Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rant: Birchbox Fail

Update (2:31pm): I received a call back regarding my call earlier this week. I spoke with the same CS rep that emailed me (see below) and essentially the reason they are waiting to send out replacement boxes to those of us that still don't have tracking info is because they won't have the inventory to do so until next week.

Does this make me feel better? No. Again, I still feel as though this could have been better anticipated or that a better solution could have been found (i.e. don't put that product in December's box and include another product or offer Birchbox points), but there's nothing that can be done at this point. So I guess I'll keep waiting and see what happens.

Original Post:

I know I rarely do rant posts, but I am at my wit's end with this situation and think it's appropriate to share my experience with all of you given the fact that I've been a huge fan of Birchbox in the past and suggested it to many of you. I've seen many other bloggers give up on Birchbox recently. I was hopeful that if I gave my subscription until December, perhaps things would change for the better. I guess not.

If you've been following my blog you already know about my frustrating issue with the December Birchbox--this problem has hit a group of subscribers, not just me. I still have not received it and shipping info hasn't even loaded into the system because I'm one of the "lucky" ones that ended up with a new product in my box.

If you want to get up to speed you can read my post on what's in my box according to the site HERE.

You can also read about the Birchbox delay HERE

This situation is getting more and more frustrating. I thought that my box would be a few days late. I wasn't thrilled, but it wasn't a huge deal. Then more time went by and I finally called Birchbox. Unfortunately, I was only able to leave a message--still haven't received a call back and I left the message Monday. I emailed as well because I assumed that if my box was delayed, customer service might be behind in responding to the flood of inquiries I'm sure they've received regarding this problem.

I just received a response via email, which said:

Thanks for writing in! I just took a look at your tracking number and see that the tracking information has not loaded yet.  We've seen this for a number of customers - it just appears that the tracking updates are taking longer to load than usual.  In addition, although we always try to ship the boxes out as early in the month as possible, unfortunately they did ship out closer to the 10th this month.   And with yours in particular, we were waiting on a specific sample to send you, which is why we emailed you notification of the delay.  

I've added you to the list to be sent a new December box, but we'll keep an eye on your tracking number to see if any updates load in the meantime!  If they don't load, we will ship you the replacement December box next week!

Next week?! I honestly find this to be so incredibly frustrating. Not only has my box been delayed and the best Birchbox could offer was $20 off a purchase of $75 from their site, but by the time they send out a new one and I receive it, it will be almost January. I understand that a number of us are in this situation and that the costs of replacing the boxes that seem to evaporated must be high, but isn't that something a company that cares about their customers should accept without flinching to offer great service? I don't understand why Birchbox didn't offer something like points to those of us still waiting for our boxes in addition to a replacement box. Other than the first email I received regarding the fact that my box would be delayed, they have not sent anything else with updates. I feel as though the ball has been dropped. Given this experience in addition to the last few months, I think I've lost almost all of my faith in Birchbox. I loved them when I first signed up, but with so many new companies springing up, I can't help but think it's time to end my subscription and try something new. 
Either way, I emailed back expressing my disappointment in how this has been handled, but haven't received a response yet. I'll update this post when I do.

Has your box been delayed? How do you feel Birchbox has handled this situation?


  1. I'm in the same boat as you, though my tracking number worked as of yesterday afternoon.

  2. It did? Does it show that your box is coming? I really hope you get it ASAP! And hopefully you love it after all of this haha.

  3. Mine and another person's did on the makeuptalk forum. I hope yours does soon, keep checking!

    Not too thrilled that my box had to wait on the item. Amber scents tend to give me migraines, so I won't even be using the item that held up shipping. :(

  4. Still nothing for me :(

    Ugh, I hate getting samples scents because I get migraines as well and many scents really bother me! I'm getting that in my box, too. Blah.

  5. Eek, that sucks. Is there a way to tell BirchBox that we do NOT want perfume samples? If so that would be ideal!

    Hope yours ships today.

