Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Menskin Shavestick

I was recently given the opportunity to review Menskin's shavestick.  It's pretty interesting since it isn't a traditional shave cream or balm and it literally looks just like a stick of deodorant! I wondered how well it would lather because it's a stick, but it ended up working great! 

I was sent 3 Shavesticks to review. Each has a distinct scent

How It Works
First, you wet your face, then you wet the shavestick.

Apply it to your face in smooth strokes. 

I found that if I went in all directions when I applied it, it lathered nicely and it gave a clean, smooth shave.  I would say that one of the best aspects of this product is the different scents it comes in. I was sent a very refreshing citron, ice (kind of minty), and my personal favorite--stealth. I didn't find that this irritated my skin at all.

While 2 of the shavesticks I received were white, Ice had an interesting marbled effect.
Over all I give this product 4 thumbs up if you are looking for something that would be perfect for taking with you to the gym or traveling since there is zero chance of mess since it comes as a solid with a screw-on cap. Obviously it's great for at-home use, too.  If you want to try something new, this is definitely worth giving a shot.

You can see the ingredients here. While these aren't completely natural, this isn't something you leave on your skin to absorb, so it's probably a great alternative for most.


  1. I've been using the shavestick for almost a year and it is an absolutely wonderful product. Easy to use and speeds the drugery of shaving up tremendously. I leave for work at 4:30am and the last thing I want is to take more time getting ready in the mornings. Thanks for developing this product. I have used all of the different scents and all are very satifying.

  2. This is the most innovative product that hit the shaving market in years!!Great product..Beautiful packaging too..

  3. I was one of the privileged few that was involved during the testing phase. I had been using the Citron scent for myself prior to the invention of Chicstix for women. My husband and sons love the fact there are many scents to choose from (Vigor is the favorite), it is less messy than the typical foam product, cuts shaving time in half and leaves their skin feeling smooth. This product is great for travel as it passes through security without fear of being rejected.
    I highly recommend this product for your shaving needs and encourage you to visit the website for the women in your life as well. Both are cutting edge products and a MUST have in our household!
    Happy Shaving...
    Jodi Anderson
    Oxnard, CA

  4. I was pretty impressed. I have had the privilege of trying quite a few shaving products and this one is one of the more unique. My wife is a beauty blogger and she recently reviewed the Chicstix. You can see her review here:


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