price: $16 for 2-month supply
Anthony Shaving Cream Ingredients
Ingredients continued...
Hubs has moderately curly, very thick hair and he has a beard that is very thick. Shaving for him is a constant necessity and good shaving products are something he's constantly on the hunt for.  

Hubs: This was far better than the drugstore shaving creams that come in cans, but there was a slight pull while shaving. This does allow for a decently close shave.

The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream: This was the extra item in our Black Box. It is an unscented shaving cream for sensitive skin that can be used with or without a shaving brush. Price: $14 (2oz tube), $15 (1.7oz pump), or $22 (5oz tub).
It was actually really great that the extra product in our Black Box was another shaving cream because it gave hubs the change to compare. He's in love with this one! We're going to have to purchase this full-size.

Hubs: "Truly amazing! It was the smoothest shave I've ever had in my life, literally." There was no pull while shaving, skin wasn't sore after, and there was no razor burn.

Baxter of California, Bravado 2: This sample cologne is described as the big brother to #3 and differs slightly because of its slight musky undertone--a great fall transitional scent. Price: $80 for 100 ML
Bravado 2 Ingredients
Back of sample packaging
Hubs and I are both extremely particular when it comes to scents. We both wear fairly expensive perfumes or colognes and I will try a million before even considering one for myself or before showing it to hubs. This one was a winner for us both! This is a sexy smell to both of us and certainly something we plan to buy a full-size of.

Hubs: "Unbelievable." The initial scent is citrusy and refreshing and overall appealing.

Billy Jealousy, White Knight Gentle Facial Cleanser: This is a facial cleanser made specifically for men. Price: $20 for a 1-2 month supply
Directions & Information
Facial cleansers are another products I'm constantly on the lookout for, for hubs. He has sensitive skin and tends to get some irritation/slight break outs when he's over-stressed, tired, etc. This cleanser left hubs' face feeling super soft!

Hubs: Nice. This doesn't smell overly powerful and feels like it does a great job cleaning your face.

City Cosmetics, Lip Plumping Treatment: Apparently in a recent AskMen poll lips ranked as one of the most attractive male features. Price: $40 for 3-month supply
When hubs opened the Black Box this was the only product he looked at a bit questioningly. He has naturally full lips anyway (not always typical for a buy), so a lip plumping product isn't something he'd ever look at or consider on his own. We both tried it together for kicks. This is probably the most effective lip plumper I have ever put on my lips. My lips swelled like nuts, it was actually pretty surprising! The only downside is you have to be totally fine with the extreme tingling and slightly more than average sting. This does have a glossy finish to it.

Hubs: This was too painful and not something I'd use.

Conclusion:  We both felt this was well-worth the $12/month and signed up within a couple days of receiving this.

So there you have it! Our first husband-wife review and our first Black Box review. What do you think? Would you subscribe to this service for your husband/boyfriend/father/brother? Or if you're a man, would you sign yourself up for Black Box?

You can sign up at:

This Black Box was submitted for review by the company. All opinions above are our own (mine and my husband's).

Spotlight: I love MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick!

I'm going to start doing Spotlight posts that just gloss over a product I'm in LOVE with. If a product is something I've reviewed for the purpose of simply checking it out I'll do a separate review that's more in-depth. 

Oh my gosh I am in love! I am super picky when it comes to nude lipsticks and for some reason this shade is perfect to me. I love that it's got a slight pink tone to it so that it doesn't completely wash you out, yet it's light and nude enough that it gives you that nudey-lip look. I'd like to find another without the pink tone with less of a yellow undertone, but this to me is something I could wear every day and fall in love with over and over. Also, I love smokey eyes and I love colorful eyes, so I often think a nice nude lip balances out the "heaviness" of the eyes :)

Mac Creme D'Nude (no gloss over it) applied with a brush. I have a weird quirk when it comes to applying lipstick, I can't do it right from the tube!
Ugh, look how pretty! It's not quite as light pink as it's coming across in this picture, but close. It's basically a flesh color with pink undertones. When I went to grab it one of the MAC girls tried to persuade me to get another nude shade that's popular with chicks with my coloring. It was almost apricot toned. It was nice (can't remember the name), but a little more stand-out than this one and not something I'd just throw on every day. I may go back eventually and grab it just to have a few options, but for now I'm perfectly happy with Creme D'Nude!

