Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

On my continued hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my ridiculously thick, textured hair, I recently had the opportunity to try Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. After using it I realized the company is based in my home state (Massachusetts) right in Cambridge!

At First Glance
Packaging: The products I tried were in sample packaging so I haven't seen the full-size bottles in person, but from what I've seen they have a simple, modern look to them.

Scent: I have to admit, this was probably the only thing I wasn't head over heels for. For some reason, the shampoo and conditioner had a scent that I wasn't in love with while applying it to my hair. However, after my hair dried it smelled different. I have a very picky sense of smell, so this is obviously a personal taste issue. It wasn't horrible, but the scent of the product by itself isn't something that would appeal to me. After reviewing the ingredients I noticed "citronellol" listed, which is something I often don't find appealing scent-wise.

Application/Lather: These applied easily through my thick hair, but have less of a lather than other products full of SLS. I'm used to this though as I only use SLS-free hair products. After shampooing, my hair had that slightly "squeaky" feel to it, but the conditioner smoothed into my hair easily and gave my hair a softer slip even after I'd rinsed it. After far too many years of damaging my hair with heat on a daily basis, I don't blow dry my hair anymore unless I'm going somewhere that merits it (weddings, meetings, seeing old friends that would be ashamed of the slightly more comfortable mommy look I'm currently sporting, etc.).

Claim v. Reality 
Claim (according to the Press Release I received from Living Proof):
"No Frizz’s scientific research team, lead by top MIT scientists, discovered the patent-pending PolyfluoroEster, a breakthrough ingredient that allows for control over hair’s surface energy and roughness. PolyfluoroEster, because if its small size, creates a weightless shield on the hair to prevent moisture flux in and out, and coats the cuticles to reduce the friction between fibers. First delivered in No Frizz Sprays, Creams and Treatments, this breakthrough ingredient is the first innovation in frizz-fighting in over 30 years and has had the beauty world buzzing since it launched."

The press release went on to state that the developers that worked on the No Frizz line also tried to find a formula that deposited PolyfluoroEster on hair and allowed it to remain there after washes. The team created a shampoo using Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate instead of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which their press release states, "effectively cleans the hair without the harsh stripping found in many sulfate based shampoos."

Living Proof claims the combination of their No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner provide the following benefits:
  • hair stays cleaner longer
  • color-treated hair is not stripped as it is with SLS shampoos
  • frizz control
  • lightweight hydration
  • shine enhancement
Here's the Reality:  As far as long-term use, I can't attest to that, but if I use it for a prolonged period of time I will certainly update this review. From my experience, the No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner definitely cleaned my hair. The surprising thing is, I did notice it stayed cleaner longer! I only wash my hair every 2-3 days to avoid drying it out and usually it's a bit oily the day after I've washed it. My hair never had any oil to it even at the roots. I don't have color-treated hair (100% virgin hair at the moment--2nd time in over 15 years) so I can't attest to how it will affect color-treated hair. It definitely controlled my frizz. Without knowing it, I tested this shampoo and conditioner at the perfect time! The day I tried this duo, it was very humid and the next two days it rained. I actually got caught in the rain several times and even after being exposed to the rain and air drying, my hair only had the tiniest bit of frizz--next to nothing for me! That had me impressed. My hair is naturally pretty shiny so I'm not sure this added a lot of shine, but having less frizz always seems to allow the flat surface of my hair to have a bit more noticeable shine. Was this lightweight? I would say it pretty much is. It's interesting, you can almost feel that there's something coating your individual strands of hair, but at the same time it doesn't feel as if there's anything there at all. I've used other products that have left my hair waxy and caused oily build-up, but there was none of that with these products.

Major Pros or Cons
  • Pro - Free of SLS
  • Pro - Controlled frizz during my short-term use
  • Pro - Hair does not get oily as quickly
  • Con - PolyfluroEaster is a synthetic chemical ingredient. This shampoo and conditioner does not claim to be natural or organic and it does include chemicals. While incredibly affective from what I've experienced, I have to mention this for my super health-conscious readers. 
Overall Impression
From what I experienced, I liked my results. I would definitely like to use Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner for an extended period of time to see if the results continue to be as appealing as they've been for me so far. If the results were really this great continually, I might consider foregoing a more natural shampoo at times for these. I tend to rotate my shampoos and conditioners, so I'd probably rotate this with a natural one regardless. 

You can purchase Living Proof's No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner on their site for the following prices:
  • 2 oz for $10
  • 8 oz for $24
  • 24 oz for $59   
Would I recommend it or use it again?
Yes, I would suggest this shampoo and conditioner for anyone with thick hair that suffers from "the frizz" and doesn't mind non-natural hair products (based on my experience). Again, I would need to use it long-term to be able to determine how hair would do with regular use of these products. 

You can view the products on the company site:

I tried to do a little research regarding Living Proof's "magic" anti-frizz ingredient and found the following article: CLICK HERE. 

Have you tried Living Proof hair products? What did you think? 

The samples of Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner were sent along as free gifts with my purchase from an online beauty store. All opinions above are my own. 


  1. I do like this product. I found it stripped my red hair colouring but then again everything I've tried strips red hair dye. Since you didn't have the full sized bottles to try I will mention that the caps of both the shampoo and conditioner broke off within a couple uses. I'm not sure if this issue has since been rectified or not. Great, thorough review!

  2. Thanks;) That must be such a pain (red hair dye issues). Your hair color really suits you though! I wonder about the caps, now I'm curious to play with them.

  3. Great review, I need to check this out because my hair is super frizzy and I can't go out without straightening my hair...this would be awesome if it helped so I wouldn't have to!

  4. I used to straighten my hair, too. I used a glass straightener, but I still saw damage over time:( Let us know how it works for you if you check it out! If you have an Ulta near you they carry Living Proof and I recently got an email that they're giving triple-points for purchases of Living Proof shampoo and conditioner until 8/27, but it may only be for the Restore. Not sure!


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