Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review & Swatch: China Glaze Sea Spray

I'm going to try a new format for nail polish review & swatch posts. I think it'll be more helpful as it'll focus on key nail polish critiquing points!

I purchased China Glaze Sea Spray about a month and a half ago, but I'm just now finally doing a review (horrible, I know!). I love this nail polish. I'm a big fan of China Glaze, I love that it's 3-Free (though I'm not quite sure why they use the term "no added Formaldehyde") and the colors are gorgeous! I had been looking for nice summer to fall transitional polishes and wanted something that was close to gray, but a little more colorful. I stumbled upon Sea Spray and it was love at first sight. Sea Spray is a part of the Anchors Away collection.

China Glaze Sea Spray

Color Description
I would describe this as a light blue with a slight gray undertone and a touch of silver.

In the Bottle v. On the Nail 
I really felt this applied true to color and that it looked exactly on my nail as it did in the bottle. 
China Glaze Sea Spray

Like all of my other China Glaze polishes, Sea Spray's polish brush is a typical shape and size.

Ease of Application
I really love the way Sea Spray applies. I thought it was easy to apply and smoothed itself out nicely.

Opacity & Number of Coats
I found Sea Spray to be completely opaque with 2 coats. 

China Glaze Sea Spray: 2 Coats (no top coat)
Drying Time
This dried pretty quickly and hardened nicely

Depending on where you purchase it, I've seen it go for around $3 on Amazon to $6.50 in stores.

Loath, Leave, Like, or Love
I love this nail polish! If you like the color, I highly recommend you buy it. It's definitely become a favorite for me!   

What do you think? 


  1. I love the color! I don't have anything like it. BTW I love your background, all the pretty eyeballs make me a tad bit jealoussssss

  2. Gorgeous, right? Haha thanks! I've been debating between one eye and multiple eyes so I'm giving it a spin ;)


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