Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swatches & Review: Zoya Gems & Jewels

I purchased these back when they first became available and I actually swatched them the day I received them, but somehow I completely forgot to post them! Since the holidays are here and Zoya is having their fabulous Flash Promo event I've been sorting through my Zoya swatches and stumbled upon these. Though the Gems and Jewels collection consists of 3 shimmery polishes and 3 glittery polishes (blue, pink, and green with a complementary glitter of the same hue), I only purchased the Gems Trio and 1 Jewel color because I thought these were the most unique of the bunch and wasn't too worried about having a dupe--plus I have a nostalgic love of tinsel glitter, which was very popular when I was young. Here you go...

Zoya Gems Trio (left to right) - Rina, Kissy, Twila

Zoya Jewels

Color description - Shimmery, emerald green--so pretty!

Application/Opacity - Holly applied smoothly and beautifully in 2 coats and as you can see, is completely opaque.

Zoya Holly - Isn't that a perfect winter green? I love it!

Zoya Gems

Color description -  Combination of emerald green micro and tinsel glitter with some strands of blue holo-glitter mixed in.

Application/Feel- This was reasonably easy to apply despite being a mixture of so many kinds of glitter. I find that strands of glitter can take a bit more time to spread evenly, but it was easy enough to move this around on my nail with the brush to get the look I wanted. Like most glitters of this nature, it is definitely rough and requires 1-2 top coats depending on how many coats you use. This could absolutely be layered or use on its own. I did 3 coats because I wanted full-coverage.

Zoya Rina - Can you see the strands of blue holo-glitter? This is very pretty in person!

The "i" is faded, but it is Kissy ;)
Color description - Combination of pink micro and tinsel glitter with holo-glitter mixed in.

Application/Feel - This applied the same way Rina did, requiring a little strategic sliding with my brush, but nothing too labor intensive. This is also rough when finished, so I suggest 1-2 top coat layers. This could also be layered or used on its own. I used 3 coats because I wanted full-coverage.

This skews a bit more red than it is in person. In person it's a vibrant raspberry pink with strands of holo-glitter. These were very hard to capture because of their complexity!

Color description - Combination of blue micro and tinsel glitter with a sprinkling of green holo-glitter--the holo-glitter was more subtle in this one compared to the rest.

Application/Feel - Like the others, this applied the same. I had to slide some of the strands of glitter around a bit to get the look I wanted, but it was simple enough to do. I'd suggest 1-2 layers of top coat over this as well. This looks great layered or on its own. I did 3 coats with this one as well.

Zoya Twila - If you look really closely you can almost see that a few of the strands look more aqua than blue--those are the green holo strands. I couldn't seem to capture them shifting to green, but you can see it in person.

These are priced at $8 per bottle, $24 per trio, and $48 for the set retail.

Where to Buy
You can snatch these up on Zoya's site HERE  

Final Thoughts
If you follow my blog you know I'm a sucker for holiday beauty products and cosmetics! I love Zoya's Gems & Jewels collection and while I didn't purchase 2 of the Jewels polishes, I wish I had. If you're craving festive holiday colors and glitters this will definitely make you happy. Also, I love that these incorporate tinsel-like glitter and holo-glitter. I think it makes them stand out a bit from some of the other holiday glitters out there ;)

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