Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask

I was fortunate enough to get a Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off mask in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox and I wanted to make sure I did a separate review on it because it was probably the biggest surprise for me of all the products I tried in this box. I'm (admittedly) a bit of a beauty snow when it comes to high-end brands versus drugstore brands. It's very unintentional, but between wanting cruelty-free products and products that do not contain unsavory ingredients, I tend to find that many drugstore products either irritate my skin or don't meet those criteria. I will absolutely try drugstore products and do on a regular basis, but as I'm sure you've noticed, I rarely review them because (aside from several drugstore mascaras) I don't typically find them worth my time to review here for you lovely makeup lovers. Oddly enough, I've passed by products by Montagne Jeunesse before because--quite honestly--I found the packaging to look a bit bizarre and unappealing! The odd, beauty masked faces just never did it for me. Well, this product has apparently reinforced the fact that I need to look beyond the marketing/branding sometimes and just look at the ingredients and product. Now don't get me wrong, packaging alone won't throw me off every time, but it does play a small factor with me.

Anyway, on to the mask!

I received the Juiced Cucumber Peel Off Masque by Montagne Jeunesse in my Influenster Holiday VoxBox. Do you see what I mean about the images on their packaging???? Creepy! haha

How it Worked
First of all, the mask is extremely cooling and a tad tingly. There was a minty zing to it that caught me a bit off guard for a moment, but it wasn't unpleasant and didn't burn my skin--it was actually quite nice. This masque spreads like most other peel off masks I've tried in a thick gel. I allowed it to dry for the length of time suggested by the instructions. One of the first things that impressed me about this mask was that it didn't feel as though my face was stuck in a vacuum as it dried! I am all for some firming action or tightening, but I hate it when my face feels overly pulled on. The second thing that impressed me was the fact that the entire mask peeled off in one piece! I have tried so many peel off masks that fractured into a million annoying, sticky bits as I tried to peel them all off. With the exception of a tiny bit that somehow made its way to my hairline (which easy came off), my masque came away in one piece! I noticed after using it that my pores were a bit clearer and smaller! I have large pores in some parts of my face for some reason and I'm always thrilled to find products that minimize them to any degree. All in all, I found this to be super effective! The ingredients were very reasonable as well for a drugstore product. I was impressed by that fact as well.

It seems as though the price varies a bit, but I've seen the individual packets go for around $1-$1.50 at drugstores near me. 

Where to Buy
Perhaps almost as impressive as its performance, the price tag and availability are equally noteworthy! You can find these lovely masques at local drugstores such as Walgreens, CVS, etc. as well as super stores such as Target and Walmart.

Final Thoughts
If you're hoping to do a little at-home facial on a budget--and you can get past the creepy faces on the packaging (I say that in jest ... sort of!)--Montagne Jeunesse masques are worth a look. I'm still surprised by how much I liked the mask I tried and for the price, I don't think you can really go wrong with these unless you have issues with any of the ingredients. Mine, aside from 2 dyes, had very natural ingredients--and you know I'm a stickler about that when it comes to skin care! I give these a polished-thumb-up!b    


  1. I love this brand. the masks and scrubs are wonderful. I also like the masks and scrubs from Freeman Beauty, you should try those as well.

  2. I'll definitely give those a look, too! As long as the ingredients don't include things I can't/don't use I'm down for some new face products!


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