Thursday, December 1, 2011

Swatch & Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics - New Indie!

Ashley, the lovely owner of the new indie cosmetic company Victorian Discos Cosmetics, announced not too long ago that she was interested in having some fellow Beautylish-ers review some of her shadows around the time she launched her first collections. I jumped at the chance, given my love of indies :) Because there are quite a few shadows I'm going to keep the reviews fairly concise and not get too long-winded ... or at least I hope to!  Here we go...

This is the cute little packet I received from Victorian Disco Cosmetics--love the personal note! Ashley had, had each of us fill out a questionnaire when we signed up asking us what types of cosmetics me liked, etc. I love that she went the extra mile to send me shadows without dyes and to include the ingredients labels :)

This is the little packet of samples without the note on top. Cute label :)

These are all of the shadows I received (left to right, top to bottom): Monarchy, Tatooine, R2, Droids, Atrophine, Yoda's Yoga Mat, The Fett, Revolutionary Ball, Predator, Pannier.

Atrophine Loose Shadow

Atrophine on Skin - Golden, light acid green. This is slightly more lime-colored than Yoda's Yoga Mat (shown below), but the two are very close in hue. I'm not sure why this photo'd so light, my camera kept catching the shimmer no matter what I did!

Droids Loose Shadow

Droids on Skin - Shimmery, glittery yellow gold.

Monarchy Loose Shadow

Monarchy - Vibrant green with gold shimmer

Pannier Loose Shadow

Pannier - Soft taupe with multi-colored sparks

Predator Glitter

Predator Glitter  over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - Copper-penny color. This is a tad gritty feeling, not super bad, but you can definitely feel its texture between your fingers.

R2 Loose Shadow

R2 - Cool-toned blue with lilac glitter. This is very pretty and the base is very smooth, but you can feel the grittiness of the glitter a bit.

Revolutionary Ball Loose Shadow

Revolutionary Ball - Charcoal-ish gunmetal with multicolor sparks

Tatooine Loose Shadow

Tatooine - Brassy gold. This has a tad less adhesion than some of the other shadows, so I would strongly suggest using a sticky base like Pixy Epoxy.

The Fett Loose Shadow

The Fett - Smoky plumb with multi-color sparks.

Yoda's Yoga Mat Loose Shadow

Yoda's Yoga Mat - Minty golden pastel green. Very similar to Atrophine, but slightly more golden.

Final Thoughts
I think that this is a great start! The colors are pretty and the formula seems pretty good for loose shadows--which is no small feat ;) The grittiness of the glitter is something I personally wouldn't be a fan of for long-term use, but it definitely ads a nice sparkle and dimension to these shadows. I'm eager to see what Ashley comes out with in the future. I love the shadows I swatched and I think more variety in color will really give her that extra something special ;) If Ashley continues to provide the same level of customer service even once things get busy I'm sure she'll have plenty of repeat customers!

Where to Buy
Victorian Disco Cosmetics has already gone live on Etsy. You can purchase these shadows as well as others on the Etsy shop HERE.

It looks as if the prices average (with the exception of some sample packets) from $1.75 to $4.50.


  1. Great review! Nice clear swatches. I requested samples also, can't wait to get them!

  2. Wow! Nice colors. I need to check them out. I like The Fett and Revolutionary Ball. Love Etsy!


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