Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spotlight: I love MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick!

I'm going to start doing Spotlight posts that just gloss over a product I'm in LOVE with. If a product is something I've reviewed for the purpose of simply checking it out I'll do a separate review that's more in-depth. 

Oh my gosh I am in love! I am super picky when it comes to nude lipsticks and for some reason this shade is perfect to me. I love that it's got a slight pink tone to it so that it doesn't completely wash you out, yet it's light and nude enough that it gives you that nudey-lip look. I'd like to find another without the pink tone with less of a yellow undertone, but this to me is something I could wear every day and fall in love with over and over. Also, I love smokey eyes and I love colorful eyes, so I often think a nice nude lip balances out the "heaviness" of the eyes :)

Mac Creme D'Nude (no gloss over it) applied with a brush. I have a weird quirk when it comes to applying lipstick, I can't do it right from the tube!
Ugh, look how pretty! It's not quite as light pink as it's coming across in this picture, but close. It's basically a flesh color with pink undertones. When I went to grab it one of the MAC girls tried to persuade me to get another nude shade that's popular with chicks with my coloring. It was almost apricot toned. It was nice (can't remember the name), but a little more stand-out than this one and not something I'd just throw on every day. I may go back eventually and grab it just to have a few options, but for now I'm perfectly happy with Creme D'Nude!

So what do you think? I LOVE IT!!!! Makes me want to grab another tube to have a back up (yes I am weird like that haha).

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