Sunday, December 4, 2011

In the Trenches: Day 3 of Zoya Flash Promo Madness

If you haven't already heard, for 20 days Zoya is having Flash Promos, which essentially means they'll be offering fabulous deals of giveaways at random for 20 days. I started stalking their twitter and facebook on day 1 and have managed to take part in 2 promos--which have ranged from buy 2, get 2 to a free Remover+ with purchase; a free color box to a free lip balm.

While I can't report when or what they'll offer today or down the road, I can tell you a bit about the experience so far in case you're nutty enough to join in as well. It's kind of insane really, a bunch of us are literally glued to our phones or computers. And when I say glued, I mean GLUED! But aside from the refreshing and waiting, there's a camaraderie amongst everyone that is quite funny! We swap stories, tips, admit how pathetic we are to each other, etc. It's quite comical at times! On the other hand, many of us are admittedly putting other things on the back burners so that we can be Flash Promo the second one pops up. How can any of us go on like this way for the full 20 days???

So far today there's been no Flash Promo and last night's last one was at around 8pm I think, so it's been a while! I wish Zoya would set times or at least tell us when they're over for the day, but obviously it's far more enticing to stalk their page and twitter if you never know when a Flash Promo will pop up.

Well, that's it for now! I just thought I'd share some of my experience so far :)

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  1. Hello! I've made contact with the person I'm giving to and the one I'm receiving from! I'm cassandra_bragg


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