So what do you think? I LOVE IT!!!! Makes me want to grab another tube to have a back up (yes I am weird like that haha).


EOTD: Enlighten Me

I wanted to do a look today that was really light-catching and that also allowed me to take full advantage of Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance, which I was trying for the first time (stay tuned for a review). I didn't get much sleep last night, so brightening my eyes was a must!

Here's the look:

Enlighten Me EOTD

Here's what I used:
  • Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance (over entire lid)
  • B.Koi Cosmetics White Gold shadow (patted over entire lid, inner eye corner, inner drop shadow)
  • MAC Texture shadow (outer 1/3 of lid)
  • Fresh Amman Black Tea shadow (shading on out v, crease, outer drop shadow)
  • Maybelline Waterproof liquid liner (upper lash line)
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil in Black 0L (tight lined top and bottom)
  • Maybelline Full 'N Soft waterproof mascara in Very Black
This look is so simple and "everyday wear", but it draws so much light to the eye I love it! What do you think? You can really see the green in my hazel eyes today. Kind of ironic, I have dark coloring except my eyes :)


$10 Credit Just for Joining and Hurricane Irene

Just wanted to let you all know that (they were the site I purchased my Mollycoddle soaps from) is offering $10 credit to anyone that signs up through my link for the next 24 hours or so!

I LOVE this site. It's not your typical sample sale site, it has a mix of quirky and innovative things across the board. Every time I go on this site I find little things that are almost too cute or funny to pass up. Then again, I get bored easily and try to find little things to keep life less ordinary ;)

Anyway, you won't get the $10 credit unless you join through my link or another affiliate link. I shared this with a friend and she said she got the credit INSTANTLY, so you can use it now or wait until something strikes your fancy later on.

You can sign up through my link HERE (affiliate link).

If you buy something through them let me know! I love seeing the cool and crazy things people purchase off of

On a side note, I have some fun posts coming up include a review on His Black Box! At this point we're just trying to get ready for Hurricane Irene that's decided it needs to travel all of the way up the East Coast :( They even canceled my oldest's first day of school on Monday because of the damage they're expecting in the aftermath. Keep the East Coast in your thoughts/prayers and hopefully we'll make it out with minimal damage and no lost lives.

Ugh, I really hate losing power, especially with two little guys. We tend to get snowstorms and ice storms that knock out power more than hurricanes, but I've seen a few crazy ones in my lifetime. They're saying this one is going to be something extra special :(

Anyway, if you're on the East Coast or know someone who is keep me updated on how you and/or your family/friends are! Hopefully I'll be posting some new posts this weekend. Stay well and stay safe!


Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer on Hautelook!

You've probably heard of the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, which carries a great deal of infamy in makeup circles. If you've been dying to try it here's your chance because it's on Hautelook today! This concealer normally retails for $42, but on Hautelook you can get it today for $29.50! Not super cheap, but more doable ;)

I've seen these sell out pretty quickly and the sale ends Sunday at 8am PST, so if you're interested I'd say jump on your shade now!

Hautelook is a member's only sample sale site, but you can sign up here if you haven't already created an account with them. CLICK HERE (affiliate link)

If you snatch it up make sure to post about it, I'd love to see how it works for you!


Cosmetics Q&A: Let's Talk Talc

Talc is an extremely common ingredient in cosmetics, especially powders such as eye shadows, but why does it seem to get so much negative attention?

What is it? 
Talc is a mineral and it is usually sourced from Talc rocks, which are processed and milled into a very fine powder. Talc may be referred to as talcum powder.

What types of cosmetics is Talc found in?
Talc can be found in some eye shadows, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, foundations, sunscreens, baby powder, etc.

Why is it used in cosmetics? 
Talc is used for its anti-caking properties, as a skin protectant, for absorbancy, for slip, and to add bulk to products.

