Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Weleda Skin Food

I am always on the lookout for good moisturizers and since Weleda has long since been a favorite of mine, I decided to give their Skin Food moisturizer a try.

At First Glance

Packaging: Weleda's packaging is always very recognizable to me. From my experience their packaging is more earth-conscious than other companies, consisting of glass bottles and flexible metal tubes. They always use bold colors and of course include their company logo. Skin Food comes in a non-plastic tube.

Scent: The cent has what I like to refer to as a "wholesomely natural" scent to it. It's not floral or super sweet and clearly includes essential oils. It's not unpleasant to me at all, but it's not perfume-like. You can tell no artificial fragrances were used in this product.

Claim v. Reality
Claim (according to Weleda's product page for Skin Food): Dry, rough skin of any age gets indulgent moisture with this intensively nourishing, deeply hydrating cream. It’s a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects your skin.

Here's the reality:  From my experience, this cream is exceptionally hydrating. Even long after I've applied it to my skin, it still feels hydrated (if that makes sense). It's not greasy to the touch, but not at all dry or rough. Also, I've noticed over the last couple weeks that I've used it that my skin has a nice lively look to it--not dull. Despite this cream being uber thick, I had no problem using it on my face at all! I actually prefer to use it on my face more than anything else right now because it does such an amazing job. One thing I did notice about this cream was that it is less ... how to describe it ... there's less glide when you apply it? You know how some moisturizers are ultra slick? This actually doesn't spread super slick. Obviously it smooths right into skin, but you couldn't use it to rub down someone's back and you have to use a bit more than formulas with silicone in it since there's less glide. Again, not sure quite how to describe it, but hopefully you get what I'm ineffectively trying to say ;)

Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - It has an extremely natural formula. This is a major pro to me.
  • Pro - Doesn't include "fragrance" or dyes.
  • Pro - Doesn't include silicon/silicone/dimethicone or any other form of silicone. That's hard to find in a moisturizer these days!
  • Pro - Didn't irritate my skin, which is a huge plus since my skin can be very sensitive!
  • Pro - Non-plastic packaging
  • Con - This is a small con, but for beauty addicts that want super feminine scents to their lotions this isn't going to satisfy you. For me, I use perfume anyway, so I'm okay with using a lotion that isn't super pretty smelling. Again, it's not offensive smelling at all, but it's not Chanel No. 5 either ;)
  • Con - It includes alcohol in the ingredients. I'd actually like to contact Weleda and find out why, since alcohol can be irritating to skin. I also wonder what kind of alcohol.
  • Con - This to me isn't a major con, but this formula does have less glide than traditional moisturizers. 
Overall Impression
I really like this formula. I think I'll use it on my face (especially in winter) and on spots that require a super shot of hydration. Especially with fall and winter right around the corner, I think this will become a staple skin product for me personally.

Would I recommend it or use it again?
For sure! I've actually already had Hubs use it as well. I would recommend it for dry skin, but would probably say it would be a bit difficult to use on your entire body daily after a shower for example. I would say it's best for smaller areas since it has less glide to it than other moisturizers. Then again, it's a deep hydrating cream, not lotion, so that makes sense!

Have you tried Weleda Skin Food? What did you think?

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