Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Wahl All Star Combo Clipper/Trimmer

I've found over the years that it saves a lot of money to cut my hair and both my sons' hair at home. We had purchased as Oster hair clipper a few years ago, but in the last few months it had all but died. I also found that after the first few times I used it, it never cut any of our hair smoothly or evenly. It pulled, got caught, was choppy, etc. My son was heading to kindergarten this year and the day before school started, we realized we hadn't gotten his hair cut. Given the fact that our Oster had pretty much died, we were faced with a decision--pay $20 plus a tip for a little boy's hair cut or purchase a new pair of clippers. We chose to invest again in a pair of clippers.

After comparing models, looking at price points, comparing attachments, etc., we walked away with the
ahl All Star Combo Clipper/Trimmer. I chose this model and package because of the following reasons:
  • The clipper was professional-quality according to the rep
  • It's said to be a better quality model than the comparable Oster model
  • It came with a good variety of attachments that I could actually use (not 1/16th of an inch or some other random length)
  • A personal trimmer was included in this package and given the fact that I have a full beard, this is something I use regularly
Overall, I found these clippers easy to use on my hair and on both my son's hair as well. I have moderately curly, thick hair and both my sons have extremely thick hair. The personal trimmer is great and comes with a handful of attachments that make keeping my beard neat very easy. Both are easy to clean after use.

Men’s Clipper/Trimmer Model
Ease of Use
Evenness of Cut
Avoids Pulling/Catching Hair (while clipping)
Variety of Attachments
Overall Score (Highest Being 5)
Wahl All Star Combo Clipper/Trimmer
Oster Aztec
On a scale of 1-5 (1 being a little, 5 being a lot). 0 means it did not do this at all.

This package retails for $79.99, although it's currently on sale for $69.99 at Sally Beauty Supplies.
Where to Buy 
This is currently on sale at Sally Beauty Supplies (my wife has a membership) as well as other grooming and beauty supply stores. There are a number of different models available in Wahl's online store:


  1. Thanks for this review! We've been looking for some clippers for my BIL since he cuts our hair.

  2. I highly recommend them. My sons and I all have very thick hair (mine is kind of curly) and these made it through ours when most clippers burn out. Good price, too!


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