What health concerns are there in relation to Talc?
Talc is very closely related to the carcinogen asbestos and can be contaminated with asbestos fibers, which is obviously not a desirable material. Studies have shown that Talc can cause tumor growth in both the lungs and ovaries of subjects. Some studies related Talc directly to skin cancer.

What are other countries saying about Talc?
Canada has already classified Talc as something that is expected to be harmful or toxic in relation to non-reproductive organ system toxicity.

Why do we still use Talc if there are potential health hazards?
As with so many other ingredients that raise eyebrows, Talc is yet another that has not yet been deemed hazardous enough to be further restricted or even banned from use in cosmetics. Talc is effective, however, there is plenty of evidence showing that it may not be worth using. For example, back in 1973 the FDA drafted a resolution that stated that asbestos-like fibers could no longer be present in cosmetic-grade talc. The problem is, a report by the National Toxicology Program in 1993 showed that cosmetic-grade talc still caused tumors in the animals used in the tests even when it didn't have asbestos-like fibers. It's also important to remember that while the FDA does grant approval to individual ingredients, it does not regulate cosmetics on a mandatory basis (with the exception of sunscreen because of its SPF rating), so it seems as though many cosmetic ingredients such as Talc and cosmetic dyes get less attention as a result.

Is the beauty industry limiting Talc on its own?
Yes, in some ways. There are many makeup companies that forgo the use of Talc. There are a number of mineral makeup companies and indies (as well as corporate cosmetic companies) that simply choose not to use Talc at all or only in limited products. Companies that product things such as baby powder offer alternatives with other base ingredients such as corn starch.

What should you do?
The choice is really yours. Personally, I avoid Talc whenever possible and when I do make exceptions it isn't daily. I'm not going to lie, it is difficult to avoid Talc in cosmetics and there will be products you'll miss out on if you choose to stay away from it completely. On the other hand, I know many makeup users that don't feel Talc is enough of a hazard to avoid at all. Everyone has to make their own choice. Your face/body, your choice! Do what you're comfortable with, whether that means never using talc, limiting your use of products that include talc, or never giving it another thought.

More Reading...
This is a great site for makeup lovers that are extremely cautious when it comes to ingredients, though they're limited as to what topics they touch upon:

This site is also great for super health-conscious makeup lovers:

I wish I could dig up more, but for some reason it seems a bit limited no matter where I search.

How do you feel about Talc? Do you limited your Talc use or is it not a concern to you?


MeSoap is on LovingEco! Every Soap purchased = Soap Donated

MeSoap in Oatmeal Cookie
Have you heard of MeSoap? If not, MeSoap is this fabulous company that creates certified organic soaps that are absolutely delicious! In addition to the soaps being completely natural, they are on a mission to promote more hygienic practices in developing nations by donating one bar of soap for every bar of soap that is purchased. Their business model is similar to that of Tom's Shoes. Love that company! You may be asking how soap can help some of these struggling communities, but the fact is most of the individuals in these communities don't have the means to practice good hygiene and as a result a great deal of disease is spread through something so simple as being unable to wash their hands.

I did some international and domestic relief/volunteer work when I was younger before having kids and it's amazing to see how some of the crazy little things we take for granted make huge differences in the lives of those without. People die in developing communities from things like diarrhea and other communicable diseases. Something like soap could literally save lives. This may seem a bit preachy and ridiculous, but it's something I feel strongly about and it's true.

*Stepping off my soap box now*

Anyway, MeSoap is a company I've recently become acquainted with and so far everything I've seen I've loved. Even if you don't really feel as though soap being donated to developing communities will make that big a deal, MeSoap is super fabulous and super natural--a great buy regardless of your motivation.

Right now all of MeSoap's yummy soap bar scents are available on LovingEco. I've purchased from them before and every experience has been nothing but positive. For $4.25 per bar you can get an organic bar of soap and know that someone somewhere else will be receiving one as well because of your purchase. The promo code I mentioned earlier this month for LovingEco has expired and I'm not aware of any new ones, but the sales are so good it's worth a peak!

LovingEco is a members-only eco-friendly sample sale site, so you'll need to sign up through the site in order to be able to purchase. You can CLICK HERE to sign up (affiliate link).

You can visit MeSoap's site directly at