Monday, August 29, 2011

Review & Swatch: Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance

When Too Faced came out with their new Candlelight Shadow Insurance I was definitely interested to try it out and luckily I received a deluxe sample with my last Too Faced purchase.

Here's how the Too Faced site describes it:
"Our legendary Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer is now romantically lit with the shimmering golden glow of candlelight. The gilded luminous formula imparts a sexy, soft focused light that enhances eye shadow and adds just a touch of warm metallic flair."
At First Glance
Packaging: As I mentioned above, I received a deluxe sample of Candlelight so I don't have the large tube, but from what I've seen Candlelight comes in the same size tube as original Shadow Insurance, just branded for Candlelight in coloring, text, etc. 

Claim v. Reality
Claim (according to Too Faced's site):
  • Long Wearing: Unique color binders guarantee your shadows never crease, smudge or fade. 
  • Golden Glow: Our sexy shade of shimmering gold is gorgeous when worn alone or as a shimmering enhanced shadow primer. 
  • Instant Pigment Payoff: Every eye shadow formula is instantly intensified providing effortless blending. 
  • Minimizes Imperfections: Our Vitamin enriched, silicone based formula, glides over lids smoothing the appearance of crêpe skin and brightening a dull or discolored lid.
  Here's the Reality: I'm going to address each point to stay organized.
  • Long wearing? My shadow never creased, but I did notice that it did fade by the end of the day. Maybe I didn't use enough, but it definitely didn't keep it 100% until the end of the day.
  • Golden glow? It does have a golden glow, but as with most golds on my skin tone it melts right in and I ended up with a faint shimmer, but nothing very noticeable. Again, maybe I needed to use more?
  • Instant pigment payoff? I always use super pigmented eyeshadows and I didn't notice a different in the payoff using this. Blending was the same as well as I seek out blendable shadows.
  • Minimizes imperfections? While it did draw a little light to my eyes with the shimmer, it wasn't as much as highlighter would provide. I don't have crepe-y eyes so I can't attest to that. 
Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance on my naked lid (ugh so naked!)
 Can you see the slight shimmer on there? It's really not noticeable. I saw some people complain it was way too noticeable, but it has got to be my skin tone because I didn't think it was noticeable at all!

Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - It does add a faint shimmer so for someone with an olive complexion this might be great for someone that doesn't want ultra-shimmer. I wonder if it's buildable, anyone know?
  • Pro - Paraben-free!
  • Con - I did see some fading by the end of the day
  • Con - It contains silicone (this is a con to me anyway)
  • Con - I didn't notice any bump in color to my shadows
 Overall Impression
I was honestly not overly impressed by this. I'm going to try it again and use a bit more and see if it makes a difference, but honestly this had no "wow" factor for me. I also wish it had slightly smoother shimmer to it that had more of a creamy look rather than a sprinkling of shimmer. Lastly, I was disappointed it didn't keep my shadow in place all day without fading.

The price for a full-size tube of Candlelight Shadow Insurance is $18 on the Too Faced website.

Would I recommend it or use it again?
I'm definitely going to try using it again and see if I can get it to actually perform the way it should. At this point I wouldn't recommend it based on my personal experience, but I wouldn't tell anyone they shouldn't try it for themselves. For me, if I'm going to compromise and use a product with silicone it better perform spectacularly! I guess we'll see. I'll update if I can get different results the next time.   

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