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Review: Peacekeeper Cause-metics Yum Glaze

I've mentioned Peacekeeper Cause-metics before--a really fabulous cosmetic company that donates after-tax profits to women's human rights issues. So fabulous! Since I'm such a lip product nut--I have way too many (or is it just enough) lip glosses, sticks, balms, glazes, stains, etc.--I had to jump on these as soon as I saw them on LovingEco a few weeks ago.

Peacekeeper Yum Glazes (left to right): Raspberry, Citrus, and Blueberry
Meet Peacekeeper Cause-metics new exclusive, upscale line of lip glazes! Now, I'm a little confused as to whether they're glazes or balms because the website lists them as Yum Glaze and the packaging says Yum Balm, but either way they're worth a second glance ;) I'm going to refer to them as glazes since that seems to fit them better.

These glazes are 95% organic and have earned the USDA Organic seal, which is pretty impressive in my opinion.

At First Glance
Yum Glaze tip
Packaging: The Packaging (which you can see above) definitely has a more upscale feel to it than an average gloss. They're typical squeeze tubes, but I love the silver text, cap, and end with the cut-out heart. The tip is longer than most lip gloss tubes I have, but it applies the same.

Consistency: These are not at all sticky and they're a bit thinner than glosses I typically purchase. I love stickiness in my glosses (yes, I'm weird like that!), but I don't mind using glosses without it. As far as them being thinner in consistency, I actually squeezed a bit too hard and overloaded my lips with the first application. The second time around I knew better! Even though they are a bit thinner, they still have the same glossy finish you'd expect from another gloss.

Flavors: These currently come in citrus (tangerine shade), raspberry (deep berry shade), blueberry (dark purple) and strawberry (pink--the only one I didn't purchase). While they technically have a small scent to them, they are not "flavored" with sweetener. 

Claim v. Reality
 Claim: The Peacekeeper Cause-metics site says the following in regards to Yum Glazes...
"The USDA seal means that our YUM GLAZES have been confirmed to be 95% organic by the USDA. Therefore, our new YUM GLAZES are food-grade, allowing you to spread them on your toast with butter for breakfast! We would recommend that, instead, you apply them to your lips and you will see why we say 'YUM'.
Create a fruity, clear gloss on your lips while moisturizing them.
Use over lipstick or alone. Made with real organic fruit flavors.

Here's the Reality: While I can't critique whether or not Peacekeeper is using organic ingredients, if the USDA has certified them I have to trust that they are. In regards to it being fruity, I wouldn't say they're very pungent. Citrus was the most scented in my opinion, followed by blueberry, then raspberry (which didn't have much smell to me). They are clear, though I noticed the slightest hue from the blueberry and citrus, but only because I was staring at my lips in a magnified mirror and I have very little pigmentation to my lips naturally. As far as being moisturizing, I actually thought they weren't as moisturizing as other glosses I've tried, but once my lips were clean of any product I did notice they were a bit softer. I wouldn't use these in lieu of a good balm if your lips are chapped, but if your lips are already fairly healthy they'll be fine using Yum Glaze. You may also want to consider applying some lip balm first. I do that a lot with lip products.

Here are my lips with the 3 flavors I purchased:
Can you see the every-so-slight blue undertone?

Can you see the slight orange tint?
This had absolutely no noticeable tint to me.

Peacekeeper Yum Glaze (left to right): Raspberry and Blueberry. I wanted to show that there is an obvious difference in shade between raspberry and blueberry.
Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - USDA certified Organic! You can't really beat that when it comes to looking for a natural lip product.
  • Pro -Peacekeeper donates profits to support women's causes.
  • Pro - Provides lips with a nice glossy finish.  
  • Pro - No silicone, parabens, pthalates, dyes, etc.
  • Pro or Con - Not at all sticky. If you're like me, you like your gloss with a bit of stickiness. These have absolutely none, but plenty of slip.
  • Con - Not sweetened. This may or may not be an issue for you.
  • Con - Slight taste of castor oil. It's not horrible, especially if you don't overload your lips, but it is there.

    Overall Impression
    I have to say that while these don't hit "Holy Grail" status for me, I really do like them and I think they're pluses outweigh the things that I would change if I had a choice. I do prefer my lip glosses to be sweetened  and I would like a tad more fruit flavor, but those things are small to me in comparison to the fact that these offer a great gloss finish, support women's causes, and are USDA certified Organic!

    These are part of an exclusive line and according to the site can be purchased on their site,  Parf├╝merie Douglas, Peninsula Beauty & ABC Planet in NYC. The price listed on Peacekeeper's site is $14 per glaze.

    Would I recommend them or use them again?
    Yes, I would definitely recommend Peacekeeper Cause-metic Yum Glazes again, but I would probably only recommend them to someone looking for a natural gloss. I can see makeup lovers that aren't quite as concerned with whether or not ingredients are super natural being a little disenchanted by the lack of fruity flavor/scent and slight castor oil taste you get at first. I would also suggest that anyone using them uses their favorite sheer lip balm right before applying Yum Glaze.

    You can view them on Peacekeeper Cause-metics' site HERE

    Would you give them a try?

    These products were purchased by me for review. All opinions stated above are my own.

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