Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review & Swatch: OPI Silver Shatter

I have been dying to get my hands on OPI Silver Shatter for a while now, but every time I'd go to get it, it would be sold out or outrageously priced. I can't believe the markup at some stores/nail salons! Anyway, I went shopping with my sister not too long ago and happened t come across it at a reasonable price so I snatched it up. I have to say, I am in love with the metallic crackles in general! I paired it with a softer polish underneath it because I wanted something that was gorgeous, yet not so shocking that when I dropped my son off for kindergarten this week that his teacher would raise an eyebrow. He goes to a very conservative school ;)

OPI Silver Shatter

Color Description
This is a grainy, pure silver.

How well does it crackle?
I thought this was actually a decent crackle polish in regards to it having that shattered effect. I've heard some people say their bottle of Silver Shatter didn't work well, so I don't know if there's some inconsistency from bottle to bottle, but mine worked pretty well. 

OPI Silver Shatter over China Glaze Sea Spray
Silver Shatter has a slightly wider brush than the average nail polish. While I don't typically like OPI's wider brush for some reason, I did find it was really helpful for this polish and make it possible for me to do almost all my nails with one stroke. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I don't have very wide nails so for those that do it may still take two strokes.

Ease of Application
I found that this particular crackle/shatter polish was fairly easy to apply. I would definitely suggest not being afraid to have a decent amount of polish on your brush because applying too thin will result in a pretty, but barely shattered coat of silver. Just swipe a little off your brush, do one pass and let it dry. But again, I found that this was pretty easy to apply.

Drying Time
As with all crackles I've tried, this dries very quickly, though I would say it took several minutes for the full shatter effect to come out completely.

I have seen this vary really greatly both online and in stores. I've seen it sell for around $6 on Amazon, while some of the salons around me sell it for $11.50! I found mine for $8.50, which was what I personally felt was reasonable. 

Loath, Leave, Like, or Love
I love this! I feel as though this is classy and can be paired with a soft color like Sea Spray to add an extra glint of sparkle or put on top of a more noticeable color where it will really pop. I love the versatility!

Have you tried Silver Shatter? How did you find it worked for you?    


  1. This looks lovely, I've actually never tried the shatter I know I'd end up picking at it too much. I like your base coat too, great review :)


  2. Thank you! Honestly, I thought the texture of the shatter would really bother me because I'm weird like that, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be and with a top coat it's at least a smoother slightly uneven surface (if that makes sense) ;) The macro pics make it look chunkier i've noticed.


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