  6. If there is I haven't found it yet and I ALWAYS get perfume samples.

    Thanks! We'll see. Either way, I think I'm probably done with Birchbox :( I gave them 3 months (3 months ago) to make me a fan again and it hasn't happened. Bums me out!

  7. I know what you mean, the samples seem to be getting smaller than when I first signed up.

    Luckily you have several companies to pick from. It seems like sample companies are popping up all over the place recently.

  8. I haven't gotten mine or my sisters yet, my tracking number still isn't work ing and she never even got one. I spoke to the same lady that emailed me as well, and was told the same thing. What really bothers me is the code for the 20 off 75? its actually in the birchbox so EVERYONE can use it not just those of us still waiting. I think they should give us at least some points in addition, because it's not fun to wait. I think I might stick with them, just to see if they get better but I am seriously considering getting another subscription just to compare them, and then keep the better company

  9. If this were my disappointment with them I'd probably do the same and wait it out :) Unfortunately, I've been seriously disappointed for the last 3 months and told myself I'd wait it out until the end of 2011. Then this happened haha. I've actually just canceled my subscription today and signed up with because they opened up some more subs--Michelle Phan's branchild. I'm also planning to check out Beauty Army. I'm sad it came to this, but enough is enough for me. I hope you get your box soon and that the coming months bring lots of improvement ;) I'll be reviewing any new subs I do so keep your eyes peeled.

  10. I signed up in November the only thing I checked off was a love of nail polish. I'm in the same boat as you with migraines, plus I'm very fussy over scents with the migraines. I watched as everyone around posted their boxes and the zoyas while I got a box filled with stuff that smelled so strong when I opened it. Next month Decembers arrived with a opened bottle of Moroccan oil that was all over everything in the box and smelled horrible. I emailed them got a curt reply. Now I'm awaiting my January box which supposedly shipped two weeks ago according to my email. It hasn't arrived which I didn't expect because they say after the tenth. This is very first time I've ever gotten an email telling me they shipped, none with my other two boxes. Again I look online to see whats in my box and again no polish while others get it. I wish I had never signed up for a year and at this point even though I have paid I may just cancel not worth the mess, or smells or the lack of communication from the company. I hope others research the complaints before they commit. I wish I had researched better. I did sign up for Julep looking forward to that. As for getting a mix of samples like Birchbox I would love to try some other company but feel maybe its not the best with migraines because both of the Birchbox had strong unpleasant smells that triggered migraines so maybe sticking with a polish one is better. I admit that is my fault for signing up for it but the lack of customer service on the companies end is horrible.

    1. I'm sorry! I cancelled after all was said and done. I have since signed up for MyGlam (Michelle Phan's new sample service) and like the companies I'm seeing so far, but I'm more focused on makeup than just polish. I'm not sure MyGlam would be a great solution if you want to focus on polish, though they did include one in this month's. Good luck with Birchbox! Hopefully they'll smooth things back out again and you won't regret your subscription!

  11. It's not that I'm not interested in makeup just very Leary of smells after Birchbox. I know part of it is my responsibility (having the migraines for years), but the first box arrived looking very nice, although disappointing. The December box even if you take out the spill and mess looked really like someone just threw it together in a rush. Not what was sent to a lot of others. The other part is when you don't return emails, when there was clearly an issue with a spill that speaks volumes. When you finally do after complaining about the mess and products and you just get a curt reply saying your sorry for the spill its mind boggling. I think what bothered me the most is that the oil spilling was tough it was over everything. From what I'm reading a lot of people are unhappy between lack of response, boxes not getting there and spills. You live and learn and I'd rather give my business to companies that actually listen and respond to their customers. I think it is good that more is coming out about them because it will help people make a choice. I have no problem cancelling and losing the money if I have to deal with spills and harsh smells.

    1. Perhaps they'll allow you to cancel and get a refund for the unused months? Have you looked at BeautyArmy? You can choose your own samples in that one! Whatever you decide, good luck!


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