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Swatches & Review: Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

First of all, I want to preface this review before you go running off to the Kiss My Sass Cosmetics website by saying DO NOT type in's not a cosmetics website! Just take my word for it ;)

I was recently given the opportunity to choose some products to review from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics and I was thrilled--I love indies! I tried to pick a good selection of products that ranged from light to dark. This is actually my first Kiss My Sass experience so it was fun to give these products a try for the first time. Ironically, I had to laugh when I saw the name of this indie because Hubs and I started saying "sass" instead of the actual word when we first had my son--after 2 kids we have our own little child-friendly language now ;)

This is what I received from the lovely Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. The personal note was a lovely touch and I loved that the samples came securely packaged!
The Shadows
All of the shadows offered by Kiss My Sass are loose (I believe). The formulas on these seem to be pretty good. The shadows are very soft to the touch and some are a tad on the powdery/slippery side (nothing a sticky base won't cure), but all in all they were nicely pigmented. Like most loose shadows there was definitely some fall out so I strongly suggest using a sticky base such as Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy--works wonders! 

Amber Glow - This was actually an extra! It's a lovely burnt orange with multicolored sparks.

Beach Sand - Shimmering pinky-nude. If you want a dainty nude this is definitely a lovely color.

Cosmic White - Shimmery white with pink shimmer. I know that part of this image is out of focus, but that portion of the image shows you just how much sparkle this shadow really has and the focused portion of the picture really shows off the pink shimmer.

Dead of Night - Super smoky, blackened plum with multicolored sparks. This one is heavier in sparks than most of the others I swatched and would definitely do best with a sticky base instead of a regular primer so you don't use any of the sparkle.

Mix Tape - Medium gray with lavender and silver sparks. This one is such a pretty gray and I love the name!

Poison Ivy - Vibrant ivy green with pink and gold sparks. What a perfect name! Green is my favorite color in general so I'm always a fan of a good green shadow!

Rock Star - Black base with multicolored sparks. Like Dead of Night, I strongly suggest using a sticky base so that you don't lose a lot of the sparkle.

The Glosses
If you follow my blog you know I have 3 primary beauty products I'm absolutely addicted to--shadow/liner, nail polish, and lip products. I was very eager to give Kiss My Sass lip glazes a try. I tried to stay away from the colors that always seem to lure me in--red and hot pink--and instead chose a nude and a lighter peachy/pink.

I love that these came with seals on them--extra point for that!

J'adore Lip Glaze - Darker nude with a blue flash. I thought that of the two lip glazes I tried this was my favorite of the two. I don't know if someone with a fair complexion could pull this off because it isn't a super light beige, but for a medium or olive complexion it works nicely. The blue flash is a bit more obvious in person.

Again, points for the safety seal! Also, I think the labels are cute :)

Peach Bellini Lip Glaze - Pinky nude with pink flash. I wanted so badly to love this on my lips, but for some reason I couldn't get it to even out enough for me to be able to wear it solo. Also, for some reason it really settled into every tiny lip in my lips. I think this would be lovely over a lipstick, but I wouldn't be able to wear this alone.

Where to Buy
Kiss My Sass Cosmetics shadows and lip glazes can be purchased on their website HERE.

Final Thoughts
I think Kiss My Sass has some nicely pigmented loose shadows and I love that they offer lip glazes and other products as well. Like I said above, I'd suggest using a a sticky base with the shadows, but if you like working with loose shadows you'll probably have no issue working with these. I liked J'adore lip glaze and I'm sad Peach Bellini didn't work for me, but again, I think it would look lovely layered. All in all, I think Kiss My Sass Cosmetics has some great products to offer and I suggest giving them a try if you like indie cosmetics companies. 

Have you tried Kiss My Sass? What did you think?

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