Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sale Alert! Free Faux Lash with Purchase!

I just saw that Faux Lash is introducing a fun new twist during the month of December--Faux Fridays! Every Friday (midnight Thursday night to midnight Friday night) every customer will receive 1 pair of free Black Diamond lashes with the purchase of 2 or more pairs of lashes. Yay!

I actually have the Faux Lash Black Diamond falsies--they're very dainty and not at all "heavy" looking! You can see them HERE.

No code is needed, all you have to do is purchase 2 or more pairs between midnight Thursday to midnight Friday and voila!

Expiration: Ends the last Friday in December 2011


  1. Ohhh I got all excited but I have diamonds and I didn't like them at all :( The little black diamantes fall off super easily...once while curling them, second while removing them.

  2. Oh no! I haven't tried mine yet. Did you contact Faux? I bet they'd want to know!

  3. Yeah they read the review on my blog, they agreed they are *very delicate* and should be handle with care!

  4. Interesting! Glad you mentioned this before I tried mine. I love my other pairs, I guess I'll keep saving those for something special if I can only get 1 wear out of them ;)


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