Monday, December 12, 2011

Spotlight: Zoya Color Box in Delicate Pinks

This is my third Zoya Color Box as I've purchased two others--Zoya Color Box in Soft Grays and Zoya Color Box in Bold Greige! I purchased this along with Soft Grays during one of the BOGO promos because I couldn't resist. Here's Delicate Pinks (scroll down to the end if you've already seen the exterior packaging)...

Like the others, once you remove the shipping box you'll find this white Zoya box, which the color box sits snuggly within. The way these are packaged reminds me of nesting dolls and I want to show you each layer, so bear with me!

Here is the gorgeous glossy Zoya box. It is so sleek and classy, I love it!

After you remove the sleek, shiny Zoya box you'll come to the cute Zoya tissue paper layer! I swear I felt like I was opening up a Christmas present!

The final "box" layer! This is the Zoya velvet box. These are very nice quality!

Zoya Delicate Pinks Color Box (left to right) - Laurie, Madison, Erika. So bubblegum-y and lovely!

These are currently available during the holidays for $24 retail per color box. Shipping is free and expedited on these!

Where to Buy
These are offered exclusively on Zoya's site in 12 different color combinations! You can purchase these HERE  

Final Thoughts
Can you tell I'm digging Zoya's color boxes? As I've said before, they are the perfect gift for anyone that likes nail polish and the best part is, the presentation is flawless. I still want all 12! I included the Zoya color boxes as one of my foolproof family gift ideas in another recent post. You can see that post HERE.

What do you think?! 


  1. I think you have these labeled wrong. Those names are in the beautiful beige set :)

  2. Ooops! Not quite sure how that happened haha. Thanks for catching that, it's all fixed now ;)


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