Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Votre Vu Wrap Him Up Gift Set

I was given the opportunity to review this holiday gift set recently--my first experience with Votre Vu products for men!

The package a little over a week ago and when I opened it I was instantly impressed with the packaging. I thought the stickers were a slick touch, making it look like it had traveled quite a bit.  Once I opened the box I was a little shocked at how much packaging there was. I did feel it was a bit wasteful since the box could have been half the size and still looked awesome. That aside, the packaging is well branded.
Votre Vu puts a lot of effort into the packaging of the Wrap Him Up Holiday Gift Set inside and out.

The gift pack comes with three products in it--Formule 1, Habitude, and Beau Baume.  Formule 1 is a men's 3-in-1 hair, face, and body wash. Habitude is a men's daily face crème with spf 15. Beau baume is an organic lube shave balm that doesn't require water.
Here you can see the first view into the box. The insert shows an image of all of the products included in this holiday gift set.
Here are the actual products--great branding. These have a much more masculine look than the products my wife has tried by Votre Vu.

I used the Formule 1 in the shower and I think it did a good job leaving my skin feeling clean and my hair wasn't left feeling greasy or weighed down. It didn't lather as well as most body/hair washes I have used in, but it did clean very well.  At first there really wasn't much of a scent, but once I started working it into a lather there was a very pleasant citrus smell.

The shave balm is amazing and I would definitely buy this in the future. I didn't use any water like it suggested and at first I was a little nervous because my skin is very sensitive, but after the first swipe of the razor I realized it was very effective and msooth.  There was zero pull and I had NO razor rash after, even though I should probably put a new blade on my razor.  It has the same nice citrus scent as the body wash. The only thing that I would say that is negative is that it was very hard to clean the razor out after I was done.  I had to use very hot water and the shower head to shoot through the blades. Over all this probably the best feeling shave I have had recently.

I have been using the habitude daily face crème for about five days now and I have to say I love the citrus scent of the product. It leaves your face feeling smooth and moisturized, and it really doesn't take much to cover your face. As far as facial creams go this would be in my top 5. Over all this is a great gift set to give or get this holiday season!


  1. Dear Operations Grooming,

    Thank you for your review of the Vu men's line! It's great to hear from a new fan.


  2. You're welcome! My first experience was definitely a great one!

  3. I love this review*) I will definitely have to forward this to every man who inquires about it and share this with every woman for their man this holiday!

  4. I am glad you liked it! I am looking forward to reviewing more of the Votre Vu products in the future!


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