Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swatch & Review: Zoya Charla

I remember first seeing swatches for Charla when Zoya first released her, but for some reason I've only just purchased her now! After all, how could I say no with all of Zoya's fabulous flash promos going on?

Zoya Charla - So pretty!

Color Description
Charla is a tough color to describe in some ways because she's got so much going on! Zoya describes her as a "sparkling tropical blue metallic, but I think she's actually got a good deal of green in her! Also, if you look very closely, you can see super-micro-fine glitter. She's very mermaid-esque to me;)

This was a dream to apply in the sense that it wasn't goopy, super thick, or super thin to apply! I had barely any clean up because it was so easy to manipulate, in fact. This is not the most opaque polish Zoya has to offer. With 3 coats it looks pretty opaque in person, largely because of all of the reflective sparkle, but my camera was able to see right through it because I turn the ISO down so my shots are better quality-wise. 

Zoya Charla - 3 coats with clear top coat. I didn't clean up the edges before taking a pic because I wanted to show you just how easy she is to apply--very little bleeding onto my skin/cuticle. I find that even though this photographs less opaque, it doesn't look quite this sheer in person! Also, it is much more sparkly in person and you can see the micro-glitter in it. As I mentioned, this skews a bit more green-blue than just blue. It really is a lovely polish!

Like all of Zoya's nail polishes, Charla is priced at $8 retail.

Where to Buy
Charla can be purchased directly from Zoya HERE.  

Final Thoughts
I am so glad I purchased Charla! I think this is a fabulous color for Summer and even festive enough for a non-conventional holiday color (in my opinion) because of all the sparkly-green shimmer. If you like the color, don't be thrown off by the lack of complete opacity in the swatch. With 3 coats it looks opaque in person! If this has peeked your interest, definitely give Charla a try!


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