Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spotlight: Holiday Mani!

Today was one of my baby sister's birthdays and I wanted to do something fun, festive, and cute when I saw her and some of the rest of my family. Zoya Trixie is an absolute favorite of mine and I knew I wanted to do something "her", but I thought perhaps one of the recent Zoya holiday glitter polishes would be a nice complement. I really had a tough time choosing between Rina, Kissa, and Twila (see review HERE). I almost went with Twila because I have a serious think for silver and blue, but finally ended up going with Rina because she's so green and gorgeous!

Here's what the combo looked like...

Zoya Rina over Trixie

I really like the overall effect! I think it's pretty, unique, and festive :) What do you think?

I've managed to get some horrible virus and my throat feels as though someone's driving a spike down it, but if I have the energy I'll be sure to post a holiday eye look and perhaps another mani, too. What is your ide aof the perfect holiday mani?

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