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Review: Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

Believe it or not, this is one mascara review I'm pretty excited to share. On my hunt for a Holy Grail mascara I can count on I've tried a lot of different products. While some have failed miserable, a few have been one step closer to what I'm looking for and this is one of them!

At First Glance

Packaging: The packaging is actually one of the most demure of all the Maybelline mascaras I've seen. No special graphics, colors, etc. Also, unlike many of the mascaras out there today (drugstore and high-end) this one does not have a scent, which is fine with me as I hate chemical fragrance being added to my cosmetics.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara Brush
Brush: This brush reminds me of the first mascara I ever used. It is (in appearance) the most typical kind of brush in regards to mascara brushes. Nothing on the manufacturer's product page made any special claims regarding this brush.

Claim v. Reality
Claim (according to Maybelline's product page): 
  • Builds full, healthy-looking lashes without the brittle feel
  • Prevents loss of lashes with Quick Dissolve System that allows easy mascara removal
  • Advanced thickening formula with Vitamin E helps to soften and nourish lashes
  • No clumps, no globs
  • Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic   
 Here's the reality:
 From the first moment I applied this mascara to my lashes I was impressed! This mascara went on smooth, didn't clump, gave me length and volume, and the formula is very slick/smooth. The one super minor thing I noticed that is a slight negative is that the formula almost looks/performs as if its oil-based so if you're not careful it does smudge onto your lid a bit more than other formulas. Not a big deal to me though since a steady hand and perhaps a tiny moment of clean-up after takes care of that! See the pictures below:

My poor, pathetic natural lashes.
1st Coat: Just to be clear, 1 coat for me doesn't mean one swipe of the brush. I do a few repeated swipes and wiggle back and forth as I go root to tip. I didn't see any reason to keep going after the first attempt to apply it. These results are impressive to me!
Here's another view from above of my lashes with Full 'N Soft applied to them.

Major Pros or Cons
  • Con - Again, Maybelline mascara does not pretend to be a natural mascara and someone that is completely against using chemical cosmetics would not want to use this. 
  • Con - This is a very mild con, but the formula is the tiniest bit oily so it does smudge onto your lids a bit more than thicker formulas if you're not careful. This can easily be avoided or taken care of after though!
  • Con - This could just be my area and it isn't a huge deal, but I went to 3 different drugstores to find this mascara in waterproof. Every drugstore I went to either only had 1 or 2 on the shelf total. They were also always in the most unnoticeable spot in the Maybelline display. Why? This is a fabulous product!
  • Pro - This mascara works! It does exactly what it says it does in regards to performance in my experience--adds volume and length to lashes.
  • Pro - I like that it contains vitamin E. Granted the chemicals in the mascara are still there, at least my lashes are getting a little something extra to promote their health.
  • Pro - This formula does not clump and doesn't not leave lashes brittle. That is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't care what my lashes look like after, if a mascara leaves them brittle or dry I dislike it. 
  • Pro - This mascara comes in both waterproof (my preference) and washable. 
  • Pro - It's drugstore mascara and fairly cheap! This was priced between $8-$9 at the drugstores I went to. It's a dollar or two more than Falsies, but worth it in my opinion!
Overall Impression
I am impressed. This will go into rotation with my other go-to mascaras for sure! It left my lashes pliable and surprisingly natural looking. I don't think it looks as though I have a ton of mascara on.

Price: $8-$9 from what I've seen in my area

Would I recommend it or use it again?
Without a doubt! I hope everyone spreads the word about this mascara so that they'll order more and put it on the shelf in a more obvious place. I'm planning to run down to the drugstore I bought this one at and scoop up the only other waterproof one on the shelf so that I have a spare (yes I do weird things like that). I don't understand why Maybelline is pushing its other mascaras so much when this one is so fabulous! I like the original Maybelline Falsies Volume Express in waterproof, but this is almost a hair better because it doesn't clump. Falsies might give you a bit more drama, but it's kind of a toss-up since this one looks so natural! Is this worthy of "Holy Grail" status? I have to say it's as close as it can come without being Holy Grail. If this was my Holy Grail mascara I'd expect it to give me a bit more length and a bit more volume. This is great, but I have exceptionally high standards for anything I refer to as Holy Grail.

This can be purchased to my knowledge from drugstores, Target, etc. Here's a link to the manufacturer's product page:

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? 

I purchased this product for review. All opinions stated above are my own. 

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